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  1. toyroy2003

    2015 Nissan GTR
  6. toyroy2003

    2015 McLaren 650S

    INBOUND 2015 McLaren 650S. ONE owner from new. Full annual service JUST completed. Stunning all there car. Open to pre-advertised offers now.
  7. toyroy2003

    FS: 1990 LM 002
  10. toyroy2003

    Discount Diablos

    My understanding of the sale as of this AM is that it was unwound and the car is going back tot he original seller. Since no Police report, the damage will never show up on CarFax and or Autocheck
  11. toyroy2003

    Discount Diablos

    As for the Rossa Vic 99SV with low miles and in tip top shape that ran Saturday at Mecum.........I ended up with it and it should arrive at my store next day or so...yes it will be for sale. 1 of ONLY 27 ever made. 1 of only 3 RV cars produced..RARE as it gets
  12. toyroy2003

    Discount Diablos

    AS for the Blue 99 VT that sold at $253K with fees... DID anyone see the HUGH dent in the right rear fender that happened just prior to crossing the block int he Mecum line up outside of the crossing block?? Again, speaking to owner right there..MECUM was going to make him whole as it was their driver that did the he let it go for way less then his reserve as MECUM was paying the difference between the sale price and the reserve to make him whole. So he won and the price was reflective of the $30K plus its going to take to repair the un-repairable damaged fender...OEM cost for a new rear fender is over $18K Like always so many people say, if its to good to be true it for a reason
  13. toyroy2003

    Discount Diablos

    NOW we have a CORRECT reason for its low price. I as well was there and saw the car....IMO, it was a Salvaged car that was put back together in someones back yard garage. The SELLER had it at NO RESERVE for a reason....I spoke to him...he knew I was a Dealer so did not BS me. Car was a HUNK A JUNK and he had NO desire what so ever to take it back home and dump more money into it. For me it was not even worth $60K...its a possible parts car at best. The sad thing is the new owner, who I have sold a few cars to called me all happy right after he bought day after he went over all the details...well lets say dont be suprised to see it sold at a loss soon again.
  14. toyroy2003

    Its now Bye Bye Off to Florida it goes...
  15. toyroy2003

    Will I regret this in the morning?

    The Blue one I HAD in stick is this car. I put approx 17K miles on it, sold it to a person in California. Then helped brokering it to the current owner. I was the first owner from brand new. There were 3 White LP670-4SV cars int he USA...2 are Baloon White, only one of those remains as one, Ben Chens car was damaged fairly extensively in a one car accident. I have heard its being rebuilt but not sure. The other one, which I sold as well, lives in the Bay area and was told that it had a minor incident requiring the front bumper to be replaced.\ Mine, car #12 is the ONLY one in IMPACT bright White sporting the optional Small "speed wing". I ordered it from new at BMCD. Still have it today and enjoy driving it almost daily.