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  1. I love it except the paint on the tires making the wheels look bigger? Wtf is that about??
  2. You write the most detailed yet easy to understand and to the point reviews I've seen anywhere. Thank you for sharing your experiences
  3. We need more info than that! How does it compare to other cars you've driven/owned? Is it worth $1.5MM?
  4. Minor fuel system issues on some of the newer 4.0TT m177 engines. They are monsters though. Get one and enjoy the shit out of it!
  5. It would really depend on the failure. As emanon said block failures are a big problem and sleeving is the only option. Modern(2007-)AMG V8 motors are $30-60k list price, we can get a sleeved block and upgraded parts for less than a new one generally speaking. Also the AMG parts are all available separately just like any other car to facilitate an OEM rebuild of any part of the engine. Some are expensive but some are the same price as a normal Benz. Check us out on instagram @benzspecialist
  6. -CL65 They made a bunch from 2003-present. No idea where you got the idea of 55 of them total. There are likely 55 currently for sale is the US. In general there isn't much on that engine/car that should be touched by someone not familiar with the Mercedes V12. -AMG repairs/maintenance while expensive are proportional to the price of the vehicle when new, not what the 4th owner paid for the car at Manheim(auction). Same as any other car. Most people don't understand this.... -Catastrophic engine failure in AMG cars is quite rare but does happen, as with any manufacturer. BWM has alot more issues with this in my experience. -Yes the transmission in your C55 is basically bulletproof with proper maintenance every 40k miles or so To qualify the above I own a Mercedes repair facility and have been with the brand for almost 20 years now. I am, and employ 2 additional, Master Certified Mercedes Technicians. We also do some BMW and other work, but 95% of our business is Benz. I'm happy to answer any Benz related questions you may have
  7. This engine is bulletproof. The m156 engine in the 63AMG from 07-10 had the headbolt issues
  8. Insane fast. What were the 2 cars ahead of you that were pulling away from you guys?
  9. jtrump

    Fcuking loaner!

    What's the maintenance/ownership costs like on the 2015 drophead? I've heard stories... Curious about firsthand knowledge
  10. jtrump

    Naples Motorsports

    Slightly off topic... A few years ago for my sons 5th birthday I took him to south Florida. My son is fascinated with exotic cars and where we live in Maryland there really isn't much around for him to see. I sent a p.m. to Scotty and he recommended to stop by Naples Motorsports and mention his name and that they would be happy to show my son some cars. We stopped in to Naples and I was very honest with the guy and told him we were not there to purchase but the Scotty had mentioned to stop by. They graciously gave is a complete tour of the shop and facility and after seeing how well mannered my son was were able to sit in all of the cars and check everything out for about an hour and a half. I even have pics of my son "driving", as he says, an Enzo. I'll soon be in a position to buy a Lambo, after it being a childhood dream, and Naples Motorsport will be my first stop based solely on how we were treated there that day. Thanks again Scotty for that opportunity!
  11. Saw a 60ish ft Nor-tech with 5 of them on the back at the white marlin open in MD last weekend.
  12. That's a hell of a way to die
  13. jtrump

    parking brake

    Screws in like other euro rear calipers possibly?
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