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  1. Lamborghini Unica is now showing the full car. It’s an underwhelming potluck meal of cobbled together table scraps.
  2. Part of me is excited to see the car. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it’s going to be like the paint and seat badge treatment of the Miura edition Aventador. Add some Countach badges, a couple of glue on plastic trim pieces jump the price point above the SVJ and try to extract a few more sales out of an old platform. To do so would be a disservice to the cutting edge car that debuted 50 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I like the Aventador, but the car is special because of what it is. The only thing that would be worse would be if the designers were to trot out the Lamborghini equivalent of the Mustang Mach E.
  3. Please talk a bit about the seats in your 25th Ryan. They are race seats if I remember correctly ? I thought they were more comfortable than the factory seats. On a side note, I saw his QV prior to it’s purchase. I thought it was a very honest (unmolested) car. During his ownership Rhyno has show a lot of love ($$$) to this QV to make it a great car.
  4. The guys here have real world experience with various Countach models and their observations are spot on . While I have not had much time in a 25th, for me, the standard seat is horrible. It looks like it should be comfortable but 2 minutes in, and I couldn’t wait to get out of the car. It just felt wrong. The pre 25th seat (even though it looks weird) is pretty comfortable. .
  5. Given Rhyno’s comment, I’m guessing Jalpa. Regardless..... congrats on the new toy.
  6. Went through this a number of years ago with both our daughters. Its not necessarily all about birth control , although there is that component . Being on the pill does have some physiological benefits to the user . When my daughters used to bring home a new boyfriend, I would always make sure to shake the guys hands and give them a big ol’ hug . My daughters always thought I was being friendly. I was just trying to size them up for the hole I was digging. .
  7. All the best in the new decade. May the coming year provide the Lambo Power crew with great weather, wonderful roads, and the time to enjoy both!!!
  8. 12097

    Diablo intro

    Beautiful car. I have always loved the lines of the Diablo. Enjoy in good health !!!
  9. 12097

    Lambo wreck

    Terrible tragedy . Prayers for those involved and also for those who stopped to help or tried to provide comfort. .
  10. That sounded incredible ! After hearing about the car being a handful to drive, the video seems to show a car that is pretty well planted through the corners. Given that you have a great deal of experience with various higher powered RWD exotics, how does it feel compared to the others? Are there any things that this car does that cause short check moments that doesn’t happen in other cars in similar situations? Thanks. .
  11. Incredible car. Every time I hear a stone bounce up into that carbon fibre, my level of anxiety increases. .
  12. Best wishes for a Happy New Year filled with many opportunities to enjoy our cars.
  13. Great video !!!!! Thank you you for posting.
  14. A few of us Canucks had the good fortune and pleasure of meeting Jack in 2013 when he organized an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini in Billing’s Montana. Super nice guy, and has a knowledge and passion for Lamborghini that is present in true enthusiasts. Unfortunately, his car “took ill” and wasn’t able to make it to the event.
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