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  1. Yes I have a handful of AR framed SBR's including a DD MK18. Here is my last Suppressed SBR I got for certain work assignments. My criteria was...Takes Glock 17/19 Mags, Suppressed, SBR, Configurable to how I need it, also very reliable...Ill post a pic. Also haven't been in this thread in a bit, don't see Charlie either (who also has a ton of Suppressed/SBR and other platforms). I changed stuff on it already, so it configured differently then in the pic.
  2. Yeah my buddy owns Royalty Exotics. The Verde Avy he has gets abused a lot from renters, She still keeps running though. Congrats on the SVJ. And like porter mentioned, Cali Duster is not good for the paint. And I believe Tom is no longer with the dealership. Just what I heard. My other buddy has a bight blue (can't remember the actual name) Avy S Roadster he takes to the car event at Tivoli Village. It has orange interior.
  3. Here is one pic of her in one of the garages.
  4. I have a variety of toys. But Lambo based, I have a Nero Nemesis Avy with a full exhaust and lowered on Novitec Springs. Soon to have upgraded Audio as well.
  5. Lusso is right in Henderson. Off American Pacific and Stephanie. Right down the road from Henderson DMV. I also live in Henderson on the hill.
  6. There are a few places in town. My buddy owns Lusso Auto Design. Are you getting a Avy wrapped? Also what side of town are you on?
  7. Voted brother!! Been meaning to shoot you a text. When I get back home Ill hit ya up . Stay Safe or Be Dangerous!
  8. My buddy at Royalty Exotics has bikes to rent.
  9. Thats my real close buddies rental place. That 720 you rented is one of the newer cars. Thats Red H was his first rental he bought under Royalty. It has over 100K miles and still runs amazing.
  10. Some good options already been posted. You can also take them shooting at one of the Ranges in town. If Im not away for work, I can take y'all shooting in the desert at one of the places we train at. Keep in mind it will be hot when your here. Also if Im here and you do the RZR off road rental, Ill roll out with my Can Am and kick some dirt around with ya. There is also VORE where you can race around in mini prerunner trucks. You can go to the lake and cruise around on Jet Skis or a boat. Take a quick drive out of town and check out the historic Pioneer Saloon. Pretty cool place to grab a drink and grub. There is Top Golf that the fam might have some fun doing. Plus you can do that at night so its a little cooler. We have a ton of great places to eat in Vegas. For amazing service and the old school feel, I really like Michaels in the Southpoint Casino. I never knew about that place until a friend told me about it and I could not believe a place like that was hidden in the South point. But for a more up to date feel and "in" places to go, just pick any of the great ones we have. There indoor cart racing not too far from the strip around the Palms Casino. Which Palms just finished there renovations. Heard they did a great job. Just prepare yourself for the dry heat. I hate out summers. We try to leave a lot during the summertime. haha.
  11. Brother!! I see you made a thread on your search. Ill share a little more of my humble opinion. GTR is boring. Like you know I have had one which was initially built by SPE as a complete FBO E85, no corners cut. Then I went full big build back when there were just a handful of 1300awhp GTR floating around. Mine put down 1418awhp...Its fast for sure but in no way exciting. I know you want something that will get you excited to drive and give you the same fix as if you were running opps with the teams (well close to that feeling haha). GTR just doesnt do it...The reason you fit in some and other you dont is, black and track editions have different seat. They are uncomfortable for stockier guys. And that controller you are talking about should not be ran all the time to keep it in rear wheel drive. It was mainly released for the burn out box at the drags. So only used for a few seconds. Demon looks like will need to be sold at MSRP, that is what I heard dodge is making there dealers do. Its the best bang for your buck for power and 1/4 mile. Hellcat could be really fun with a few mods...Pulleys, Flex Fuel, Exhaust, and Tune... I know you said you want 2 door, but I just finished a build on my wifes CLS63. Puts down high 800s to the wheels. It will get sideways with out and problems. Quick, loud, and comfy. Resto-mod and Pro Touring hot roads are amazing. I love love love my 56 Chevy. I will never sell that thing. So the old school Camaro option is a solid one. But they are up in price for a well built one. Other then what you listed I cant think of anything else to mention. Shoot me a text anything brother! -Will
  12. Congrats and looks pretty good. Im really curious on the stretch and comfort, more so in terms with guys that have some legs on them. Ill scoop up a couple and test them out. For myself and few of my guys that have thicker legs, is in-vehicle comfort and heavy movement. Ill shoot you a email soon bud. Willis
  13. ^^^Oh man that was FUNNY!! Loved the rules part!. Someone took some time to write all that.. And regarding the subject though. My daughters aren't teenagers yet. But They are raised with very high standards set by seeing how I hold myself and how I treat there mother (my wife). Im old school (even though Im in my mid 30s), so they know a proper man should open doors for them and be respectful. As well as other things that gentleman used to do. At the same time they are not needing of that, they just respect that chivalry....But if all else fails, yes I do have firearms, many of them. And I could say Im decently trained in combat, interrogation, and a few other things in that area. hahaha!! So when a boys ask what your Dad does for work. They says he protects people with his guns, and shoots the bad guys. :-) I never told them to say that, but you could only imagine the first time the teachers asked my older one that question.. But most of these memes are just for laughs and good fun...
  14. fcuk brother, so sorry to hear. I for see myself down this same road in a year or two if Im lucky to get that. Is there anything I can do to help ya!? Im planning on taking off for September and may be October. So if you need any help at all dont hesitate to ask!! Even if its just a ride to and from the hospital, I got ya! I know you have a few big classes coming up as well for ATACSOL, I dont know your guys training layout. But if you need another hand let me know. -Willis
  15. Will definitely keep you posted on when Ill be out there! And a huge plus to come and get some training in with different teams, and Ill bring the cigars, haha. I appreciate the invite! OGA is always a interesting group of people. You never know what you'll get :-) When it gets a little closer Ill shoot you a pm brother. And we have always transport our weapons in hard cases as well. After posting that question I couldn't find standing lockable long gun racks that would suit my needs either. I will fab up some cage racks (side of the cargo areas) to keep the gear and equipment organized. If I come across anything that might work Ill let ya know.
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