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  1. SuperBee


    [attachment =102147:the_top_shot_a_sts.jpg]
  2. SuperBee

    Mean while in my garage

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And well done, too!
  3. SuperBee

    (more shots of) My Super Trofeo

    Had a great run yesterday with my buds, in the fog. DFC, baby! Props to all of the confident, but safe, participants. Kudos to Hovik G. for the tremendous photos. And a good time was had by all!
  4. SuperBee

    Winter Driving

    Winter tires? You mean my P-Zero Corsas can't be used in the winter?
  5. SuperBee

    Public Perception of Us Lambo Owners

    Yeah baby! As a friend of mine once said, "drive it like you stole it." Not sure exactly what he meant, but I interpreted as drive it hard and fast. I agree with all of the comments re: fuel. I put 5500 miles on my STS over the last 6 months, and I could not tell you what the price of fule was at any point during that time. I'm guessing around $4.90/gallon, but that's because NYS taxes the sh*t out of fuel. During the post-Sandy fuel lines, I received a nuber of disdainful looks, as if to say "you pig you, how can you drive such a car?" I just smiled.
  6. SuperBee

    Winter Driving

    I know this ^ guy (TurboGallardo) and, for those who don't know him, he is to be held in the high esteem. Thanks TG. Your opinion is always welcome and respected (even on the rare occassion that we may disagree). I will, almost always, defer to guys like you and Breen for anything car related. Of course, it helps that you guys know Lambos as well, if not better, than anyone else I know.
  7. SuperBee

    Winter Driving

    Westchester County
  8. SuperBee

    Winter Driving

    The video is now public. Re: overheating.....who can tell? It only occurs in hot ambient tempertures when the car is pushed. We'll see when I track it in the Spring. The new radiators have been installed. Re: the clutch comment. First, I never launch (which is one of the worst things for your clutch). Second of all, a couple of donuts is hardly going to stress out the clutch. Finally, I note that there was no tell-tale burning clutch odor, whatsoever, which is the first sign of stress on the clutch. Got home, and gave her a nice two hour wash and dry.
  9. SuperBee

    (more shots of) My Super Trofeo

    Some shots from yesterday, with my good bud, Michael Breen.
  10. SuperBee


    According to the U.S. Air Force,”the traditional military definition of a ‘Wingman’ refers to the pattern in which fighter jets fly. There is always a lead aircraft and another which flies off the right wing of and behind the lead. This second pilot is called the ‘Wingman’ because he or she primarily protects the lead by "watching his back." The wingman's role is to add an element of mutual support. The presence of a wingman makes the flight both offensively and defensively more capable by increasing firepower and situational awareness, permits the attacking of enemies, and increases the ability to employ more dynamic tactics. The primary responsibilities are remaining close to the leader of the aerial formation and warning the leader of any immediate threats at the cost of losing mutual protection. The responsibilities are mutually exclusive; never losing the leader requires attention in front of the wingman, but warning the lead of any aircraft threats means also focusing on the rear. Wingmen needed to protect and react constantly according to the surroundings and movements. There are difficulties in flying under poor visibility and the trying effects on human perception under such conditions, especially considering the danger of being separated from the leader of the formation. Wingmen are expected to remain with the leader, even at the cost of scoring an easy kill. (from I'm happy to be this guy's wing man, any time. See More @bsilverbush #lambosgonewild #toys4tots #exotics4life #motor_head_
  11. SuperBee

    Tint and Wrap on my SL

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Drive it in the best of health!
  12. SuperBee

    Chrome green wrapped Gallardo.

    I saw it in person at Bullfest and thought it looks great! Here's a couple of pics I took.
  13. SuperBee

    NYC Columbus Day Parade - video

    Thank you. We (Mark and I) were at the DFC anniversary event a couple of months ago. Here are some pix of Mark's Hera Aventador:
  14. SuperBee

    NYC Columbus Day Parade - video

    This puts me in the mood for BULLFEST! yeah, baby. I hope to see alot of you guys there. Contact Hovik for more info.