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  1. Kevin2772

    Credit score question...

    nothing to add, but fcuk me, one late payment and you get dinged that many points?!?!?!?
  2. Kevin2772

    Superleggera what to ask

    I have to agree with destructo. The swapped ECU I feel like only happens on the Turbo cars. And while certain tuners go above and beyond, if that ECU swap was to run some garage assembled turbo, id be wary.....
  3. That blue one was wrecked, hence the 6.0 front on it. That car was local here in cincy for a while. It might have even had a rebuilt or salvage title.
  4. Kevin2772

    California Exhaust law

    I saw a pullover video where the cop wrote the driver the $1000 ticket and basically rationalized the law by saying that all the street racing incidents have occurred with people who have similar modifications. So basically any exhaust mod means your fast and furious street racer. Seems logical.....
  5. Kevin2772

    Four Lamborghinis Up for Auction at BJ Scottsdale 2019

    And I still don't understand how the MB 6.0 hasn't sold. Car is beautiful.
  6. Kevin2772

    Four Lamborghinis Up for Auction at BJ Scottsdale 2019

    the LP570 is an e-gear in the add.
  7. Kevin2772

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Holy shit that looks amazing VCR, welcome back and congrats! Kinda feels like old times in here. Feeling a bit nostalgic!
  8. Kevin2772

    Running the Chiron down the 1/4 Mile...

    So much wheel gap at the rear. Like the old 70 dragster setup. Nasty car though....
  9. Kevin2772

    Manual Transmission Swap?

    Any idea what ever happened to that car after it was "converted" back to stock?
  10. Kevin2772

    Bring the old site back

    Its a shame as I know some main contributing members have now fully bailed on the site for one reason or another. Seems we are losing contributors faster then we are gaining them......
  11. Kevin2772

    Cheating on Lambo today

    Whats so boring about it? I think they look fantastic, but is it just boring transmission? Sound? No character?
  12. Kevin2772

    good netflix shows?

    The haunting of hill house. Wife and I binged it in less then a week.
  13. That combo with those wheels just looks fantastic!
  14. Kevin2772


    My guess is a sesto element version of the aventador with just enough features to make it street legal..... unless you mean cost.....if that's the case, then no clue, but im sure its a serious upcharge....hah
  15. Kevin2772

    California Fires

    Glad she made it out safe....jesus that had to be scary