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  1. Are you saying I blew up an engine? I am suprised so many people seek my services (including in the Lambo community) if that is the case since I did the original setup/tuning on it. The engine has been absolutely flawless (and is currently to this day) and I dare say I have far greater control and safety measures in place on it than any other Gallardo TT has. You have yet to see us push that engine to the limits. If you think the power it has is pushing a properly built 5.0L V10, then you have a lot to learn (or you have been taught wrong along the way). The NERA engine has never been ap
  2. Looks sweet! Any dyno sound clips of the external w/g dumps? It is rare I hear those that I like but the 560 could change that!
  3. Congrats on finding the Gallardo and it will be in excellent hands with UGR! Are you running the Supra this fall in the mile?
  4. You are a horrible influence! Thanks for sharing your driving experiences with the car Ronnie, sounds like you are having a blast!
  5. They are right, Lambos do attract males. I am loving that one! Sounds like a typical racing dog box style transmission with ECU controlled flat shifting. Perhaps even paddle actuated on the steering wheel, aka EGear on steroids.
  6. Congrats Alex! The color combo and blacked out kit looks SICK!
  7. Congrats on the build and numbers Ronnie! Your car is beautiful! I think it is a bit disrespectful to hound an individual about what they paid for anything, be it a car, watch, clothes, house, etc unless they are someone you know personally (i.e. not on a public forum). I know Kevin is taking his family for a much needed vacation, so he may not even be able to post pricing info for a few days. However I think most the tuners have entry prices posted on their websites, and it would be a safe bet to assume that a bolt on turbo kit would probably fit into "entry" category. Again, I do
  8. First, mods if this is the wrong section let me know and/or move it. It pertains mostly to TT Gallardos at the moment but is available for TT Murci, Diablo, etc (anyone running or wanting a MoTeC ECU system). More and more of the Gallardo guys are going MoTeC for good reasons, and below describes one VERY good reason. MoTeC recently released their knock control for the M400/600/800 series ECUs and they have raised the bar for what is available to those of us outside of a Formula 1 team. The ever infamous UGR Nera has been fitted with this system and more Gallardos are being fitted/tun
  9. Couldn't have made a better ECU choice, IMO. They have been working flawless for the Gallardos. +1 for pictures, I can't wait to see how the body looks when you are all done! Going to be one wild G, congrats man!
  10. Worked perfect Alex, thanks again! I will let you know if I need more stuff.
  11. Great looking car and I love the wheels. Congrats!!
  12. Likes/Dislikes? I haven't driven one yet, was just curious what guys thought of them so far. Though once you go TTG, pretty much everything else sucks..... LOL
  13. Any pics of the ZR-1? Maybe you need the "R" package Murci.....
  14. Not really sure how what order things happen matter, not like UGR is on here bragging about some huge hp stock engine Murci (not that I saw anyway). Sometimes the schedules shops work with are not their own (custom parts development, customer needs, etc). I know the owner was excited to have it in Florida to show, and doing a proper engine build in the time frame available was just not an option. The turbo kit shown was the fully functional finished product which also allowed a bit of stock engine testing in addition to attending the show. Now the engine is being built to suit the goals of the
  15. Looking good Jason, the black piping is a nice touch for this car.
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