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  1. Destructo

    My "new" Car

    TE37's? Yes please!
  2. Where are you located? Some others might have a better idea on recommendations depending on your region. Congrats on the restoration! Are you doing concours style or just refurbished to operate?
  3. Way to close it down! Car looks good.
  4. Destructo

    My "new" Car

    That would be a heck of a project!
  5. I follow their stuff on IG, looks like it would be a BLAST!
  6. Holy hell...how are you Tommy?! Glad to see you're still alive!
  7. Sprite, both look stunning! I have to say your SVJ might just be my favorite spec I've seen. Bravo! Aaron still playing with expensive toys? Did he keep the Bugatti and add a Koenigsegg?
  8. I believe Ken has one (Lingenfelter) as well as another couple in the state. For as rare as they are, there are a few around.
  9. Please tell me you are going full Miami Vice and getting one?!
  10. Such a cool car Cake! Looks incredible and love the little touches!
  11. You raise a great point. The new ownership (and this is painting with broad strokes here) doesn't jive with the old group. And I don't even mean the "old group" of LP, I mean owners. I remember when the Gallardo/Murcie/Aventador owners were looked at in similar fashion, and how the "modern" owners looked at the vintage owners. Really interesting dynamic. I attribute it to the increase of lease/rental "ownership." Nothing against that crowd, but they (again, broad strokes here) seem to be more of the "what's new and hot" crowd, then it's off to McLaren, or whatever they can get their
  12. You're in good company my man.
  13. Destructo

    My "new" Car

    Looking good! Are you planning wheels for it at all?
  14. You're always welcome here Cake. Anytime with or without a Lambo in the stable.
  15. Good to see you back Deekss! Glad you still have the Murcie and congrats on the family! Bummer about the Urus, but the FF would be a great car to enjoy as well!
  16. Well that's one way putting it.
  17. It's an interesting move. Just odd. I knew of the talks to shutter Bugatti, and maybe this was a way to keep it going and backdoor the Rimac tech for Porsche and Hyundai? I'll be curious to see what comes of it.
  18. Yeah, this seems to be a one way ticket to piss off some of the most dedicated customers. But what do I know, I'm not buying either.
  19. Special Edition to celebrate being timeless?
  20. Juuuuuust making sure. Can never be 100% confident these days.
  21. Those lines look great! Nice to see someone taking the reigns on fixing a problem that no doubt many are running into. Do you know what they are going to "retail" for?
  22. Congrats to Lamborghini! A deservedly so appointment by Robb Report. Even our own Bill Emanon thought a lot of this car! Check out his review here. From the Lamborghini Press Room: Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, 22 June 2021 – Culminating after a year’s search for the most extraordinary new products and services, Robb Report, the renowned American luxury lifestyle publication, today revealed the Huracán EVO Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Spyder as the “Best Convertible for 2021.” Recognized in the magazine’s 33rd annual “Best of the Best” issue, Lamborghini’s latest V10-powered open-ai
  23. Going for that East L.A. look on the SVJ would be something!
  24. Yeah, he was asking about this specific car, not the model. I realize i'm probably replying to a bot, but you know. Just doing things.
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