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  1. BBoyJmE

    What in the actual fcuk?

    I'd love to drive a Countach, I have driven the 91 diablo , 96 Diablo SV , 96 Diablo Roadster, 2016 Aventador SV Roadster. The 91 Diablo apparently drives close to a Countach, bit better, and that was hard Diablo SV is my absolute favorite! Drove it for hours, it is just right! Aventador SV, hmm... Amazing car, but I can't live with paddleshifters, i'll need a stick V12 to change things up. As for the Countach in Question, As previously mentioned, is is ALL a replica fiber body with many many many wrong parts. the 50% that is original is the Engine and gearbox and a few bits here and there. I'd rather save the money and buy the real deal.
  2. BBoyJmE

    New 6.0 youtube review

    Saw this earlier, PRetty funny and a sexy color! I do love the 6.0! But I think I will want a Diablo SV and a 6.0 if I have the money. The 6.0 cockpit sounded like it is very insulated from the engine. When I was driving Andecorps Diablo SV, Albeit he has a Quicksilver exhaust system, I was able to hear it in all it's glory even when Idle. That 6.0 sounded a little more muffled even in the exterior shots. Andecorp, perhaps you can enlighten me on this? is a stock exhaust a lot quieter on the Diablo vs your QS?
  3. BBoyJmE

    What in God's name?

    I remember those pictures! Ew indeed. If I own it, I would restore it, given it cost him near nothing to purchase in the first place.
  4. BBoyJmE

    Countach full timelapse

  5. BBoyJmE

    Found More pics of Dads ex Countach!

    Thanks, I think I can smell it!! That's in Douma mount Lebanon. My favorite place in the world! The round building in the background is Hotel Douma attached now colored Purple.
  6. BBoyJmE

    Found More pics of Dads ex Countach!

    Awesome! Are you in contact with him by any chance? I would LOVE to check out if it is indeed my dads ex CT. Thing is, JVD would most likely know about the early history of the car, however, i'm sure that history is shared with the new owner. It would be easy to identify it, missing bull at the back, small indicator at the front, no reflector at the rear/sides unless they were forced on to get it registered in the US. and unless added on/repaired by either my dad or newer owners, missing reflector on the left taillight as per last attached image. Cheers!
  7. BBoyJmE

    Official Shitty Lamborghini Kit Car and Replica Thread

    The effort put into these shit replicas baffles me. By shit I don't mean the Burlap interior Murcielago, that one is crap but at least was based on molds of a real Lambo. I am talking bout the "Aventadorshit".. hand crafted bodywork to match the donor car, completely crapping on the Lamborghini Design. Those guys are talented but have no taste, what they should be doing is building a custom car, custom design and not try to "replicate" anything.
  8. BBoyJmE

    Found More pics of Dads ex Countach!

    Well I narrowed down that only 3 Black on Black Countachs were made in 1982-1983. One of them that was made early 83 has a Vin number of DLA12560. If you google "DLA12560" you will see a person of the name James V. Diment from New York that was writing about his "DLA12560" and how he owned it from new since 83 and wanted to sell it around that time. He even writes of a guy with a pristine Black on Black Countach in New York that was going over to look at his Countach, perhaps he bought it of him? That's the most info I can get on DLA12560. Got any more info on that owner? IT does, My uncles used to escort him with AK 47s at times, anyone could have car jacked him during a full fledged war. One of the reasons he sold it!
  9. BBoyJmE

    Found More pics of Dads ex Countach!

    Thanks man, haha My thoughts exactly!! He was so bad ass, you should see the other photos Rocking the long wavy hair in the 70s with his Maserati Indy, or the car he hand built, or even the turtle neck and vest and sunnies in the 60s!
  10. BBoyJmE

    Found More pics of Dads ex Countach!

    Thanks everybody!! I am glad you are enjoying them. I will keep updating this thread with more pics. Haha That would be a dream! Growing up I dreamed of finding the owner and buying it back for my dad... even back when I was 10 years old! Something about Period photos right? Takes you back to a time you weren't even born, as if you are seeing ht car for the first time on release! I too love the LP400s-LP500S variants the most! As for finding the car, anyone with any info on a black on black NY car being sold around 2010-2013 PM me
  11. So my sister found Negative Film of the Countach and digitized them, oh what a joy to see these pics for the first time. My mother had some great photography skills ! I am still hunting down the actual car. I have narrowed it down to 3 possible cars, but my bet is that it is DLA12560 - a Member of another board named James V. Diment (JVD) owns DLA12560 and says on the forums he owned it since new and was wanting to sell it in 2010-2013. Anyone know of him or of his car? He resides in New York according to what he said. Cheers and enjoy! We apparently have a bucket of film to develop! 1983~ Lebanon Parents with eldest brother and eldest sister. That's my uncle looking badass!
  12. BBoyJmE

    Murcielago TT

    Holy crap you got 2 Murcielagos? LP640 and the early one? That TT is going to be a BEAST! Nice stuff.
  13. BBoyJmE

    Safety Car

    So F*** sexy!!! ahh love the Countach!
  14. BBoyJmE

    Lambo driving virginity broken!

    It is very kind indeed! When my dad had his Countach in war torn Lebanon in early 80's, he lent it to his brother in laws with no drama. When my mother would wash the car and soldiers walk by and just drop everything in awe, she would wave them over to sit in it! My dad is my idol, he bought all his in-laws cars, my grandpa still has his late 1970s Mercedes! Period photo time!! That is my oldest sister and brother (now 36 -34) Jimmy