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  1. super cool, but I'm with you on the previous more understated singers. This one is BADASS though. However that price tag hurts.
  2. I agree. I was initially thinking of letting it go, but I just can't part ways. I love the Casino Royale color, it has such a timeless look to it. Mine is Storm Black. They have really done a great job with their "2nd century" plan so far. Excited to see what next models they start bringing in. I know there will be some insane ones.
  3. You never touch another persons property, but I agree with Kevin that the level of douchery is out of this world.
  4. Ya the power now comes from an Aston tinkered and tuned AMG. Quite good i hear. Honestly I haven't even yet driven one of the new ones. When I head down to finalize the spec in newport Aston will give me their DB11 and a vantage to drive around for a couple days. So should be fun. I completely see what your saying and honestly I kind of agree. That is why i am keeping my previous DBS as well. But in person this thing is just jaw dropping. When they pulled the covers off off of it I couldn't help to think that a previous generation DBS had a 3 way with a Zagato, and a DB
  5. That is a badass daily!!! Such a bonkers truck! Congrats!
  6. Should be approx 3700 lbs / 1690 kg. 0 to 60 in 3.2 or 3.4. Still a heavy brute, but should be a blast to drive with 720hp and 900 nm of torque!
  7. What do you guys think about the new DBS? Saw this thing back at the beginning of May down in Newport at a viewing and I was blown away. It looks so badass! My spot is secured and now just gotta finalize the spec. Anyone else on here getting one?
  8. congrats!!! love the spec!
  9. That would be amazing! As long as its no trouble.
  10. I will be there this year. Finally will have some time to get out there. Anyone have 2 extra quail tickets?
  11. OVI

    Clear bra?

    +1 for Xpel. I have the Aston wrapped in it.
  12. OVI

    must have garages

    DONT DO CARPET! I have carpet and am getting rid of it. It stains from water and dust and just a pain in the ass and after a couple months it looks horrible.
  13. OVI

    Come to PaPa

    Moral of the story...Dont marry anyone that makes you get rid of your cars. With that being said what a stunning car and congratulations! I remember several years ago when you brought the Balloon White and the Verde 6.0s to monterey. Those were stunning as well.
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