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  1. No offense taken whatsoever. Its how i survived on this forum for so long. lol
  2. If i remember correctly, wasnt it some guy from the pacific northwest area. Seattle roughly.....
  3. While i agree with some of what you said, and maybe its just because i was an active poster without a lambo, but the non lambo owners I never saw as the problem around here. TBH it was usually the guys with the biggest garages and some of the biggest ego's. Most of the big fights were dick measuring contests between who had what and when. Maybe im wrong, who knows, but right about now this forum could use those 30 posts a day popularity contests just to get some of the threads moving and worth reading. None of my other forums had this decline. Even Ferrari Chat is still VERY active from the few times I check it a month. Its just here. And the true decline started when people like Kris Singh ran off (and took a few members with him). Not that Kris leaving was any fault but his own, but that was when the decline really started as it seemed to me he couldnt take the heat that was a pretty common thing around here and something that made this forum great once.
  4. Absolute stunner! Congrats. how you liking it so far?
  5. Love the color choice cake. Car looks stunning!
  6. Jirre kinda fell off the social media train as well. Wonder if he is doing ok.
  7. Kevin2772

    My "new" Car

    I would love updates to the "build" . Congrats again.
  8. Kevin2772

    My "new" Car

    Thats fantastic Tara. Congrats, nothing like that feeling of your toy arriving home. What plans do you have for it besides a little elbow grease and tlc? you going to keep it stock?
  9. Cant wait to see this one once you take delivery. I dont believe ive seen a blue cepheus Urus yet. Any reason they wouldnt let you choose your SV color? Just not allowing out of range pics or something?
  10. i too still check in daily, but with so little content to comment on, my visits are normally short.
  11. That car turned out absolutely fantastic looking. Also a big fan of his V10 shoehorned E46 M3.
  12. At least they found another car to put the original Gallardo SL wheels on.....
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