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  1. I just went to the Auto Show in Shanghai. The yellow is... yellow. Maybe slightly more yellow then a typical yellow, but nothing to write home about as far as color goes. If you told me that it was the same yellow as all recent lamborghinis, I wouldn't argue. Guess you'd have to own or look at yellow lamborghinis pretty often to know the difference. It was pretty saturated based on the lights in there, not sure how it would look under sunlight. The front bumper difference is not as noticeable as it looks in the pictures. It's obvious, but not as pronounced for whatever reason. Depends on the angle you look at it I guess. Didn't like the rear end. IMO the white roadster in regular LP700 trim was much better looking. As for the Gallardo, it just looked like like any other white. They talked it up as a shimmering white or some nonsense like that, but again there was nothing standout about the paint. Had old SL wheels on it and a SL wing. Just a way for them to sell old parts I guess.
  2. DickSimmons

    Windows 8

    I am interested to try it, but I'll wait till their are good drivers for it. Just bought a Zenbook Prime, so the drivers should be ready for launch being that the laptop is still on the market. I don't think the style is that bad and I just plan to use it in desktop mode. Flaccid, is it really any different in use than Windows 7 in desktop mode? Everyone complains about tablet interface not being good with a laptop, but I don't see why it's relevant since you can just use the desktop mode like before. Based on what I've seen, I don't really see any major difference between using the desktop in 8 vs 7.
  3. Cool. That matte blue is pretty awesome looking.
  4. Super cool car. An AM is a car that I will never buy, but will always want to. Looks brand new. Is it?
  5. Have you ever driven a really fast/quick car that was silent? I personally think the experience of high speed/acceleration with a very quiet car is pretty awesome. There is something very cool about being able to feel the speed and not hear it, so to say. I like just the noise of the wind and the road.. Might not be better that a good sounding exhaust, but I don't think it's necessarily any worse. Just different. Not that it exists yet, but I would love to feel Aventador acceleration without exhaust noise. That said, I almost never drag race and so this test isn't anything special to me. The fun part for me is the change in speed and direction, not launching. I'd say 99% of my driving is already above 30mph.
  6. Depends what the 20% and 80% is. 100 main components vs 400 trim pieces? I really don't know, but my guess is a large portion of that $180K goes towards badge.
  7. Why can't landlords create contracts that waive tenant rights? I feel like people can waive all sorts of rights, so why not their tenant ones? Also, anyway you could structure a rental like a vacation rental/hotel? I feel like the Ritz will throw your ass out on day 1 if you don't pay the bill.
  8. Some of these were turned back to normal LP640's if I'm not mistaken, thus apparently not many saw it as worth the premium. If it wasn't worth a premium then, it still isn't now. And like I said, it costs money to sit on an exotic. Everyone on here agrees that none of the 'special edition' Gallardos are worth any more than a Gallardo, so why is this any different? However, while I would say a China edition Gallardo is worth the same as a regular Gallardo, I don't think that is true here because of the associated brand. It's tacky. I think that having Versace logos all over the car is similar to having a weird color --selling at a discount. Oh, I also don't think Versace is as good of a brand as it used to be, at least as a name. That's just my opinion though.
  9. Does $180K matter that much? Um, yes. If the underlying car is a 7 series, what the hell is the other $180K going towards?
  10. That car looks like a Mustang. Bleh.
  11. You could just give us the jist of the situation without naming anyone. That way you could hear opinions on whether or not it is a big deal, you could put a shot across the bow of said person in private, and also provide us with some entertainment.
  12. I think it's worth less than a normal one because the market for it is vastly smaller. I for one wouldn't be caught dead in that car unless it's at a steep discount. This is a case where I don't think being a niche product helps the value. Chances are it will be harder to sell, thus you may have to hold onto it longer and/or sell cheap to move it in a reasonable amount of time. And with time of course obviously comes depreciation.
  13. Was actually just looking at these on eBay and was wondering what was going on aftermarket-wise. Any updates? TQ curve in that original image looking any better these days?
  14. Not bad. I'm still a huge fan of those gold/bronze wheels you had on the red 458 a while back.
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