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  1. I shot a video over the weekend of myself vlogging my day at the Auto Show working my booth. Enjoy, check out the 918, Aston Martins, GTRs, Aventador, Huracan, Bugatti and more.
  2. I made a little video to share! Enjoy the sound of the Huracán.
  3. Haha, I can't tell you how awesome it is to see you post all the story on this forum. Haven't posted on here in awhile. I remember being 14 years old when I signed up here on LP. Allan actually kicked me off when I was 16 because the age limit was 18! I remember the thread being made and I was so sad because I managed to get into Lambos because of LP. V10 BULL "aka Jeff" offered me a ride in his Gallardo and I'll never forget that day. It's crazy to see now being 22, that one of my first customers posting his experience with me of selling one of my first cars. Such an honor to have you as a friend Ovi, really happy this transaction went so well. All my co-workers and boss were really proud and happy for me for selling this car to you. We've both come a long way and hard work pays off in so many ways. Really happy to see it's home safely in the garage and John enjoyed the car. Thanks again for posting all these photos and write ups, really makes me feel like my hard work can be justified. -Spencer B
  4. Not sure what exhaust this is, but going to try and find out soon. Sounded great.
  5. Enjoy the video. Full article on www.spencerberke.com Sold by Symbolic Motors - Bugatti San Diego
  6. My brother had gotten me interested in doing some stock trading but I've never had a single minute of hands on experience. I would love to start something simple and put in a small amount to see where it could take me with my free time. Coming from somebody who doesn't know anything about the stock market, where's the best place to start to get my foot into the door? Thank you! -Spencer
  7. Looking to sell my stainless steel AP offshore. Asking $13k for it. No box but had service last year and still under warranty. Feel free to shoot me an email [email protected] Thanks -Spencer Berke
  8. I posted more on my Instagram @ThatPhotographer + @symbolicmotors has more.
  9. Has anybody seen a Blu Cepheus Aventador Roadster? Here's one I just recently shot from Lamborghini San Diego. -Spencer Berke
  10. Roy, can you get some really crazy awesome professional shots of this car please? It's the only SV I would really ever own, and I wanted to get some prints made of it. I would greatly appreciate it. Hope all is well -Spencer Lambo San Diego
  11. Lamborghini Newport Beach is doing a mini-cars & coffee at the new dealership. Anybody is welcome, exotics park in the parking lot and others to park in the back lot. Address is 1425 Baker Street, costa mesa ca 92626. At 9:00am, November 10th. Food and coffee will be supplied http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8209/8162618...30f20d1f4_o.jpg
  12. This last Sunday, we gathered 30 bulls together for a crazy run down the Pacific Coast Highway and through some twisty canyons. Of course, mr. Spencer Berke was on scene covering the entire event from start to finish. We just wrapped up all the photos and we are working on video later this week. We will definitely be hosting many more drives in the future and to our LamboPower wannabe forum fans, we are starting a Cars & Coffee at our dealership VERY soon.... so stay tuned for that! Preview Photos. We have three different locations you can enjoy the rest of the photos on, your choice. Facebook Album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4...5054&type=1 Blogger: Lamborghini Newport Beach Blog: September Lamborghini Drive! :: 90+ Photos! :: FlickR Album: September LamboNB Drive - a set on Flickr Thanks for looking! Please follow us on Instagram @LamboNewportBeach and Like us on Facebook! -Spencer Berke @Lamborghini Newport Beach Photographer/Internet Marketing
  13. Here's a 5 minute video of the car being unloaded, took a long time to get off the truck and up the ramp haha. -Spencer @lamboNB
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