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  1. I think I fell under all 4 of your classifications Fortis The MP4 is a fantastic car and at first I was excited about the new upgrade but when given the decision to get the new 650S I decided to stick with the 12C I have, ordered just the way I wanted it.. simply put it is not enough of a transition to justify a change for me... When given the choice of the 458, MP4, Aventador, R8 GT (TT), FGT(TT), 430(TT) have to admit the MP4 doesn't get picked a lot... getting some upgrades down to it now though so maybe that will change
  2. have had almost the exact thing happen to me... i just carried on and cancelled my future orders with that dealer... it sucks for sure. If you have the email back up and a good lawyer would love to see it work out for you.
  3. i need one of these in my superleggera... UGR has been trying for a while now to figure it out but can't seem to bypass the security system... the key always gets in the way of my leg and im not concerned with disabling the security system so let me know if you guys get this figured out i will buy a set up...
  4. thanks guys! good to be back! have some cool stuff coming this year with the release of a long awaited GT1 and GT3 street series FGT production cars, some upgrades and new things happening with the UGR 08 Superleggera which should be interesting... and a couple new cars and builds in the works... first time a dealer has ever done this but Tom ordered a customized model of my aventoador optioned out exactly like my build right down to the carbon options, wheels and calipers and interior cool touch!
  5. been a long time since i have posted with everything being so busy but thought i would post a quick shot of my new 2014 Aventador delivered the other night from Lamborghini Las Vegas... ordered it in Rosso Mars with a custom two tone alcantara red and black interior. Tom took care of everything and the car came in perfect! Love the new carbon options, interior config and the options available for the 14 model.. going to hang on to this one and see what we can do to make it a bit faster Figured it was suiting since it came in Christmas Colors Will get some better pics ov
  6. they are like savings bonds that are fun to drive and are increasing in value quickly haha Allan always made fun of me but my lambos are going down down down and these are not
  7. i think a new record was set for a Heritage that sold for 417K a couple of weeks ago... and there are a lot of other high $$ ones out there as the availability of the cars has become more scarce... 200k seems to be the going price now especially with sub 1000 mileage cars going in the 220-230k most of the time. i sold a red/white bone stock 4 option car with 1500 miles on it for 190K a month ago to a friend of mine and he could easily flip it for a bunch more if you find a car for MSRP and it has no stories buy it or let me know
  8. i'm sorry but that is an epic post with the airborne FGT
  9. went there with big expectations and put a ton of prep into the car to lay down a huge number just wasnt the right set up for todays race... the event location was incredible and got to spend some time with some aviation buddies as well so it was all good! car looked great, sounded good and thanks to Mullet for pointing it down the track congrats Cody on nailing it with your setup! my car coming home for the first time ever and going to enjoy it for a little while before we see what steps to take next.
  10. thanks for all the comments and support guys... really is pathetic and the main lesson here is to take note of the little things that we take for granted... to be honest i rarely ever line up the transports for any of my cars leaving that up to the tuner or broker i am buying the car from... they take care of business and normally it is just fine... to see how a company (companies) have handled this, followed by the email is truly adding insult to injury... i think it would be good for the forum to start a blacklisted beware list of transporters and vendors to stay away from. i kno
  11. This is the notice that went to the owners with sensitive names taken out due to legal action which has been filed... pretty pathetic... I have received some phone calls inquiring about my previous broadcast e mail I sent you earlier this week. I apologize if I was not clear as to its purpose but l will try to explain its ramifications more fully… 1. We have completed inspections of the six damaged cars as of last weekend. I expect that we will be able to circulate the appraisal we did to each individual owner later this week. When you get those documents, please take a look at
  12. I own one of the two TT LP640s that SP did... alex did his personal car and i did mine. fantastic car and runs like oem until you turn the power up... the tranny and diff cannot handle it... car has been at SP for the last couple of years going through development and a big power build after the bolt on kit ingested a turbo and blew the motor. (no fault but the turbo failed which was brand new and SP made all of it right even though Alex could have passed it off which is why they are one of the best in the business) when the motor blew it was an easy excuse to do a big power bu
  13. http://jalopnik.com/this-600-000-porsche-f...dium=socialflow FYI - It was my GTR on the truck... once car was a couple of days late we finally got a call from the transport company stating that there was a fire and that the car might have some smoke damage... when i finally found the car and flew and saw it, it was quite a bit worse... deja vu... PM me for the names of the trucking companies, which funneled through one broker, to another broker, to the final transport which did not have enough insurance to cover the load.... not good...
  14. Not sure of many other cars that can boast an list like this of official plus 200MPH runs... Pretty awesome that this limited run car is being raced the way it is. MarkH: 267.6 mph - Texas Mile Record Holder - Hennessey TT, Accufab built 5.4 PeakCompletions: 266.9 mph - Exotics Rally Mile, FL - Heffner TT, Accufab built 5.4, ~2000 rwhp Apollo: 238.6 mph - Mojave extended run - Heffner TT/Cooltech Aloha GT: 236.7 Mojave extended run - Heffner TT/Cooltech Hennessey Performance: 235.4 mph - extended run - Hennessey TT (no SC) Skyrex: 235.3 mph - Mojave extended run-1.5 mi
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