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  1. It was towards the end of the conflict…so there wasn’t as much “blood and guts” as say in 1968…and you lived in the mud in tents…unlike today when you have nice air conditioned gyms in theatre. What one remembers was the increasing number of “planners” from Saigon who would fly-in look around… and go right back to the comforts of Saigon Paul
  2. You simpletons…I was born in Hungary and later came to the us with my father…so I do know a thing or 2 about socialism ! I also served in Vietnam as a medic with the us army…so I know a thing or 2 about Capitalism/Imperialism And now I am a citizen of Canada… I have had a winter home in Curacao for 19 years and have visited Venezuela on many occasions ! Those of you who think that Leopoldo López and his right-wing common-people haters are the answer; should crawl back into your holes ! Paul
  3. What have we here…you must be a long lost survivor of the Battle of Caporetto ! The LS1 motor that Nick put in his Jalpa chassis in Australia was able to turn 13 second quarter miles at well over 160 kmh. A standard Jalpa will turn a time of 16 seconds and 130 kmh ! I have met Mr. Stanzani on an engine development program (non-Lambo) and while he was a competent engineer he would never have compared his handiwork to the Chevrolet motors ! My associates and I have built the most powerful and reliable Lambo V-8s on the planet…and you …how many have you built or know even the basic rudiments of ? Paul
  4. Exciting ?...135 mph...on a 120 foot wide runway those jets need 125 to pickup the nose and 150-160 to become airborne. A good running Ford Focus can do 135 Paul
  5. I would keep bugging them ...but nicely...there are probably many other jobs on hold, and you don't want to go to the back of the pack When you order parts from Je and others make sure you use a "commercial account"...like your engine assembler, you tend to get at least 15 % off list price That price seems high since they start from pipe stock and CNC (lathe and mill) the part. In other words a repeatable automated process ! Paul
  6. The crown looks somewhat different from the High compression version (11.20-1) that Je first made for us back in 1989...are you using Total Seal gapless rings ? What does Je charge for these now...? Paul
  7. Say chad, That’s a nice (digital) micro-meter…and you are getting (way) ahead of yourself. I am currently racing my Chevron B36 in Euro vintage racing…and I have owned quite a few Lamborghinis. I build all of my own motors and do my own suspension set-ups I was under the impression that you were a bond broker…or so you claimed…15 years ago ? And how is your 200 MPH...or was it 300 MPH Jaguar doing ? Always mind-ful Paul
  8. Unless you have the blue print for the part showing tolerances...this is meaning less...Does anyone think that the old part is somehow better ? Paul
  9. This 12 cyl head was repaired as well...but quite a bit more money Paul
  10. Crank looks good...Do you have a photo of the rod bearings... Paul
  11. Having owned Lambo V-8 cars from about 1981 to 2010, it’s clear that prices have changed. Back in the early 1980s we could buy P-250s for $ 3-4 K and P-300s for $ 7-10K from dealers in Italy. Motors and transaxles were cheap and we often had an engine or transaxle or other big parts in the container with the cars coming to North America. Parts now are very expensive and that is a big change! I have an article in a British magazine from around 1989 claiming that a P-300 is a 45,000 pound sterling car. I have no idea whether any actually sold for those prices back then but it seems that this is the figure that the better cars bring today… As for Meraks, and Montreals …I really don’t know Paul
  12. I know the car from more than 15 years ago and it is probably the highest mileage Urraco in the world...something like 235,000 kilometers on the chassis, and the 1st and 2nd gear synchros were worn. The seats and interior do not match, and the "matching # drivetrain" is meaningless since many P-300 motors do not have any serial # The Urracos that have sold for the big money have all been either from some TV show or have been cosmetically (not mechanically) finessed to look far better than they ever did new... The price was very fair for the seller...2-3 years ago it would have received 25 thousand Euros. Paul
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