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  1. Benz GLS or GLE in whatever power level you prefer
  2. I was in south FL for 3 days and literally saw about 100 of them. Clearly the demand is there...
  3. That may be the best road car exhaust note I've ever heard
  4. There are shops all over the country that build/fabricate cars and machinery from the ground up. Guarantee plenty of shops could easily fab something that would work just fine. May cost a few thousand dollars but it is better than sitting there looking at a car that can't run or drive. Get on the phone and make some calls
  5. Just find a local hydraulic hose company to remake them. That won't solve your damaged fitting problem though unfortunately. I own a Mercedes repair shop and we service a lot of 50's-80's Mercedes. Oil and power steering hoses leak all the time and are frequently discontinued so we just have them remade locally for a fraction of the price utilizing the existing fittings. Never had an issue. There is also no reason the entire line and fittings couldn't be custom fabricated, obviously at a higher price point.
  6. I don't have a Lambo but 280F seems very high. My 770hp S63 runs around 210F
  7. Huge difference between a vest and a plate carrier. Vest will stop pistol caliber rounds which will likely still cause severe trauma.
  8. I don't believe they do. Ceramic is great but can be fragile. Many companies now use a ceramic composite mix that is very thin, light weight and can sustain multiple hits. My personal level III+ setup only weighs about 10lbs, but cost almost $1,000
  9. DO NOT buy ar500 steel plates, there's a reason the military doesn't use them. They can get you killed due to the spall from the bullet as it impacts. rmaarmament.com makes the most affordable stuff I've found with decent lead times. Level III+ is likely all you need, Level IV (for armour piercing rounds) is overkill in most instances in CONUS. You want the lightest stuff you can find in your price range and threat level. As far as plate carrier Crye is top notch stuff as is London Bridge Trading Co. Also training using this stuff is highly recommended. It
  10. I absolutely never said that, no vehicle manufacturer makes their own coils.
  11. Napa parts are trash and don't belong on a car of this caliber. I don't know any of the parties involved in selling any of these parts but I do own a high end auto repair shop and would never use Napa parts on anything other than a lawnmower or 1990s Honda. While the coils may appear the "same" as OEM they are not.
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