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  1. Yikes. Someone miss some lock-tite when assembly? Hopefully no one has had it happen yet. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Try logging in now. Your new password will be the email you used. Change it once logged in please.
  3. Shut the front door! Good for you! If no one here can help, contact a local brand dealer to see if they would do an inspection on the vehicle? That way you'll get an objective report on it, and then can arrange purchase details?
  4. We are proud to present the latest in drive reviews for Lambo Power. This one is our first drop-top! A special thank you to Lamborghini North America for facilitating the opportunity. - Drive Review - by Bill Emanon On a beautiful Friday afternoon in sunny Southern California I was handed the keys to a 2020 Huracan’ Spyder RWD. As soon as I sat in the car any concern about legroom and comfort vanished. I’ve heard complaints that the Spyders don’t accommodate taller people. At 6’4” and 210lbs it was more than adequate. In my case the beautiful carbon sport seats were mo
  5. At the end of the day, it's just a car. Expensive sure, but just a car. It would be a disservice to not drive it.
  6. And here i thought you were pulling an April Fool's Joke on everyone! Seriously though, I'm pumped for you, this is an amazing car and I can't wait to see what you do with it! Major congrats man!
  7. That's awesome! Love to see the small business hustle! Good find!
  8. What about Reliable? https://reliablecarriers.com/
  9. I'm going to go ahead and make a request to have you take the last picture again, but without the handle in it All joking aside, that looks great! No residue after when using it?
  10. Check with Lamborghini Club America. They could have some really good recommendations on stuff sometimes.
  11. Agreed. I figured special edition (again....) but who knows. Maybe they'll surprise us.
  12. Badass and nice work! I was going to say, you could time it with an oil change, drain the system and then just uninstall it for the process. Are you going to do any paint protection once the touch-ups are completed?
  13. Lamborghini had it's second best year ever, which is incredible considering the climate of things. However the more interesting tidbit is the crumb they dangled at the end of it's press release. Link: https://media.lamborghini.com/english/latest-news/all/automobili-lamborghini--strong-profitability-and-second-best-year-ever-for-turnover-and-sales/s/feb6ace0-d0bb-4694-849e-25ccf620871d "This year, the Huracán STO will be joined by two further new products, based on the iconic V12." Any guess' as to what is going to show up?
  14. He won't be able to touch that with his budget though. Give me a wagon ANY and EVERY DAY!
  15. I'm not a mechanic, but can you detach he oil cooler, leaving the lines connected to proceed? The best I can compare is disconnecting a brake caliper and hanging it with some wire. Perhaps that's an option? Also, what's the end goal here? Replacement of OEM parts due to damage? Cleaning? Thanks for sharing! Always enjoy mechanical content here.
  16. Got some photos of it? Always love to see domestic powerhouse SUV's!
  17. Destructo

    Ali2AE LamboSian1.jpg

    Just out of curiosity, are you going to give credit to LAMBOCARS for the rendering or leave your logo on it without due credit?
  18. I would say it depends on what you're preference is over coupe/roadster. If the "deal" to acquire one is your top-priority, you'll probably be looking at early model coupes. A good article on the evolution and changes of the model. https://www.automobilemag.com/news/lamborghini-aventador-history-generations-specifications/
  19. That sucks and surprises me. What if the parking is considered "secure" or assigned?
  20. I suppose it would depend on the seats. If the SL seats were any lower you could have an issue in the 550. But memory doesn't serve me well. Anyone able to chime in on this one?
  21. The Exhibition Class has a combine 31,050 Horsepower....by 15 cars. That is absolutely mind blowing!
  22. I'd seriously consider going the Benz GLB route. Similar size, good price point new, but you can option yourselves to the moon if you try :lol2:
  23. DriftWorks makes some incredibly cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!
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