If something is going to fail, make sure it does it spectacularly

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So... had a buddy rip apart the turbo on my K26 today because I simply do not have the time with work lately.  

Exhaust manifold: Cracked in 4 places

Turbo: Cooked alive and stopped spooling

Result: Somehow has managed to basically melt the turbine wheel without grenading.

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From here it looks like something went through the hotside and chunked the wheel.  May have even been part of the wheel that failed and took out the rest. 

I'd be very surprised if you could get EGTs high enough to melt an inconel wheel without torching the rest of the motor.  You would most likely have aluminum chunks from the pistons showing up on spark plugs, etc.  Then again that might be the speckle texture on the wheel.

Have you pulled the head or put a scope into the cylinders?

On the plus side, you can find some easy power by stuffing a modern billet wheel in that baby.

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At least you've got some interesting garage wall art, and a good story!

Coulda been SO MUCH WORSE!!

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