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  1. anajames

    Ace's Movie Reviewz - A Quiet Place

    Was quite good, although it seemed something resembling to the Conjuring but no one can beat that.
  2. anajames

    good netflix shows?

    Hey, are you talking about this very show Fastest Car Although i am a Grand Tour fan, no one does a show as good as the trio's do.
  3. anajames

    good netflix shows?

    I am waiting for the " A series of Unfortunate Events" Season 2 is coming on the 30th of March. Based on Season 1 i would recommend members not to miss this one too. While i am here i would like to ask for a little assistance as well. I am having issues streaming my Netflix. Googled the issue got results for server down. Checked the status on these two sites and The tools showed me the Netflix server status as working fine. Also i would like to highlight that my internet connection is working fine too. So, what could be the issue then. Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated. TIA. P.S : Don't want ruin my weekend again.
  4. anajames

    My Aventador - 3 months into ownership REVIEW

    Quite a detailed review, beautifully done.
  5. anajames

    F1 2015

    Aren't both from the same stable?
  6. anajames

    F1 2015

    Beauties, jaw dropping.
  7. anajames

    The health of the modern day sportsman

    Any news on the health of Michael Schumacher? He is totally out of news. Nothing at all.
  8. anajames

    The health of the modern day sportsman

    That was the most shocking news i heard. He was such nice person as much as i know him on the screen. Always with a smile, no sign of arrogance. Prayers with the family. May his soul Rest in Peace.
  9. anajames

    Picked up an AP...

    Beautiful watch, i personally love the Royal Oak in Rose Gold.
  10. anajames

    Best way of selling watches?

    I would suggest join, authentic groups on social media or watch related groups. You can post your stuff there. Surely, someone who knows the value and is willing would give you a good price.
  11. anajames

    A huuuuuuuuge shoutout to Rolex USA NYC

    Rolex lives up to its name, have had good experience with them, obviously not me but my Dad.
  12. anajames

    What are u wearing

    This happens when one gets a new watch, i do the same thing. Beautiful time-piece. How much would be the retail of one of those? I sound like Paul Walker from Fast n Furious Lolz.
  13. anajames

    review: Transformers or the roundtable

    Transformer movies are always fun to watch. They have put great effort in the franchise.
  14. Out of all these have only heard about the Espada. Rest are alien to me.