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  1. Congrats on the new car, it is truly a great car. I will warn you that if you lower your car like I did mine, the CL offsets looks a million times worse than at standard ride height and there is no easy fix other than a new set of wheels. Which when done right, takes the car to the next level!
  2. Much better than the factory crappy offset CL’s! i have a set of wheels coming for mine and I cannot wait to get them.
  3. I’ve only driven mine about 150 miles so far. The Perf is my 11th Lambo since ‘07 and it is by far the best of the bunch!!
  4. I see them as mandatory with all of the stock Huracan wheels! The offset problem is magnified when you lower the car.
  5. https://roadsportsupply.com/cart.php?sugges...78-b9fa7ac65d75 Buy yourselves a couple of these also, I’ve used them for years. It makes removal and reinstall much easier. Also prevents you from hitting the brake rotor with the inner wheel barrel.
  6. Car looks bad ass Bill, congrats!! Lowering is a must with these cars, it dramatically improves the looks.
  7. Hey Bill Congrats on the upcoming Spyder! I already got the Novitec pricing and I don’t even have a car yet I see some necessary pieces there that i will order once I pull the trigger.
  8. I know he also sells spacers for the new R8 Line so you might want to ask him if has them for the Huracan.
  9. Hey Fortis Did you ask if the spring rates are specific to the Perf or is it the same part they are using for he 610?
  10. Novitec makes spacers that all fix the offset problem.
  11. Oh I agree, just enjoy bustin’ your ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️😁 The money spent on a Perf plus the TT kit make it rival everything thing else out there, bar none!
  12. Check PM. Happy to help out!
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