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  1. TCT

    High resolution logo

    The font is called "La Macchina" You can download the font from many places depending on what software you are using. Good luck with your project.
  2. TCT

    Peformante Down

    Link to video where you can see the gas spraying. https://www.facebook.com/parkergelberrko/vi...35146889828868/ I am sure the insurance company will be investigating the gas station and the hose manufacture on this claim. That break-away hose should not have released fuel like it did. Did the gas station not have a fire suppression system? If no, why not? If yes, why didn't it go off? Glad nobody got burned.
  3. TCT

    2021 Dodge Viper

    Road and Track article reports another story... "Sergio Marchionne: New Dodge Viper "Not In the Plan"" https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/futur...not-in-the-plan
  4. https://www.yahoo.com/news/2021-dodge-viper...-155800743.html Beautiful design. Hope it performs well for those who enjoy the Viper brand.
  5. It's worth going and plan on spending a day there. I would also recommend going to Carillon Park where they have the original 1905 Wright Flyer III on display. (The Wright brothers were from Dayton) And Howthorn Hill where one of the Write brothers lived for many years) So much significant American history in Dayton worth exploring.
  6. For those into aviation history... Memphis Belle? Exhibit May 2018 I grew up going to this museum and still go at least once a year. I highly recommend going. So many historic planes on display. This amazing plane is done and now available for viewing.
  7. Small business owners or self employed should also consider using a PEO. It helps in many areas of human resource management including gaining access to quality healthcare plans with lower premiums. https://www.napeo.org/what-is-a-peo/selecti...o/why-use-a-peo
  8. TCT

    Home security

    Thoughts on safes... Most decent lower priced "safes" are not true safes yet will protect against most "smash and grab" type of crooks. That is what most people will face with a break in. If you are wealthy enough to be a target of a "professional" then all bets are off. Nothing short of real safe will slow them down. In most cases they will point a gun to your head and just ask for the combination. Then shoot you after it's open. I would also have multiple safes. A hidden safe (like a floor safe) where your irreplaceable "ass watches" are kept and one for everything else. This is usually a safe that is visible. If you are a victim of a home invasion or robbery when you are not home, they make only take whats in the safe you give them access too / they find. Buy something that is high quality, cannot be moved, cannot be opened by the typical thief and has excellent fire protection. Lastly, most consumer safes are junk. They spend more money on marketing than the quality of their product. I recommend looking at the RF Series and other high end products from companies like this... http://www.amsecusa.com/ Prevention is also important. Security camera's, alarms, dogs, etc will keep most "smash and grab" crooks away. They want the easiest target on the street. A pro will work around all those things.
  9. TCT

    Home security

    Birthright ass watches are serious business.
  10. Hoping everyone stays safe and their sleds perform as well as they anticipate. Good luck to all who are racing.
  11. TCT


    It needs a lot more Horsepower.
  12. Test run with the Ford GT Forums new 2017 Ford GT. The car is incredible and performed flawlessly. We will be back out soon to get some actual times. We wanted to test the different aero modes, launch control, etc. before we recording 1/4 times. We will soon show the titanium exhaust system we have developed for this new platform. Also look for additional testing and development of other performance enhancing products for the 2017+ FGT. This one "no time" run was in the 10's for those who want to know a general idea of how fast the car went.
  13. Yep. A 6 second blast would be fun. It's just great to see Lee back out enjoying his 1/4 mile toy.
  14. It's back! Lee Saunders @v10pwr out having fun in his Heffner Performance Twin Turbo Viper GTS for the first time in three years. The car ran its best 60' and 1/8th while on low boost. Video here... https://www.facebook.com/Heffner.Performanc...38582922837869/ More to come soon.
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