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  1. Amazing how much black really hides any and all details on that pic.
  2. Yeah, looks like a white one with a big wing.
  3. Sounds par for course for Ferrari to me.
  4. Jesus, two F1's?? Where is Peloton when you need him to give us the SN's of both. hah. I had the pleasure of driving KMR's CLK63 Black Series from North Carolina back to Ohio, and god was that car a blast through the mountains. But the seats in that thing give you a spinal realignment.
  5. It seems kind of weird to me to have someone else do your "custom" designs that "represent" you. Unless of course they just put to paper whatever his thoughts and ideas are, but that's not the impression I get from the post.
  6. Have to agree with this. I personally think DMB music is some of the worst noise I've ever fcuking heard in my life. To my ears it sounds like random notes and cats being strangled. But with that said, ive been to like 6 or 7 of his shows, only because the party is such a damn good time. hah Same with Country concerts. Not a fan of the music, but the shows are a good time. The eye candy helps as well.
  7. Which one are you talking about? THe off white veneno was sold from government seizure.
  8. I absolutely LOVE the spec on this car. Cant imagine what it would be like rolling that with the open top.....
  9. Makes sense. So those figures of 600hp in the diablo Jota's is a bit construed.
  10. How did Alex create the supposed ram air intake for the jota that is supposed to give it that extra boost at speed? Isnt the Jota Intake supposed to kind of work like forced induction from wind speed?
  11. Yeah, I loaded up the options, carbon fiber almost everywhere. Definitely not as "elegant" as yours Matt.
  12. That's beautiful chad! Congrats. You keeping both diablos?!
  13. Was thinking the same thing. They were supposed to do this on the PS3 version of the game....
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