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  1. Not usually a LB fan....but gotta say...I don't hate it. Now I cant say much to the quality as im sure Alpha and his buddy have far more experience...but still, I can get down with that look, as outrageous as it is. Pretty sure there is a matte green or light green one at Sema.....
  2. Where did that color originate from? Is that one offered on the SVJ or one you had developed yourself? Almost looks like arancio Argos with a bunch of yellow or gold flake in it.
  3. Perhaps a stupid question, but were there multiple "tuned" wolf countachs? I know he had his personal cars, like the blue one, and the red one that was in that video of the owner in japan driving it around, but is this that car from asia?
  4. Kevin2772

    The Joker

    That's surprising. Here in Cincy we have theatres all over with recliners, and waiters that serve food and alcohol during the movies. Its quite nice. I have 2 within 10 minutes of my house.
  5. That's literally the only reason I can think of for going with that spec. The matte black one with green interior running around London is amazing. I can only imagine what it would be like rolling a roadster like that around in the fall seasons here in the Midwest. But sweet jesus, just don't spec a car like that the same way you specced a 1993 Rolls Royce Silver Spur. Only thing its missing is the brown leather top.
  6. I cant imagine why anyone would spec ANY lambo n that color, let alone a veneno roadster. Still absolutely love that car, but I would be having them strip the paint and redo the interior ASAP for that kind of money.
  7. Yeah id love to read the article as well.
  8. Is it really a Non VT 96? If so that makes it decently rare doesn't it?
  9. What seats are in your 600LT 737Drvr? Did you opt for the senna?
  10. I believe in the supercar blondie video she mentions they are the 3 driving modes (street, race and track).
  11. Wasn't the Aventador V12 a new engine? Hardly ancient. Seems a lot of negative wild claims.
  12. If the two leaked images, one being the rear of the car that looks like a Camaro rear, and the other being the "rapid blue" color picture that leaked, are any indication, this thing is going to fall short imo.....
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