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  1. Thank you I did not want to follow modern Lambo design elements as they have become absurd, too many sharp lines and creases. To me this is more like the Miura 2006 concept. as far as the engine goes, well it really depends. I would love a Lambo Murcielago V12 for example... but I can't afford it. If this is to pick up and pre orders come in, maybe we can put something decent in it. For now a corvette 600hp engine should do.
  2. Some more digging around. There is no patent for the Countach body design anywhere online (where you can see every patent ever...) I did find one of the Diablo done for the US for a 14 year term. Basically unless you keep renewing the patent ( I think the max is 20 years anyway) the design enters public domain. Countach patents if filed for the maximum of 20 years in 1972 are LONG in public domain now... meaning anyone can just copy the shape, so long as you do not cross the Trademark laws and sell it as Lamborghini.. the issue is not that the Countach looks like a Lamborghini and you are selling it AS a Lamborgini, it is nothing to do with the LOOK of the public domain design but eveything to do with infringing the trademark laws. You cannot sell a Toyota badged with a Lamborghini, you will get sued if there was no licensing agreement between you and Lamborghini. Therefore, I should be fine to sell my car as a "Jims Car"... and did I mention my car is NOT a mold copy of an original Countach? meaning I would probably still get away with it if the Countach design patent was still active?
  3. I can say it is a Lambo all I want, until it comes down to selling it, it will be sold as something else. Lambo can dig up or even look at the link I sent them yesterday and say "oh these images have the badge on them" but the car sold doesn't so I am not profiting off the Lamborghini brand's name but my somewhat own design inspired by the Countach design. Plus Corporations won't sue without issuing a warning or discussing something with the defendants. The people that got sued in the replica world have had warnings by car brands ( Lamborghini asked for the Murcielago molds to be cut up and destroyed) and the kit car makers ignored them and got nailed. I emailed Lamborghini specifically asking to speak with their legal team yesterday, waiting for a reply. I sent them a link to my Facebook page too so they can see the design for themselves. They may say "it is different enough, you can sell it without badges" or they may say "it is too close, we do not permit the sale of it", who knows, but if they ignore me and THEN sue me, It won't be a good look for them. Yes I won't take anything from this poll other than that people like the design. If all goes well with Lamborghini and a car is built, then I will wait for orders without holding my breath. I'll be enjoying a one off
  4. That is the sad thruth! Unless I rebody a Lambo, it won't be a Lambo. If I rebody a Lambo I can't get sued as it is a modification to the car and not sold as is! ( Think of hte ugly Aventador Kode 0). I very highly doubt they would sue, again, why aren't replica car manufactures getting sued? ( Just googled and 1 company did get sued in Alabama in 2012, by Lamborghini but could be because hte guy was selling them badged). Not to sound like a broken record, but if the car resembles a Lamborghini, sold not as a Lamborghini then Lamborghini can't possibly win a lawsuit. I'm no lawyer, but don't laywers use previous cases as examples in the court room? All I need to point at is the Carol Shelby vs Factory 5 case. I'd be building one nonetheless. Hopefully I can discuss this with Lamborghini and work out something.
  5. The renders I submitted for copyright do not have Lamborghini , Countach or the badge on them. Which makes it a car that looks similar but not the same as a Lamborghini Countach. Right now you can buy, sell, reproduce any Lamborghini, no one has gotten sued that I know off, and that's with badges. IF Audi/Lamborghini/VW Group decide to be A holes and start to sue, I am not exactly sure what they can sue for... this is NOT a Lamborghini. At best it is a car that resembles a Countach, a design that is wayyy past any copyright. On the other hand, you can t think of it as the Chinese knock off Land Wind of the Land Rover haha... If they actually sue and I have to go to court, yeah, I will probably have to admit defeat and only build one for myself, which I don't think they can do anything about. Interesting thing about these two cars "Jaguar Land Rover's first response came during the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2014, when car designer Ian Callum, who works for Jaguar, tweeted pictures of the car and pointed out the resemblance between the X7 and the Evoque.[15] Furthermore, the company stated that it was investigating whether the Evoque's design elements were copied by Jiangling Motors, Landwind's parent company, and that it would "take whatever steps are appropriate to protect its intellectual property."[8][6] Jaguar Land Rover later went to court in China, but its complaints were dismissed in early 2015.[13] At the 2015 edition of Auto Shanghai, Jaguar Land Rover's CEO Ralf Speth said he regretted "that all of a sudden, copy-paste is coming up again." He added that his company could not do anything, since there were no laws against copying cars.[12]" Wikipedia
  6. That's pretty much the plan! haha. HAS to be 6 speed manual. Chassis construction is going to start in a few months, when that is out, hopefully it will get people interested.
