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  1. What color combo is that?! Any pics?
  2. At least they found another car to put the original Gallardo SL wheels on.....
  3. Beautiful car and congrats. Have always had a soft spot for the Vipers.
  4. Ive been getting a lot of phishing emails claiming to be Paypal locking my accout. I rarely use it so i just report them as phishing.
  5. The lines just dont work for me with no windscreen.
  6. Great story and feature, but when did you get a Gallardo??
  7. Congrats! Beautiful car. You change your name on here?
  8. In this day and age not seeing much talk of it likely is cause for concern that something worse IS happening.....especially if it doesnt fit the narrative.....
  9. When they say aerodynamic supercharging, do they mean the ram air from that intake, essnetially like the Jota intake on the diablo? ANd how can they measure the horsepower from that?
  10. Seems all local officials are denying the report and only claiming they had "higher then usual call ins." Im sorry, its a crazy world we live in, but since when can you fight a cop drunk, steal his taser, and NOT get shot?! Thats like text book cop shooting. Boggles the mind.
  11. I like it, but may agree on the interior, just a LITTLE too much blue, but i still like it. Giallo Evros is bright in person if i am correct. Its just Fly yellow, so non metallic i believe. Seems like this is going to be a pretty epic car once completed. Congrats!
  12. Well even if it is just a paint job, its better then the whole run being one color like the Reventon! Im just curious to see what colors people picked.
  13. That is impressive. I was blown away by the AMMO NYC collection he went through. Not sure if it was posted here or not
  14. Its amazing how bad the lambo gets walked at Higher speeds. that 720s is fast as hell.
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