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  1. anajames


    Hi Guys, I am about to reconstruct my house. I want some suggestions from you guys. Can you recommend which types of steel bars are best for house construction? I will really appreciate you guys.
  2. Sometimes, I am chatting with my friends and they are discussing a recent news that are going in the world and I am not aware of these news at all so I feel embarrassed in front of them all. So, I decided to follow some of the best news websites to stay myself up-to-date. I researched for it and shortlisted a few websites. These are: Reuters The Verge NY Times The Guardian Observer Desk Note: Observer Desk is a newbie in the news industry and as compared to these websites but they keep updated their websites. Need your suggestions - which websites should I follow or which one should I not? Thanks in advance!
  3. Here is the list where I visit daily for updates on news related to politics, health, sports, entertainment etc. https://www.theverge.com/ https://www.reuters.com/ https://www.nytimes.com/ https://www.cbc.ca/news https://thenewsandviews.com/
  4. I was looking for a dedicated or private IP VPN that offers salient features like unblocking variety of streaming channels, no-logs policy, multi-login features, p2p torrenting support along with money-back guarantee. Also, the VPN offers its service in these countries like the US, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, Finland, and Australia. I found a guide on private IP VPN 2020 where 7 best providers are mentioned with their details, if any of you are an experienced, please guide me the best one. Thanks in advance...
  5. Here i am looking for the VPN services which are compatible with amazon fire tv stick. As i recently bought a firestick device and thinking to get a VPN sync with it for safe and secure streaming. Looking for the cheap firestick VPN which is faster for streaming in a reasonable rates. Here i found the guide of VPNRanks which has a blog and had 10 best VPNs for firestick listings in detailed. Should i get one?
  6. Here i am looking for the ways to unblock region blocked content in US, UK, China, Canada, Australia and more. So, one of the way i found is to get a VPN. Now, i am looking for the maximum servers provider by best country for VPN anonymity to easily bypass geo-restriction and can access US Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more from anywhere. The issue is that i travel alot and i am unable to access local content like US netflix as i live in US. Should i get the VPN? and which one can unblock maximum countries? Please help
  7. There are so many different Kodi Addons through which you can stream live sports like pure sports, just sports and a lot more. Some of the channels are geo-restricted. You can overcome geo-blocked content with the help of VPN for Kodi for safe and secure streaming worldwide.
  8. Was quite good, although it seemed something resembling to the Conjuring but no one can beat that.
  9. Hey, are you talking about this very show Fastest Car https://www.facebook.com/Isnetflixdown/vide...56146421244256/ Although i am a Grand Tour fan, no one does a show as good as the trio's do.
  10. I am waiting for the " A series of Unfortunate Events" Season 2 is coming on the 30th of March. Based on Season 1 i would recommend members not to miss this one too. While i am here i would like to ask for a little assistance as well. I am having issues streaming my Netflix. Googled the issue got results for server down. Checked the status on these two sites netflixdown.com and outage.report The tools showed me the Netflix server status as working fine. Also i would like to highlight that my internet connection is working fine too. So, what could be the issue then. Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated. TIA. P.S : Don't want ruin my weekend again.
  11. anajames

    F1 2015

    Aren't both from the same stable?
  12. anajames

    F1 2015

    Beauties, jaw dropping.
  13. Any news on the health of Michael Schumacher? He is totally out of news. Nothing at all.
  14. That was the most shocking news i heard. He was such nice person as much as i know him on the screen. Always with a smile, no sign of arrogance. Prayers with the family. May his soul Rest in Peace.
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