  7. Ah yes, that's the 3rd however, I like a straight line launch and not in the wet. Like this. and this Man I want a Countach. I'll be driving one this weekend - Wooot!
  8. I'd love to see a sweet ass takeoff like that, I only know of 3 videos on whole of Youtube that have a spinning take off. 60 minute segment about the Countach, Jay Lenos review of the Countach... so maybe 2 I forgot if there is a 3rd haha. The flaming Countach is a kit that caught fire at a gas station.
  9. Thanks guys! Well, I copyright the shape minus badges of course. But even doing that is useless really and here is why. 1st. It is 95% different than an original Countach. 2nd. Even if it was identical to a Countach, as long as I sell it under a different brand name and not mention Lamborghini or Countach, I cannot be sued. Well I can be but they will lose. MR Shelby lost a lawsuit against Factory 5, a company that made and sold reproduction Shelby Cobras because they never mentioned the original car's name or model. It was something to do with customers having the right to repair their products even if it means recreating the shapes and parts that make up the car. You recreate a whole car, power to you, Lamborghini can't sue you for that. That is the same reason why you can buy aftermarket bumpers not labeled "OEM/Genuine". Those companies do not have permission from Lamborghini to produce the parts half the time. Consumer laws permit them to as long as they say "aftermarket" or do not claim they are genuine. 3rd. If they are to sue because it resembled a Countach, well the design is over 10 years old so no one has the exclusive right to it anymore. 4th. The Iranian carbon copy Murcielago SV can serve as a good example. Identical in a LOT of ways, un-badges but does have "Murcielago" on the door sills. (runs a Hyundai engine and drivetrain though) No lawsuits filed. These are my arguments for building and selling this car, of course I will continue researching it, Lamborghini is welcome to make me an offer for the design. I actually emailed Lamborghini asking them if they would like to buy a design (did not show it to them, only asked) and if they have an issue with me building a car resembling the Countach but will be un-badged. They said no to the design as they have agencies for that, and they ignored my second question. We are building a monster chassis soon for this car, I am more keen on seeing the body in real life first though haha.
  10. Hi All, I'd like to share my 2018 Concept I did of the legendary Countach. It has been written about by many online automotive websites the last 7 days. Sites from the States, France, Turkey, Japan, Russia, China, Singapore, Belgium, Hungry and Australia. Hope you like it Side note, anyone willing to invest let me know as there are current plans to build this baby! I have filed for copyright on the design too. Allan Special - Actually not true, I will be doing a side skirted version for side skirt lovers... https://www.facebook.com/JnVisuals/ook.com/JnVisuals/.com/JnVisuals/
  11. I'd love to drive a Countach, I have driven the 91 diablo , 96 Diablo SV , 96 Diablo Roadster, 2016 Aventador SV Roadster. The 91 Diablo apparently drives close to a Countach, bit better, and that was hard Diablo SV is my absolute favorite! Drove it for hours, it is just right! Aventador SV, hmm... Amazing car, but I can't live with paddleshifters, i'll need a stick V12 to change things up. As for the Countach in Question, As previously mentioned, is is ALL a replica fiber body with many many many wrong parts. the 50% that is original is the Engine and gearbox and a few bits here and there. I'd rather save the money and buy the real deal.
  12. Saw this earlier, PRetty funny and a sexy color! I do love the 6.0! But I think I will want a Diablo SV and a 6.0 if I have the money. The 6.0 cockpit sounded like it is very insulated from the engine. When I was driving Andecorps Diablo SV, Albeit he has a Quicksilver exhaust system, I was able to hear it in all it's glory even when Idle. That 6.0 sounded a little more muffled even in the exterior shots. Andecorp, perhaps you can enlighten me on this? is a stock exhaust a lot quieter on the Diablo vs your QS?
  13. I remember those pictures! Ew indeed. If I own it, I would restore it, given it cost him near nothing to purchase in the first place.
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