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  1. nopiston

    Only 12 RWD Diablos made in 96?

    Did you have it repainted in the car's original color? I had a '94 Diablo VT years ago in (what looks like) that same color. Color sticker called it "Oregon Red" and was a pearl orange color like yours. Last I knew of it, we had installed a set of 6.0 wheels on it before delivering to the next owner (which looked killer!). And to continue this thread, I just got in #12454 which is also one of the '96 RWD cars. This one is Super Fly Yellow. Randy
  2. nopiston

    Didn't this SV just sell for $125 ?

    I had that car up at MotorCars in MO in March of '06. It had 15k km's on it at the time. The reverse camera molded into the rear wing was quite clever. Exhaust has been changed since then. Randy
  3. nopiston

    Where did all the SV's go.

    I remember the pearl white one being for sale many years ago in Las Vegas. I also remember a white one being used in a Victoria Secret photo shoot back then too, but not sure it that was a Monterey Edition or not.
  4. nopiston

    Where did all the SV's go.

    Here's what I know directly from the guys that were in the business at the time. Most, if not all, were also finished in non-standard colors. Dealers each ordered one in a unique color. This is where we first saw the Rosso Vik color. Along with Monterey Blue and Verde Scandal too. There was as pearl white one I remember as well. The pearl yellow color that MotorCars International (where I came from) chose for theirs was based on the pearl yellow on a Nissan 300ZX and eventually became the pearl yellow for the Momo Roadsters- along with Rosso Vik. Randy
  5. nopiston

    Squadra Corsa is Here

    Congrats, Roy! It's definitely impressive in person. I did want to point out though that all Gallardos have been direct injected since the LP560-4 in '09.
  6. nopiston

    List of the largest dealerships

    We're selling new cars just about as fast as we get them in. It's kinda funny to see the comments here about how new cars are hard to sell, economy this and that, dealers can't give them away, etc. That's not really an issue for us here in Houston.
  7. nopiston

    Drool. Sexy 6.0 for sale

    No problem! I also received many pages worth of previous service records today including a new clutch and throwout bearing 1k miles ago, several oil changes and fluid changes, starter, clear bra, detailing, etc. Randy
  8. nopiston

    Drool. Sexy 6.0 for sale

    Yes, this is the same 6.0 that Chicago had on consignment. I received a call from it's owner (who I sold it to a few years ago) to pick it up and bring it down to sell it. He's a meticulous owner. Previous to that I had bought it from Lamborghini Washington. No "history" or "story" with this one. Extremely nice example. The front bonnet fit is not uncommon on these. My previous pictures from years ago show the exact same gap too. Randy
  9. nopiston

    2nd day of the Lambo Festival

    Awesome event. Great to see old friends and meet new ones! Our weekend started with a visit from Balboni at the dealership. He was particularly interested in our '66 350 GT. Saturday was our track day at Texas World Speedway with a number of cars and staff provided by Lamborghini USA. We auctioned hot-lap rides at lunch with Balboni in our Aventador which ended up raising over $11,000 in that 1 hour for the Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. That evening we attended a private dinner to honor Balboni on his 44th Anniversary with Lamborghini. Sunday was the Lamborghini Festival beginning with lunch at Flora & Muse at CityCentre and then a drive out to the main event at La Tranquila Ranch. Fantastic Weekend!! I have a ton of pictures and videos on our Lamborghini Houston facebook page. Check it out! Randy
  10. nopiston

    Different shades of red

    Actually, the Diablo VT Roadster that appeared on the original 1996 brochure of that car was in Rosso Targa. It turned a bit pink/purple at some angles. Check out the brochure. The interior looked like a Barbie-mobile.
  11. nopiston

    Need help Lamborghini aventador

    By the way, your work and attention to detail is absolutely amazing!
  12. nopiston

    Need help Lamborghini aventador

    I'll help you out.
  13. nopiston

    Another aventador breakdown

    We've seen our first engine/transmission out. Actually not a big issue in itself. Just a leak. The ISR transmission was pretty cool to see up close.
  14. nopiston

    Aventador exhaust valve disconnect

    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but on the subject of Grigio Telesto Aventadors, we just delivered one on Tuesday. Grigio Telesto/Black, Black Wheels, Yellow Calipers and Springs. I put a few pictures of it up on our facebook page last night: It looked even better outside under the lights as he was leaving that night!
  15. nopiston

    Lamborghini's Aventadors changing redline

    I can tell you it won't perform the extremely fast 50ms shifts in Corsa mode until it's fully warmed up either. They're more like a Sport mode shift until then. Not that those are very slow, they just feel softer...