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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone, From some weeks my Murcielago 2006 it's hard to start after two days, the voltage is around 11 before ignition and it's difficult to start, once the engine has started it's around 13.2-4 The other day in traffic at low engine speed the gearbox light came on and the car from N no longer went into 1st gear, then I let it rest for a few minutes and the gearbox worked again. after a few days on the highway I put the car in neutral in traffic and the car no longer went in 1st gear! (that morning before starting the voltage was 8). after the car stopped on the motorway I had to tow it, the car no longer started even when I connected it to an external cable. the mechanic changed the battery (it was from 2019 and apparently died. The car is still at the mechanic's, today he turned it on to do further checks, as soon as it was turned on, the car started to smell burning, from behind the driver's seat where the fuses are. Result: melted fuse, it melted and doing a test it makes sparks and fire . What do you think it could be? I'm worried . the fuse corresponds to the “secondary air pump “ ? this is the video and attach one photo find in the forum from a car ( not damage ) thank you
  2. Hi guys , today I start to see some smoke on the back of my car and what I see is the egear fluid tank have some sweating /leak .. IMG_2286.MOV
  3. Hi Guys I need to buy the clutch bearing PART NUMBER: 086141671C Someone have one NEW, READY available? thank you so much
  4. HI MURCI OWNER , I am writing in this post because I have been contacted regarding clutch / bearing works on Murcielago SOME "clever" IN THE MARKET OUT HERE TRY TO SELL CLUTCHES IN KEVLAR for 800/1000 dollars taking advantage of the owners of exotic THE MESSAGE I AM TRYING TO TRANSMIT IS THE FOLLOWING: NO QUALITY CLUTCH WITH PRIMARY MATERIAL and NON-CHINESE CAN COST SO CHEAP I KNOW THAT MOST YOU ARE KNOWING THAT PUTTING CHEAP MATERIAL ON THE MURCIELAGO MEANS DOING THE WORK TWICE, BUT SOME STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND !!!!! PUT CHEAP CLUTCHES AND BEARINGS MEANS = CAR THAT LEAVES YOU ON THE STREET AND WORK TWICE !!!! WAITING FOR YOUR CONFIRMATIONS, so maybe someone will understand that whoever offers very low prices is making a scam !!! we are a community and we must help each other
  5. HI GUYS !!! This is what happen MURCIELAGO 2006 EGEAR MURCIELAGO L640 me and my friend need to change clutch , my friend ready have the engine out parts code for the BEARING CLUTCH in the lambo parts is : 086141671C but the code in the bearing of the friend of mine is 086141671B and this is the code for the MANUAL GEAR , but the car Is EGEAR WHY?? thank you guys
  6. DEAR MURCIELAGO OWNER , ( I’m owner too ) YOU have the problem with front headlights. FOGGY OR BROKE?? This solution will restore your headlights as NEW. PERFECT!!! at a cheaperrrrrr cost than other repairers on eBay or online and much, much cheaper than buying new ones (10k each ) Contact me If you need Location south Florida ( but available worldwide)
  7. I was skeptical when I clicked in this video but was surprised how comprehensive this was. Better yet, it’s great to see the passion thrive in a younger generation. Check it out and give the video a like. Definitely want to keep encouraging this YouTuber. Was there any car he missed?
  8. HI FORUM : I have a 2006 Murcielago I live in Miami and I am looking for a mechanic, around my area deeply knowledgeable, passionate,qualified for this model not with crazy prices THANK YOU SO MUCH
  9. Hello everyone, I've been looking through pretty much everything without really finding my perfect answer. I'm looking to achieve the highest possible pitch on my gated 6.2 roadster. I was looking into a stage6motorsport steel headers and full LOC exhaust, but then I was advised to go for a custom titanium exhaust to achieve even higher pitch. Now, I was quoted by Gintani 25-30000 usd for titanium exhaust, steel headers and ECU remap and man hours. Which I find a bit expensive tbh. So my question is the following, should I change the headers knowing that I don't care about gain or loss of hp/torque. And does anyone have advice on exhaust ? Thank you so much in advance for your help
  10. So as not to hijack Stimpy's great thread on the front power steering hose replacement, here is my video of replacing the rear power steering hoses by the lift block and reservoir. Additionally it shows replacing the alternator cooling hose. All parts used are also detailed.
