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  1. JJG

    FS: Murcielago LOC muffler

    Sold. Thanks.
  2. JJG

    FS: Murcielago LOC muffler

    Hi--sent you a PM. Thanks.
  3. JJG

    FS: Murcielago LOC muffler

    Sent you a PM. Thanks.
  4. JJG

    FS: Murcielago LOC muffler

    $500 delivered within CONUS. Pic is to show the muffler that just came off my car--nothing else is the picture is included in the offer. Thanks
  5. Still available and open to offers. Thanks.
  6. $2000 shipped within CONUS.
  7. These are brand new and in the Fabspeed box. I can send you pictures. These came with the LP640 I acquired but will not be needed with new exhaust I am installing. $1,000 delivered within CONUS. Thanks.
  8. My new acquisition has this kit on it right now, but will be removed from the car in about two weeks. Here is link to the product: https://lambor****inghini.com/collec...ive-conversion 2500 shipped within CONUS. Thanks
  9. Thanks all for the feedback. I have received a bunch of emails and PMs and sorry if I didn't yet respond. The car has been sold and has now gone to a great new local home. Of course I bargained for the first shot to buy her back if owner elects to sell, but I don't anticipate that happening anytime soon (if ever).
  10. If I could have both this and the roadster, I would definitely NOT sell it. I know this is blasphemy for some, but I think after 6 plus years, the open top trumps the gear box. I bought if with 30K miles and have taken great care of it and done preventative maintenance. Those that have seen it and driven it are amazed how many miles it has at this point (I am talking the looks and the feel), but that came with a price of course of the years (and for those that mentioned profit taking, I can tell you there is no profit here at all --except that I did get to drive it for 17K miles over that period of time and enjoyed them all).
  11. So I am giving serious consideration to finally parting ways with my 2007 MANUAL LP640 coupe in Monterey blue... I have owned it for over 6 years now and it currently has 47K miles on the clock (bought it with Roy's help with about 30K miles) and have babied it since then. I have someone offering me what I think is fair money and so I am contemplating make the move to a LP640 Roadster (not manual...) Thanks.
  12. JJG

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    Thanks. Done. Wish I did this before it went over a dollar....