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  1. All, Does anyone have this tool that I may rent? Tried please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sponsors and it wasn't available.
  2. I always loved the older British roadsters. The Austins and the Morgan +4s have, always, been my faves.
  3. Since I have multiple sports cars, I'll lean towards an Austin-Healy 100 and use the 55g's left over for some fun and add to my investment portfolio. http://www.dupontregistry.com/autos/listin...ley/100/1777566
  4. Hello All! hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. I was wondering if anyone knows how to troubleshoot this P1745 "Paddle Up" error code? Or if anyone of you know a dealer tech I may speak with? This is frustrating, it has become a series of fix 1 issue another arises. My Paddles were fine before this venture of replacing the e-gear actuator. Any help is, greatly, appreciated.
  5. All, My e-gear system has lost its mind. Here is the story: My tech replaced my e-gear actuator. The retrain worked successfully. Put the car into Reverse, it moves forward. Tried the relearn, it failed and posted a P1770 code. E-gear out of range; whatever that means. Will not shift up with the paddles. It cycles through the gears with the relearn. Put the car into reverse it still moves forward, tried driving it like this, hit the up paddle, goes into Neutral. Anyone has an idea of what is going on? My tech and I are stumped. There's nothing in the Lambo service manual about this. I'm thinking hydraulic lines got mixed up (hard to believe as they were labeled when they were taken off 1-by-1) or TCU. The e-gear pump shows a consistent 700psi; is this within the range? I believe it is. Any suggestions to troubleshoot this is appreciated.
  6. Hey. I Spotted a black Countach on Hillendale & Rosedale/Barrows Run. I was in a brown Range Rover. Anyone know this person?
  7. Double, Yes, that theory doesn't take staggered setups into account. At this moment, I do not know much about the Murcie TCS system. Is it safe to assume that it operates like any other TCS? Meaning modulating ABS braking to get desired wheel speed? Or does it modulate abs braking and manipulate the differentials?
  8. All, I'm running Michelin PS2's in the OEM size ratios. I find it difficult to believe that the AWD Murices have to run Pirelli Corsa's. The AWD system is no different than any other AWD systems in different vehicles. As with any AWD system, if the tire ratio or wheel size changes that will cause issues with the differentials. However, if you run OEM wheel size and OEM tire sizes you are not stuck to 1 brand of tire. If you are concerned about load deflection of a tire, you may read this paper that I have always found useful: Tire Load Deflection Paper. All I am saying is tat this tire deflection stuff and required to stick with Pirelli's doesn't make sense to me. I could be wrong. Has anyone ran OEM tire sizes suffered from differential damage? Everything I came across and read was about non-OEM stuff.
  9. Do you have any left? If so do you have any XL tops and XL or L (i'm a 36 waist) shorts? Tried Sending you a private message. It didn't work for me.
  10. Hello Everyone. Purchased my Murcie back in March of this year. Here are a few pics. Change my title to owner, please.
  11. Hi all. Been a while since I have posted. I'm working on an engine project. I was wondering if anyone has done engine rebuilds on a LP640 and pre-LP engines. If so, I was wondering if anyone has left over pistons from each engine. I only need 1 of each. Any help is appreciated. It would help me a lot.
  12. Jon, The removal of the alternator was prompted by this problem: Interesting Weekend Topic have you ever had that issue? If you have any insight for me , may you respond on that posting? Appreciate it!
  13. Jon, Thank you for your response. I found how to remove it late last week. I did it by myself, but yes, another person is very helpful as I agree with what you said. My tensioner pully bolt is actually 15mm. It is a very tight space and I had to use the extension like you mentioned. Now on to re-installing the alternator. :\
  14. Thank you. Do you know where I can get a manual for the '06 with proper instruction on how to remove and replace the Auxilary belt?
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