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  1. Does anyone have the links to the live steam feed?
  2. Friday and Sunday would be the 2 good days to go to the track.
  3. Starting this thread to post all updates / times / mph / pics etc etc
  4. I have this system. The quality is great. You can see some pics I tool before install. Price point on this system is great.
  5. 2012 water pump failure idler pulley failure
  6. Message Michael Adrian on FB he has a 720s and would be willing to race. It is tuned.
  7. They will not fit. The front edge of the 04-08 is pointed and for the 10 and up it has a flat head shape
  8. I don't sell them so I don't need to start a thread but I do know what they sell for from the wholesaler. I can post what ever I want in this thread since you are not a vendor and are not selling them for commercial gains. I figured I give you a heads up on what you should be paying for them.
  9. What did the chameleon VF Huracan run?
  10. At $1500 you all are still paying too much.... hint hint bargain more
  11. Hopefully the weather co-operates
  12. There are similar system available for the Huracan PM me.
  13. I guess what is OP is asking is the difference in sound worth 6000 to 12000
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