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  1. This is downtown Sant'Agata There are a lot videos and photos of Lambos parked there ! Eg pan widgetspan widgetspan widget
  2. The exhibits at Turin are awesome, such a great Museum ! White SV is quite something but the SE30 is my dream car, the one I had poster of. It's a stupid car, way too low, way too large, confort is minimalist... I love it ! Also, there is an orange Murci SV at the Lambo Museum, only Diablo on display is a GT. This, to me, is what the museum is lacking : more models, prototypes and concepts. We know they have them, they were once exposed, like the Miura Concept, P132, Estoque...
  3. I didn't take much as there are not much to see really, BUT just the day before this I fulfilled another dream This SE30 #35 is sitting next to the toilets at the Turin Automobile Museum, if the wife didn't go, then I would not have seen it !
  4. ... You know ! I lived most of my life a few jours from this place. Today I finally made the trip, 30 years after falling in love with this brand
  5. I still believe that Rakjoe's posts is what we need to be alive again. That. And Romandad Ghoul Pool. Now, I do think that some of you are right about the mods. Somehow, a lot of us went MIA and even if LP is not about the mods at all, how can a forum this large back then can live without a team behind ? It just can't, and it would be a lot of work and time to make it even half better from what it used to be. Many core members are gone because they either lost their account, forget about the site because of the downtime or were pissed by some members or rules, or lack of. Let spam every members email saying that Rakjoe posted some new pictures !
  6. Get Rakjoe and the NWS section back and we will be partying again. Hi btw
  7. 900 Coupé is the number I heard too. Btw, just before the owner took delivery (Lyon, France)
  8. The old site had a guy with a purple car and Rico. Good riddance!
  9. I don't know if we can call suicide selfish. You must be out of your mind when you commit suicide
  10. Car was registred in Germany. 12/80. Chassis # ZA9DE21A0XLA12333 Pictures and infos https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/MC18/Mon...iablo-gt/652599
  11. Newest Macbook Pro keyboard has an issue, there are many people talking about it, you can check one here https://theoutline.com/post/2402/the-new-ma...amp;zi=7fhfbqay Do everybody a favor and go Xiaomi https://www.gearbest.com/xiaomi-notebook-_gear/
  12. I missed some action there! Congrats! There is a Miura "SV" for sale in London https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C930771 "SV" because I'm quite sure that it's not a genuine SV, more like a P400 upgraded to a SV
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