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  1. Lambo,has oem CF engine bay for SV ?
  2. SSR

    Hard to Install BMC Filters?

    BMC has filters for SV?
  3. SSR

    Novitec Springs

    The Novi springs are softer than SV ? Novi has a special part number for SV or they are the same for normal AV ?
  4. SSR

    lowering the Aventador

    You can only lower the rear with stock springs because the fronts are limited with the Ohlins lift bags. I will like to lower the car using NR springs but I am afraid of loosing performance since comfort can be worst jajaj
  5. SSR

    Aventador Roadster First Emperor

    To be Mansory is not so horrible...
  6. SSR

    Aventador Side Markers Change

    Mine has them and they look very good a very easy mod do it!
  7. SSR

    HRE Wheels for Aventador

    Maybe in the future.
  8. SSR

    HRE Wheels for Aventador

    Thanks Im very happy with the results.!!
  9. SSR

    HRE Wheels for Aventador

    Thanks I know it wasn't a big change but thats what I was looking for.
  10. SSR

    HRE Wheels for Aventador

    Here some pics,for me it looks very good. The rear wheels look nice and concave.
  11. SSR

    HRE Wheels for Aventador

    Ok great news the weight savings are good: OEM Dione wheels REAR 13.88 KG FRONT 10.46 KG HRE P 101 REAR 11.28 KG FRONT 9.40 KG
  12. SSR

    HRE Wheels for Aventador

    I will have that info today I hope they are.