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  1. I typically have used the rule of thumb to add 100 kg of fluids when estimating kerb weight. Maybe the Aventador takes more? That would be a Kerb weight at around 3600 pounds though. I think SV's come in around 4000 pounds if I'm not mistaken in the real world.
  2. 1.98 kg/hp. 760 hp or there abouts x 1.98 = ~1505 kg.
  3. Per the press release, Lambo is claiming a weight of 3350 pounds. How’d they pull 700 pounds out of the Aventador?
  4. Amazing Ring time. This thing is badass. I’d spec one over a Senna all day. Do we know how many units will be produced and what they will cost? I’d assume $600k-ish?
  5. Pretty gutted by the news. I met him two times. Drank pretty heavily one of the times. He was a great drinking partner. Funny, great stories, pulled no punches with his words. Shame his personal demons were worse than anyone knew.
  6. If painted black, the Senna looks pretty good at night.
  7. On a public road that’s just mega for a rear wheel car. Especially with the tires you run.
  8. Are you going to post the video?
  9. It is crazy they continue to do this. I always disregard their recorded press figures. Not reputable. Other manufacturers just don't do this.
  10. I’ve never heard of an actual tuned 918. Also I’ve seen 918’s put down 175 in the half mile. Maybe that guy should get his money back if that’s true lol.
  11. Someone has to say it but not really any conclusion that can be drawn from different laps on different days separated by mere seconds. Were the Ford GT and 720S ran on the same day? Were they ran on similar style tires (Mclaren on Trofeo Rs)?
  12. Lol that’s what I thought the first time I saw the interior of an EB110!! Congrats man your collection is incredible I have no idea how you decide what to drive everyday!
  13. All about traction at these speeds. Ceiling for 918 is ~175 mph. Ceiling for 720 under better conditions is slightly higher in my estimation.
  14. Glacier white, Sarthe Grey, Saros Blue, amethyst Black are the best colors imho.
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