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  1. I have this system. The quality is great. You can see some pics I tool before install. Price point on this system is great.
  2. shardul

    Aventador issues

    2012 water pump failure idler pulley failure
  3. shardul

    Will a bolt on TT Huracan take a 720s?

    Message Michael Adrian on FB he has a 720s and would be willing to race. It is tuned.
  4. They will not fit. The front edge of the 04-08 is pointed and for the 10 and up it has a flat head shape
  5. I don't sell them so I don't need to start a thread but I do know what they sell for from the wholesaler. I can post what ever I want in this thread since you are not a vendor and are not selling them for commercial gains. I figured I give you a heads up on what you should be paying for them.
  6. shardul

    TX2K18 update thread

    lol that was funny
  7. shardul

    TX2K18 update thread

    What did the chameleon VF Huracan run?
  8. At $1500 you all are still paying too much.... hint hint bargain more
  9. shardul

    TX2K18 update thread

    Hopefully the weather co-operates
  10. shardul

    LOC for Huracan

    There are similar system available for the Huracan PM me.
  11. I guess what is OP is asking is the difference in sound worth 6000 to 12000
  12. I can get you a set of new gloss black exhaust tips
  13. Just a thought. What if you vacuum bag the seat occupancy pad and tuck it under the floor carpet, with that create enough pressure as to not trigger the sensor
  14. shardul


    My car lowered on springs and UPD 11mm wheel spacers