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  1. Yeah baby! As a friend of mine once said, "drive it like you stole it." Not sure exactly what he meant, but I interpreted as drive it hard and fast. I agree with all of the comments re: fuel. I put 5500 miles on my STS over the last 6 months, and I could not tell you what the price of fule was at any point during that time. I'm guessing around $4.90/gallon, but that's because NYS taxes the sh*t out of fuel. During the post-Sandy fuel lines, I received a nuber of disdainful looks, as if to say "you pig you, how can you drive such a car?" I just smiled.
  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Drive it in the best of health!
  3. I saw it in person at Bullfest and thought it looks great! Here's a couple of pics I took.
  4. Thank you. We (Mark and I) were at the DFC anniversary event a couple of months ago. Here are some pix of Mark's Hera Aventador:
  5. This puts me in the mood for BULLFEST! yeah, baby. I hope to see alot of you guys there. Contact Hovik for more info.
  6. It was a great day, and a fun time. Here are some of my favorite photos from the day (the woman with the red shoes is Miss USA. The woman riding with me in my car is America's Next Top Model Mexico winner). [atta chment=94822:Parade_line.jpg]
  7. TurboMike is, as usual, spot-on.
  8. Yea yea...I dont want it to be true either, but I have heard from multiple sources now that there will be a final face lift for the G, and we should see it soon, as in end of this month. Anyone heard anything similar? I heard there really is an Easter Bunny.
  9. Me too. And I love a wing on a Murci. If you have no carbon fibre, then paint it to match the body.
  10. I thougt the entire article was a joke. I did, however, agree with the Aventador conclusion. I tracked it at Imola in October, and the car is huge, especially once that mass is hauling ass (rhyme intended). Not, at all, a car you want to track. Still, a great touring car, IMO.
  11. I have a 2012 Super Trofeo. usually, the coolant temp is between 90-100. Running at MMC two week as ago, every shift in Corsa at 8000 rpm, on the 4th session it hit 120+ and the rev limiter kicked in (limiting revs to 6000). Lately, running in this high heat/humidity, the coolant is over 100, and if in regular City traffic, close to 110-120. I'll take in this week and have it checked, but I was wondering if anyone has any helpful info for me.. Oil pressure and oil temp are normal. Thank you.
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