ford GT track video

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wow insanity! not sure how I missed this thread..

this is exactly how I would have spec'd my car if I was picked. :(

big congrats, enjoy the hell out of her!


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Love the color Dave. If possible I want you to give a good review/comparison to the "old" car....or to one of the other exotics you have driven. Hoping for 2018!!



Thank you! We both are!




They are just totally different cars. The old GT is a very comfortable car. It's still very capable but everything it does it does in a very relaxed manner. I've got 30,000 miles on mine and have taken several trips that see 500+ miles in a day, and you're fresh getting out at the end of the day. I do not envision the new car will be an awesome road trip car, and that is if you could store more than a thong and a toothbrush. And of course it has a really nice manual transmission and the traditional V8. I also think it still looks like they could sell it as a new car today. Part of the reason I prefer the 06 GT to most cars on sale today is that it's fun to drive at any time, because even if you're not hammering it, it's comfortable, fun to shift, sounds good, and is still really fast.


The old GT will end up being much, much, much cheaper to own as well. I've replaced the front splitter on the 06 a few times; it's like $150. I could easily see the front splitter on the new car being well into the thousands. And the old car is bulletproof. It's very simple mechanically; few things to go wrong and what does go wrong can be fixed by many people. The new car is such a complicated spaceship with so much in common with the race car that I can foresee it having a very high cost to keep it up and running long term. I've seen the car split in half for service. Good luck with that.




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Would be nice to have DBK's GT and your SV side by side for a photo shoot. :icon_pidu:


That would be fantastic!


DBK I will PM you my address put it on the plane and bring it over for a play date :icon_mrgreen:

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