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  1. Yeah id love to read the article as well.
  2. Is it really a Non VT 96? If so that makes it decently rare doesn't it?
  3. What seats are in your 600LT 737Drvr? Did you opt for the senna?
  4. I believe in the supercar blondie video she mentions they are the 3 driving modes (street, race and track).
  5. Wasn't the Aventador V12 a new engine? Hardly ancient. Seems a lot of negative wild claims.
  6. If the two leaked images, one being the rear of the car that looks like a Camaro rear, and the other being the "rapid blue" color picture that leaked, are any indication, this thing is going to fall short imo.....
  7. Is the green a wrap? Doesn't look like true VI in the pics, and the car seems to have red stitching in interior which would be a strange combo on a green car.
  8. Kevin2772

    Diablo intro

    Congrats! As Allan said, post some pics. What year and model??
  9. I simply cant imagine how a stock seat can hurt but that seat is going to be more comfortable.
  10. I think you also have to realize a lot of those people attacking you for feeling the way you do, are only doing so in an effort to suck up to Kris...... And their opinions are probably only molded by that....
  11. Out of curiousity, what did you find so uncomfortable about the stock seats?! Id get it if you owned an LP570 SL and didn't like the non adjustable carbon buckets (they can be a bit awkward) but I also found stock Gallardo seats to be quite comfortable. Is it a size thing? Are you 6'7" and just don't fit properly? (not even sure that would affect the stock G's)
  12. Wife and I are halfway through the final episode. Have to agree with all above, fantastic series. And sweet jesus did they handle just about everything wrong.....
  13. Looks like he tried to copy the Walter Wolf Kramer 935 K3 road car......
  14. Why did you hate the people so much?
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