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  1. no reason to be paranoid, they are normal, and done so frequently
  2. i drive through there several days a week, surprised this happened. All these kids posting for instagram.. hopefully the kid doesn't try to sue the owner. i'm pretty sure something will come of this if he is really knocked out... sfpd
  3. Looks like these fires are spiraling out of control in wine country https://www.google.com/amp/www.sfgate.com/n...ty-12262945.php
  4. Has anyone heard what happened to bleugatti? Lots of rumors... I followed him on iG, seemed like a great person! He had a lot of cool cars, very involved in the car community. Hopefully none of this is true? https://www.google.com/amp/abc7.com/amp/sus...-grove/2291356/
  5. CONGRATS! I'm in SF too, look forward to seeing this car around. Drive it and don't be afraid of the potholes on first street lol!
  6. True, but if i remember correctly years back, weren't you excited to finally be able and make the big move to california permanently? Is Arizona that much better? (I love az, but never stayed long term)
  7. i use a garmin dash cam (with gps) in my daily. I also have two kdlinks (GPS), but they are more expensive, and cheaper quality. my favorite dash cam has been a WICKED HD... it cost me $50 on amazon and I've had ZERO problems with it... quality is great, NO GPS.
  8. You guys would be surprised how many of my friends are girls here in SF with exotics... And... sadly they are dating dead beat guys that can barely afford to buy themselves food. Lots of women "sponsors" in SF. Would not be surprised if she was legit... Buying an aventador with 40-50k down, and pretty high monthly/lease is very realistic. Especially with the keen lease write offs here in california. But again, Allans favorite website on instagram is "tag the sponsor" so Even if she's legit, well, she will still be a sponsorette
  9. Well this has just confirmed my interest in picking up a 13-15. I don't see a reason anyone would jump from a first gen to this, unless the rear steering is out of this world. Interior and exterior looks pretty much the same to me.
  10. I like the short wing ALOT! Very nice!
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