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  1. You could add that there were a lot fewer exotics around back in the good ol' days, so it added to the mystique/special feeling of seeing one in the flesh. Seeing a lion would seem mundane if they roamed around everywhere.
  2. Had the same experiences in Dubai (Vegas without the fun) Calling the locals ninjas, garbage bags, mailbox slit etc. is pretty crass, don't you think? Perhaps you had a really bad time/interaction.
  3. Stunning car / colour. Technical specs aside, the S and 50th design were the most appealing to me. I prefer the muted styling over the SV & SVJ
  4. This is some Alex Jones level of conspiracy theory :s
  5. I think he mentioned later in the episode that $10M was considered the "market value" - the order cost was around "$3M-$4M".
  6. $15B market cap with $100M revenue. It was a matter of time. Way late to the party at this point. More value in the downstream distribution vs. Licensed producers.
  7. Agree with the rematch. Conor didn't have any answer to Khabib.. nothing. I can't recall a single instance in the fight where he looked dangerous. Why am I not surprised that Conor's illegal knees to the head when on the ground, grabbing gloves, shorts, toes on the Octagon were not called out... ref (Herb Dean) just looked the other way. I guess UFC wants to protect their golden boy. I'm super happy for Khabib as the cards were certainly stacked against him. Love how at the ending bell of the 3rd round McGregor can be heard saying "It's only business" to Khabib in the clinch while Khabib taunts back with "Let's talk now" and calling out "Dana".
  8. IMO Khabib has never faced an opponent and skilled striker near the level of McGregor. Although he did throw Barboza around like ragdoll I'd be more confident in McGregor if he had a warm up fight to shake off the ring dust. That said, I still think McGregor will do it. Either way, it's going to be an exciting one. Hope Kalahabeeeb can make weight!
  9. I think everyone here is being plenty respectful... Ace would have taken a lot more heat on other boards / Instagram. With all due respect if you want to play pretend lambo owner do it on your own time. LamboCARS is giving his time and efforts away for free and hasn't asked for anything in return (as far as I know). Real heroes don't ware capes (or masquerade around above their financial weight class for that matter).
  10. Not sure why all the hate for Shmee? He's genuinely passionate about the cars and has gotten himself to a place where he can afford his own and sharing that with his fanbase.
  11. Are you really surprised though? People will do a lot worse for money (attention = likes = sweet sweet advertising $) Makes me cringe .. but this is the new norm (for now). No worse than this fcuking clown:
  12. Elvis, Beatles, Madonna, MTV, Myspace, Facebook, Snapchat/Instagram/Tinder.... ???
  13. People were saying that 10-15 years ago when Youtube was becoming a thing. This "crumbled" new society It's the new norm, unfortunately.
  14. +1 From the narrator in the video he was doing runs all day and taking passengers (charity perhaps?) and almost hit the barrier on the previous run. Feel bad for the guy... plastered all over social media. People make mistakes...
  15. +1 for Shopify as being the easiest one stop shop.
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