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  1. I lived there 20 years give or take Still have businesses there and properties You’ll have fun, will be hot. Depending on what you are into there’s lots to do, the strip sucks after 48 hours. Red Rock is a nice drive, I’d rent a car, there’s other places to drive to that are desert 🌵 scenic. Can go rent machine guns lol. It’s fun. You’ll figure it out when you get to town, but my main suggestion is grab a car. Downtown isn’t bad these days, Container Park in downtown is cool and that area. Fremont St down town kinda sucks, the other stuff just east of it is cool. Ask when your there.
  2. We all have adhd, or what ever it’s called I’m still in the both is best camp. But if one car, get the big one
  3. Yup that’s 100% true, A hurricane is good for rally’s and canyons Gun to my head..... pick one. 12 cylinder’s New topic....
  4. I’d say both. fcuk it have a great year and grab one of each!
  5. I had a 97 Roadster, I loved it. That’s why I like the SV because it feels like a Lambo. When it’s cold it sucks for a few minutes then good to go. I’m a DIablo guy 1000%, and like that feeling Diablos give you that sadly is fading into the past with each new generation of cars.
  6. Oh yes the press and pray start button issue, could be bullshit I was told that was computer’s rebooting. In any case probably seem longer than it really is. Or just push harder lololol Best
  7. I had a 50 anniversary and didn’t like it much(other than the paint) Have a 17 SV and love it. Like you said I wish it was a manual but it’s 2 prize. I prefer it to the gearbox I had in my f12 that was butter. I like butter in my luxury cars. The gear box in the SV sucks when it’s cold, but in LA not a issue. Also in traffic it’s ok when it’s up to temp, but not ideal. However for spirited driving I LOVE the gear box in the SV in manual mode(if you have to have a manual). I’ve had zero problems with mine to answer your question. The only problems I’ve had is the CEL is on 50% of the time at random times, I took it in to service was told was a software issue. And was fixed, 20 miles later it was on again. Car isn’t missing shifts, running funny, seems 100%. So I ignore it. The rest of the lights on the dash, which I have no idea what the hell they mean seem to light up like a Christmas tree now and then. Again I ignore them. Car has the right amount of power, no issues starting, steering is fine. I push it reasonably hard at times and everything is just fine. I had the same issues with my Diablo’s, Murci, Gallardo’s every Lambo I’ve owned. And been fine. I do l8ke the gear box in the 17 SV much more than the 50th. I mention this because to me this is the real question, not so much reliability. I think you’ll have your typical Lambo owner experience in what ever car you choose. And I respect your experience. On another side note the SV hasn’t taken a price hit yet, that’s coming soon with the new car coming soon. So if you decide on a SV which I can confidently say you’ll prefer over a regular Aventador now isn’t the time to buy a SV. I like mine so much I’m holding it, or I’d sell it now and make a deposit on the SV-J. Go drive a SV and others to see what appeals to you. Not worry about the reliability of the car, you owned plenty of lambos and know the deal. Hope your well, looking forward to see what you buy Best regards Eric
  8. Yup the lawyers fucked it all up. What happened to tort reform? Remember that little thing? fcuking lobby took care of that and the rest is history.... I mite not wear shoes but I have a good memory.......
  9. Then the standard of care in America is SHIT, aside from the cost of insurance. I pay cash in Europe for my health care, I have insurance for catastrophic reasons, otherwise I leave America to go to the doctor.
  10. For me, new norm I’m open to better ideas, I had great insurance for over 20 years. Now I have shit that costs lots more....
  11. RIP, brutal I’m scared of bikes. Looks like fun, but can’t do it
  12. Amazing person and history. I’ve only met him a few times don’t know him. He drove one of my Diablo GTR’s a couple years ago in New York but sadly I wasn’t there. That would have been a great experience. 50 years wow!!!
  13. I haven’t drove one, however you confirmed what I was thinking. Seems like a marketing gaff to me, not a great car.
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