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  1. Jpegs13

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I expected better from you...
  2. Jpegs13

    Girl new to the world of Lambo

    Finally..... thank you
  3. Jpegs13

    Girl new to the world of Lambo

    Hey there! I heard rumor of a fun thread ( that's been missing for a looooong time) so I decided to make a rare appearance. Hope all is well with you and hubby
  4. Jpegs13

    Girl new to the world of Lambo

    Where's a facepalm when you need one.......
  5. Jpegs13


    Don't move it ( if the mods will let you keep it here) more exposure in General
  6. Jpegs13

    After-market wheels

    Ditto and ditto. GFG is shit
  7. Shoes, carpet, table legs just about anything they can get their mouth on....... j/k Blue Buffalo
  8. Jpegs13

    My Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

    Dino, congrats on this one and congrats on the future car. Enjoy in good health
  9. Jpegs13

    Free with your L-Power Membership

    Don't hate, Fieros need love too
  10. This sums it all up.....
  11. And this happened.......
  12. Jpegs13

    Istanbul Airport

    Oh for fucks sake.....
  13. Jpegs13

    Professional Garage Flooring in South Florida

    Mike, I think I found a guy that can help you out...... Sorry, I had to