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  1. If I recall silver was 001 and white was 031.
  2. A few other "interesting" cars I've had the pleasure to see and checkout extensively
  3. I was actually referring to the CLK GTR, not the CLK DTM. Had to get the pics off my desktop
  4. I own a Mercedes specialty shop on the east coast. We do everything from mid-50's to modern. The old stuff is cool, but the prices some are commanding now are insane in my opinion. I owned a 500E for a short time that I purchased from a customer when I first opened. I sold it within a week for 4x what I paid and reinvested the money into the shop. The green convertible in the pic was purchased for $250k. The white car is an original Hammer 6.3, unfortunately the customer didn't have the money to get it back into good condition. The last pic is about 4200 hp of modded cars we have done for customers. It was a weird coincidence they all ended up at the shop the same day together. As for my favorite the CLK Black was very high on the list, I'd have to dig up pics of that one. The 1 of 5 CLK GTR roadster I saw at a friends shop was insane also. My personal favorite at the moment though is my S63 coupe tuned to about 750hp. It just does everything well and is unbelievably fast in everyday driving
  5. Not a fan of the rear at all from the pics. Possibly in a different color it may look better, but not so sure.
  6. What did $10k get you?
  7. At this point why not just pull the rear cover and see what's going on inside? 99.9% of people have never seen inside a Lambo differential to give a qualified answer unfortunately
  8. None of those are going to work as you found out
  9. What computer are you using to diagnose and reset the parameters?
  10. It would have to be modified to meet US emissions even for show and display. Show and display has certain driving limitations also JK Technologies is who you should call about it
  11. I love it except the paint on the tires making the wheels look bigger? Wtf is that about??
  12. You write the most detailed yet easy to understand and to the point reviews I've seen anywhere. Thank you for sharing your experiences
  13. We need more info than that! How does it compare to other cars you've driven/owned? Is it worth $1.5MM?
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