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  1. marlonbvm

    Murcie stock what??

    So for the layman here, what do you do if a rear tire blows? I can't seem to find ANY tires available right now for the stock rim size rear: 335/30/18
  2. marlonbvm

    Killed my 04 Gated, Help me buy an LP640

    I know the guys at Lambo Dallas really well. It's a good shop. I have a 2008 LP640. Honestly, I love that car. I was in a similar position than you when I looked for a car. Didn't know exactly what year, egear or manual etc. The manuals are demanding so much more $, which to be honest is totally not worth it to me. I love the e gear system. I love the rev-matching, and I love the way the car drives, shifts, and handles. I have had my car for 1 year now, and I have not a single bad thing to report. It's an 08, and absolutely amazing, and hands down the craziest car I have ever owned, and prob will for a while. Price/value wise I'd go with a Murci and day over an Aventador. Everything that makes the Murci a raw over the top car has been tamed down on the Aventador. Plus they'll depreciate another 100-200k, while the Murci will probably stay where it's at or go up in Price.
  3. marlonbvm

    Do you need new door struts? Yes you do!

    Excellent post as usual stimpy! Thank you very much and if you're ever in Dallas, please let me know, we're running the Lambo Club Dallas up here
  4. That is awesome stimpy! I wound def be interested. And I'm sure a lot of others as well. I really think it is just missing a center emblem that's it. I'm very happy with the wheel otherwise lol.
  5. And any way to just add that emblem without removing the wheel?
  6. Nice!! That looks amazing Stimpy. How did you get the emblem in the middle of the wheel? I really like that.
  7. marlonbvm

    PSA: Adjusting your side mirrors

    I hear you and will take the time to read through your links tomorrow. However, I have found those silly fish eye spot mirrors incredibly helpful. And if it increases safety, which it does for me, I strongly suggest it. The Murcis are known to have a large blind spot, but part of that might have to do with the mirror not being set properly. Either way, visibility in the car is worse than any other super car I have ever owned. Or any other car for that matter, so I'll gladly accept the help of those inexpensive add ons.
  8. marlonbvm

    A Few Pics!

    Awesome pics!! I think I'm gonna go into the garage right now to look at my Murci lol
  9. marlonbvm

    PSA: Adjusting your side mirrors

    Not gonna lie, one of my best investments for the MUrcielago were the eight dollar blind spot mirrors from AutoZone. They have saved my ass numerous times now. And I rely heavily on them while driving the car now. The blind spot is just so huge on the Murci, I think it's a worthy investment. And they look factory actually. Ha.
  10. marlonbvm

    Engine Bay LED lights?!

    Please post pictures if you do !!
  11. marlonbvm

    Engine Bay LED lights?!

    Thanks guys!! Appreciate the kind words. These are the LED lights I'm using. It's a cool white, almost s blueish tint to it. The remote works like a charm. Don't know how I never thought of that. Brilliant!! Took probably 2-3 hours with soldering, hiding all the cables, and uninstalling the side panels etc.
  12. marlonbvm

    Engine Bay LED lights?!

    This is the outcome. I think it looks great!!
  13. marlonbvm

    Engine Bay LED lights?!

    Thanks, that's def a good point. Yes fuse a must, I'll make sure I'm going to use the proper fuse size once i know exact numbers of LEDs. That kit has 15 amps tops. So according to google that translates to 180W? These are the lights I bought: which are 72W for 5 meter. So that should be plenty if I'm understanding this properly. This is the remote on off switch: Sorry, I'm clearly no electrical engineer.. you guys are all super helpful !
  14. marlonbvm

    Engine Bay LED lights?!

    This is the port in the engine bay. Bot positive I think....? The negative I could just hook up to the bolt that holds down the engine lid mechanism? see pics attached.