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  1. Heard that right from the start. they dont want cheap medication out there, they want ways to profit from this. and completely agree wth your take on the cnn article....3 lines in and suddenly its all trumps fault....
  2. Beautiful! I see you left plenty of room for lifts as well!
  3. So Ohio is soft opening this week and I can already see the shit show that is about to commence. Daycare isn't open, but many businesses are trying to get back up and making money so people are going to be asked backed to work with no child care, or actual plans in place for proper opening. My wifes office randomly called all the front office people and told them they have to come in tomorrow. Complete shit show. dont get me wrong, im all for opening up. But this half in half out shit they are going to push is going to just make everything worse in my eyes.
  4. Thats luxeous in the passenger seat. Obviously his car before he sold it to the east coast and picked up the SVJ. Hard to beat a murci in monterrey blue.
  5. Does anything think we are at the peak. A lot of the charts in the link provided by Doc above show just that. Do you think May is realistic for opening the economy back up piece by piece?
  6. LA Brit has all the vids on his instagram, and thats where i saw it all. Its surreal to see him lose control, slam into the van, then tries to run off down the street with his front wheel dragging next to the car. I saw he was arrested as well at the scene.
  7. We have no school indefinitely, and all bars and restaurants closed. My work has directed outside reps to cancel and limit most sales calls and report to the office. At this point, i figure you may as well go all in for a couple of weeks. This half quarantine half not shit is pointless. They already cancelled all the fun events I had planned with customers. Might as well go the distance at this point. My only hope is this pause will get us through the hump and then, *fingers crossed* the construction fires back up immediately.
  8. edit: its not a real one, they used old body molds to make it https://www.thedrive.com/news/31591/bisimotos-insane-porsche-935-k3v-electric-racer-has-636-hp-weighs-under-2700-pounds
  9. Amazing how much black really hides any and all details on that pic.
  10. Yeah, looks like a white one with a big wing.
  11. Sounds par for course for Ferrari to me.
  12. Jesus, two F1's?? Where is Peloton when you need him to give us the SN's of both. hah. I had the pleasure of driving KMR's CLK63 Black Series from North Carolina back to Ohio, and god was that car a blast through the mountains. But the seats in that thing give you a spinal realignment.
  13. It seems kind of weird to me to have someone else do your "custom" designs that "represent" you. Unless of course they just put to paper whatever his thoughts and ideas are, but that's not the impression I get from the post.
  14. Have to agree with this. I personally think DMB music is some of the worst noise I've ever fcuking heard in my life. To my ears it sounds like random notes and cats being strangled. But with that said, ive been to like 6 or 7 of his shows, only because the party is such a damn good time. hah Same with Country concerts. Not a fan of the music, but the shows are a good time. The eye candy helps as well.
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