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  1. But it's all the cops fault!
  2. Destructo

    photo shoot

    Yeah, that is sharp, I look forward to seeing the final photos.
  3. File this one under the "Oh no baby...what is you doing?!" in my book.... Give me a the classic Riva Aquarama with the dual 4.0 liter V12 power plants any day over this. Press Release follows the photos here.
  4. That is the new boat they just released....i have pics will upload them shortly.
  5. Historically speaking, it's always been East to West because of the C2C lineage. Many have run the West to East route, but I don't think they count that the same. I think the record will still drop because they are going to shut down the country again until November, so we've got some time to see others run it. Granted, the routes become challenging with construction season, winter in the northern route and increased traffic in the southern. I'm not too terribly up on it, but i don't think there are more than 2-3 routes that can provide as direct a line as possible.
  6. I think you could get it in the 24 hour window 24:55 minutes or something if all the conditions were perfect and had the best luck possible. Under the 24 hour mark would be absolutely insane. This guy got stuck in the fruit check line for 20 minutes at the California border and had one fuel stop. If you could get a mobile refill, even at a slow speed would help tremendously.
  7. Quite interesting the tow strap comes out from the front "hood" area. And it doesn't flap around, but it looks like a fabric strap. Film might be sped up?
  8. In my nightly perusing, I came across a cool site called Silodrome. They seem to have some really cool stuff about, as they call it, "Gasoline Culture". Amongst those articles was a neat little write-up about the Urraco. Some cool insights and look at one of the non-V12 cars. Take a look if you want to read more about the direct competitor to the Ferrari Dino. Article Link Here
  9. Very Sesto 2.0, cool! Thanks for the interior shot!
  10. I came across this article from Hagerty UK on a restoration of the only known Blue Turchese LP400. Article Link Here Article Text Follows:
  11. I shot an email off to PR for clarification, she didn't have any further details to provide, but said details will emerge with the full reveal this spring. So if they don't address it then, we'll follow up. I'm with you though, I would like to hear a bit more science behind the term.
  12. sequential according to the release, but it didn't say any more details on the setup. I'd assume the SC cars run a sequential box and it's just ported over for that purpose. But you never know. I'll reach out to the PR team for clarification.
  13. This is a great read. Petrolicious has a great article on driving the last Diablo produced. It covers the history and technical details, not that there is any new information on it here, but still a good refresher with some incredible images. Link: https://petrolicious.com/articles/thirty-something-special-lamborghinis-diablo-did-the-near-impossible-forge-its-own-identity-in-the-wake-of-a-pair-of-greats?mc_cid=df67b96dff&mc_eid=adbaf9b06a
  14. How bad is bad? I'm not seeing much talk of it anymore, granted I probably am not looking hard enough.
  15. Press Release Follows Media Content. From the press release, it would appear this is going to follow a similar path as the Ferrari FXX program. It doesn't qualify into any competitive series', nor is it street-legal. But customer will be able to drive it at track-events and have instructions and guidance from factory consultants and drivers. There is no announcement of price for the most powerful Lamborghini to date, (830 horsepower). Would be interested to see what tech is gleaned from this and applied to the next generation of the flagship car.
  16. Yeah, that was pretty awesome. I met Anthony at the LCA club dinner in Monterey (before it was called Serata) and he was willing to get involved and grind out some work for the club, he was a great sport about handing out gift bags and just being a good guy.
  17. Nice! "Attention: Fast Machine" ? My Italian isn't good, but they aren't trying to hide it's intent are they?
  18. These fireside chats the LCA have been doing are pretty cool if you like interviews with enthusiasts. This one has a big name in pop culture and the car community! Check it out, it's a bit long, but a good watch!
  19. I have no idea if this is the one he referenced. It seems that now it's mainstream more people are bitching about people running it during the COVID, like there are rules for a illegal race? In my younger days I would have been more than happy to organize a run with a few people I know and trust, but that time has definitely passed for me.
  20. Add this to the 'bonkers list' of accomplishments. One man, a rental car, extra fuel tanks and a solo run from New York to Los Angeles in 25 Hours 55 Minutes. Absolutely insane. Pretty good read on it on R&T, here. There have been a lot of broken records lately with the whole lock-down and lack of traffic. Apparently there is an even shorter time, but hasn't come out yet. I'm not in the know like some people, but I've been a big Cannonball fan and the history of it all. The book by Brock Yates on the original and historical part of it is incredibly fascinating and a great read! Read the book, it's so much better, I can't begin to describe how good it is. I hope that Mr. Ed makes a movie about the history and whole thing, would love to see him make something about it all.
  21. I posted a similar video on the Bugatti, it seems to be a really cool in-depth look behind the scenes perspective. I wish I had time to sit and watch them all, but check out this one on the Huracan EVO.
  22. Each one with it's own purpose and reason, definitely a fun line up, congrats!
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