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  1. Looks like he tried to copy the Walter Wolf Kramer 935 K3 road car......
  2. Why did you hate the people so much?
  3. That looks fantastic. What year aventador? Also feel like I saw that plate on a different lambo before. Could be wrong...
  4. Perhaps you and I should leave rolling diameters and such to the experts! hahahah
  5. Yeah but I thought that was a no no on AWD cars as its tough to stay in the tolerance range unless you go with a much smaller sidewall.
  6. Looks great, but almost looks like the rear wheel is larger then the front.
  7. That makes more sense....although tacky IMO.....
  8. Saw this one on instagram. Havent seen the small 63 before....
  9. What does that have to do with rich people cheating admissions to get their kids in?
  10. That was a members car wasn't it? Out of florida (cant think of the screen name) but it was matte black? I get the questions about the wheels, they look....different...but for me...they work. What color is the wrap supposed to be? Almost looks periwinkle. hah. Overall, im a big fan, congrats!
  11. I have to say the Vanquish Vision is sharp looking, just looks more complete then the 003. My only worry would be the fact that these two look TOO much alike. And hell, they aren't that far off from the Valkyrie....at least in pics, In person might be a totally different story. have to applaud the direction they are going in though, its a far cry from their standard GT cars that never seem to age too well.....(with the exception of the DBS.....and the DB5 and earlier cars).
  12. A couple of the manual 640's have been wrecked in the last couple years. I wonder if their trans have been salvaged out of them.
  13. Its the age of the internet. Its practically impossible to surprise people anymore at autoshows. Everything gets leaked eventually.
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