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  1. Haven't been on in forever, glad to see the site back.
  2. How can you view it as a tech company? If you lie to yourself? What tech are they inventing? Are they going to license their technology to other auto manufacturers? Selling advertising on the charging pumps? I just don't see it.
  3. I understand Amazon's valuation... especially because of AWS. I do not understand Tesla's -- I realize people are "hoping" for something in the future... but that is a huge market cap for a small car company that has never turned a profit and who has never proven the ability to even deliver on unit volume. I hope the best for them but I just don't get it.
  4. I cashed out most of my ethereum at $23 -- didn't expect it to get to $53 and now I'm waiting for a dip. I made good money, I mined most of the coins I had (500 or so)
  5. That track is sticky. He'd probably be better off using some tires that are going to get some very minimal wheelspin... he's bogging pretty bad.
  6. It is worth noting that the reason why you see 91 vs 93 in various areas of the country is mainly due to altitude. 91 octane at altitude is equivalent to 93 octane at sea level. You will make the most power when you run just enough octane to keep away detonation. Obviously on these cars they can turn up the boost and timing to take advantage of whatever octane you throw at it... but if they tuned the car on 93 at sea level and you took it to 5000 ft. and ran it, 91 octane and the same exact settings would work just fine. The air is less dense and it shouldn't detonate.
  7. Car looks fast, nice run! That Viper looks gorgeous too.
  8. I'm planning on getting one as well.
  9. Good luck, I gave you a thumbs up!
  10. I think it is in the nature of young people to want to ignore the wisdom of elders. Perfect example: I was raised by my mother, whom I loved very much. I didn't necessarily trust her to always give me good advice though. After all, she had ulterior motives... (ie, protecting her baby, etc, etc.) -- so when she gave me advice I always took it with skepticism and sometimes just flat out didn't believe her. My father was the same way, but he usually threw in a story to go with the advice which made it more palatable... but I was still skeptical. Fast forward, I'm 37 years old and I can't think of one piece of advice or wisdom that either parent ever gave me that has not turned out to be true. It's okay to be contrarian... or skeptical. But not at the cost of ignoring advice, experience, wisdom, etc. The saying: Cutting off your nose to spite your face comes to mind. Anyway, back to the arguments
  11. Overall I think the McLaren is a better car. It's a smoother ride, the suspension and handling are much better and I feel it is faster from a roll. I never launched the Huracan from a stop. Fit and finish are probably on par... although the cabin is much quieter (both road noise and engine noise) on the McLaren. The stereo in the Huracan is phenomenal... gauge cluster, stereo etc.. wins hands down. I don't think you can go wrong with either car, it just comes down to personal preference. The visibility on the 650S Spyder is pretty horrible, even worse than the Huracan. That would probably be my biggest pet peeve with it... Here are a couple pictures from the day I did the swap.
  12. It almost looks like he braked at the end to be honest.
  13. When I brought this up on my Facebook I eventually made this (long) post... When I was a kid growing up my American Dream was to work hard and be successful at whatever I did. I hoped that this success would bring me not only happiness but financial gain. The thought never crossed my mind that me simply wanting to do well and earn money would some day be vilified. As if somehow hard work and luck that paid off should be an albatross that I wear around my neck in shame. There is a movement sweeping across America and a good portion of it is coming from the younger generations. I completely understand where they are coming from. Growing up in this day and age can't be easy... hell, when I was growing up I lamented at how well the generation before me had it. I think it is natural to do this. But my solution was never to try and "take" something that I hadn't earned to make things even and fair. You can never do good as a society when this is your ideal solution. I buckled down and worked harder... I wanted to prove that I could do it. Every job I did I gave it 100%... I never thought a job was beneath me. I mowed lawns. I chopped wood. If you ask my Father he will tell you that no one could clean a bathroom as well as I did. Most of the jobs I did paid less than minimum wage. I was excited when I got my first job paying minimum wage (Thanks to Kristine G) -- did I ever think to myself: Screw these guys paying me less than minimum wage... there must be some conspiracy! They are taking advantage of me! I deserve more! No. I understood the law of supply and demand. The jobs I did paid the amounts they did because that was what they were worth. If I hadn't done them at that price, someone else would have. So... what can I do to correct this situation I thought? Well, that is easy. You work harder than the other person and prove that you are worth more. You don't get it before you even start, you show that you deserve it. You get promoted and work your way up the system. That's how the immigrants who moved to the United States with nothing did it... when they started sweeping as Janitors for the company that one day they would eventually own. The only reason I mention any of this is because I see our country going in a very dangerous direction. A direction where people who create are seen as the guilty ones. Where having something someone else doesn't have means you are morally corrupt. Where if you don't voluntarily share everything you have with someone who might be more needy makes you heartless. I'm all for helping people out, but at the end of the day it is up to that person to either succeed or fail. Life will never be fair. You can lament this point until the day you die or you can accept it and move past it. Nothing we as a society can do, nothing the government can do will ever change this. Trying to make everything in life fair is like trying to escape from quicksand... the harder you try the deeper you'll become buried in the trap. The only thing we can try to make fair is the processes by which society is governed and the laws are enforced. This doesn't make life fair... it just means that the path you go through should be as close to fair as possible. It also means that you should never have something you've worked hard for taken from you if you've done it legally and in a morally responsible way. Bernie Sanders called out a lot of CEO's and companies recently... and some with good reason. I was never for bailing out the banks, but I know why it was done. I wish it hadn't. But I can admit that it bought us a bit of breathing time to try and correct the financial collapse that is sure to come unless we do something about it. We need to get back to the point where we are excited for American companies to grow and do well throughout the world. We used to lead the world in nearly every single financial and industrial category. That is no longer the case. I think the response by the GE CEO was an excellent one (you can read it here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/ge-...1a3_story.html) TLDR: Let's stop thinking like crabs in a barrel. We are trying to drag everyone down to our level... instead, lets work together and celebrate our victories as a country. Just because a CEO gets paid more than me doesn't make him a thief... wealth and creation should be celebrated. If they are breaking the law, prosecute. If they are behaving in a morally unethical way and there is no law against it... let us as a people create that law legally and enforce it -- not out of spite or jealousy -- but because we know it to be right and just.
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