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  1. Thanks for the information. It's an e-gear with carbon ceramic brakes. If anyone is interested here, let me know. I thought about consignment in that I don't want to deal with the headaches of selling an exotic myself but I haven't found an easy solution yet so it's still in my garage!!
  2. I'm looking to sell my 2008 black/black LP640 and wanted to get advice as to what is the best site to list it for sale. I would prefer to sell directly to the ultimate buyer as I expect I would get the most out of that sale. Any thoughts or experience using different sites/vendors? I think the market is around $200k as mileage is 9.5k and it has no issues, any views on valuation?
  3. Just out of curiosity I was wondering what the story on this one is, any one know? https://www.copart.com/lot/34172389
  4. I'm on the Tesla forums as I had Model S and it seems that half of them have the ceramic coating and love it. I have not done it myself but thought I would give you a data point.
  5. jamesb

    Angel Investors

    Have you tried your local Angel Network? I belong to the Houston Angel Network and we review several opportunities each month. Google around to find your local network and connect with them directly. Most networks will review opportunities globally but for the entrepreneur, it's usually best to start close to home as many investors like to invest locally and it saves on travel. Regards, James
  6. My invite is for Feb. 10th in Miami or Feb 2-4 in LA or NYC Feb 24-26.
  7. Just got the invite for this in Miami, anybody have any insight into it?
  8. Allan-Herbie, thanks for the great write up!
  9. A friend sent me this, I didn't realize there was Lamborghini wine. http://www.lamborghinibrochure.com/
  10. It looks like it's for sale again and someone has been enjoying for these last two years considering the additional mileage: http://www.lamborghinihouston.com/used-Hou...9DE21A0XLA12407
  11. The lot and house I just bought are four houses down the street from my home. The local codes will not allow me to build a standalone garage so either I need to build a new house and garage on the lot or combine it with the house I just bought next to the lot and build an additional garage there for my use. An additional garage would be best but probably not the most financially prudent idea.
  12. Thanks for all the input. A lot to think about, no pun intended. It's a non-starter for me to move to a different property, we live on a lake and the family likes the neighbors, etc. Because we are on the lake the lots are too close together to build on to my existing home. Since I want something super close, a hanger or warehouse is ruled out as well. I need to investigate more but I think it's coming down to either I just use the lot to build a proper garage (I bought the house next door as well as a package deal just in case I could only build a garage if it was "attached" to a home). The other option is to build a normal house on the lot with a large garage, rent out the house and keep the garage for myself. First world problems as they say...
  13. My problem with the hanger/warehouse is it's too far away. I like the idea of having all my stuff close by. Your point of the walls is why I was asking the question. Any designs that would maximize the space but still be useful later on? I was thinking there may be some permit issues but haven't progressed the idea enough to investigate. I was thinking I could finish the outside walls and have the plumbing capped off but ready for finishing?
  14. I have a garage problem, it's too small. I live in a normal subdivision that would not allow a big shop/garage to be built. I just bought an empty lot a couple of houses down from me and I'm thinking about building a house there to use as a garage. Build the shell where it looks "normal" from the street but leave it unfinished inside so as to have lots of parking space. If/when I get tired of the space, I could finish the inside and sell it/rent it as a normal house. I was thinking about what would be the best traditional house design where I could optimize my go forward plan. My initial plan is to build a two story (1st floor would be ~2k sq ft) and not finish the inside except for a bathroom. Any ideas?
  15. I didn't see the buy it now price.... still waking up.
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