  11. Hey guys! Here are two recent videos featuring my LP640 in California. Bone stock, but the exhaust still sounds great! Second video the car is featured in the last couple minutes: Straight pipes should be ready second week of April. Can't wait!! Alex
  12. Hey guys! Well, the search is over :). After passing on two Gated LP640 cars over the last 6-months, this Balloon White 2007 E-Gear LP640 came up and was too good for me to pass on!! Kevin (@KMY on the forums) sold me the car. We had been talking since November off-market, before he went ahead and put the car on consignment with Elite Motor Cars in San Francisco. I had been looking at a few cars and shot Kevin a text last week to check in with him to see if we could come to an agreement on his car, which we did. I have to say that Kevin is a total class act!! I would not hesitate to buy a car from him again (even without a PPI). Awesome guy with great taste, and he has more cool cars than Jay Leno! And he takes impeccable care of his stuff. Alex (owner of Elite) helped facilitate the transaction - and he is now someone I am happy to call a friend. A true car guy (has owned his own LP640 for 5 years and just took delivery of an SVJ). He went above and beyond to make the day special and to provide top notch service. He even gave me a 1-hour on road EGear lesson (since all my cars have been Manual previously). Highly recommend anyone here to purchase from ELITE Motor Cars. Kevin, the owner I purchased from, bought the car with 28,000 miles and at 30,000 miles he promptly did: +Valve timing adjustment +New Clutch +New Throw out bearing +Rear main seal +Clutch sensor & Potentiometer +Rear Motor mounts & brackets +Replace Radiator hoses +Replace all Drive Belts +Starter motor +Cams refinished +New Pirelli Corsa tires +New CV axle boots +Plugs, fluids +Alignment So the car is literally BRAND NEW and ready to go for next 30K miles. And it is BONE STOCK. No mods. All service work was done by TED at Taromina Imports in SF, who is highly regarded on FChat. I spoke with him and he gave the car his blessing. I purchased the car from Kevin with 31,100 miles and have already put 700 miles on in just the first 3 days of ownership. I drove it from San Francisco to Beverly Hills (400 miles) and got it up to 147mph on the highway. It is SO SMOOTH at speed. Unbelievable machine. Took it down to Pelican Hill + Laguna Beach the next day and put another 200 miles on it zipping around, before taking it to the canyons to drive with some friends who have YouTube channels. This car was previously owned by an awesome Lambo enthusiast named Kandy in San Fran. And before him it was owned by Shaun White!! Yes, that Shaun White. One of the coolest athletes on earth. I can feel the Olympic blood coursing through my arms each time I grab the wheel :D:D The car is now with my friends Mark & Mitch at Avant Garde Xotics, who both looked it over and said they couldn't find one thing wrong with it after (except engine struts and door struts are only 60% strong, so we are replacing those). We are also doing a full straight-pipe setup on the car, to achieve the Kreissieg sound (just without a valved system, since valves tend to go bad and rattle). AGX previously did Brian (BlkPrez's) Murci straight pipes and they sound was amazing, but the system was 3-inch diameter so the tone was slightly deeper than I like. We are going to go 2.5-inch to achieve the best pitch. But basically, the same insane setup as this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfcORENFLZz/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet https://www.instagram.com/p/BtEtC1iFOde/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Exterior, I will keep exactly as is. Just plain classy. Just adding wheel spacers to the rear wheels. I AM ON CLOUD 9 with this car. My dream car since I was 12. I'm now 29. Can't believe this is real life. Wow wow wow.
  13. Hi Everyone. I am looking for the following LP640; Nero on Nero Coupe with E-gear. Preferences would include Q-Ciutura Interior with Black Carbon Fiber package (not Titanium CF). No accident examples only. Would also prefer lower miles with documented maintenance history. PPI is a must and non-negotiable and of course at my expense. Price is therefore dependent on condition, history, options, and market factors. I do NOT want to wrap the car. The following are the colors considered: Nero Pegaso, Nero Nemesis, Nero Aldebaran, and would also consider Grigio Telesto. Thank you kindly for any help or leads you can give Destructo : I would appreciate it if we could leave this Thread in the Murcy forum. Thank you for your consideration.
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