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    Looks like some kind of plastic sheeting to protect the wide and easily shoe-damaged leather sill. The combo is stunning.
  2. The Lamba Genie

    The dreaded phone call from Lambo

    With what? A roller from Walmart? But seriously, there cannot be any hiding behind the concept of hand-painted. So what? The painter is still using an industry standard spray gun, he's using the same booth, same brand of paint, same procedure, the same QC checks etc. There's nothing inherently sub-standard about hand-painting. If there were, every body shop repair and custom paint job everywhere in the world would fall apart in weeks, many manufacturers' paint jobs would be utter crap, and the industry would not exist because the consumer would never stand for a technology that doesn't work.
  3. The Lamba Genie

    The dreaded phone call from Lambo

    My BS meter is pegged. What really happens quite often is that cars are damaged while being shipped and transported, and get repainted at the port by Guido's Fix-All Brands. The dealers will know nothing about this since it is still in the manufacturer's hands. Most people won't notice, and the ones who do? Well, it's the dealer's job to hold hands and put out fires. That translates to: make up any story that sounds good, especially the "it's a foreign exotic built by Magic Elves in the Black Forest, what do you expect?" I'd bet $100 that's what happened. The car was damaged during transit, it was repainted at port, and went on its way to the dealer, who knew nothing about it until the paint pulled off the car. This literally happens *all the time*. A friend ordered a new black 488 on which *every single panel* was a different shade of black: blue-black, green-black, grey-black, with various stages of color sanding such that none of the surfaces matched. He didn't know much about paint so he didn't notice, but I did. My own 488 was so far off color on the front bumper I paid to have it repainted. It wasn't defective mind you, if Ferrari allowed a 10% variance in shade it was 9.99%, while most cars are 3-4%. Most people won't see paint abnormalities (until it pulls off the car), which is why the industry can do this as normal practice.
  4. The Lamba Genie

    The Performante encounter...

    I weigh all cars on the same scale in the same manner. As-delivered, meaning with tool kit, spare, tire inflator, whatever is affixed to the car, and a full tank of fuel. I've used this particular scale for 10+ years, it's a local drive-onto truck scale, regularly calibrated because it's commercial. The resolution is 20lbs, but it's easy enough to guess within 10 by adding a small amount of weight to see if 3580 gets pushed to 3600, in which case it's beyond the halfway point. Such was the case with the Performante, so I'd feel comfortable saying 3590. Other cars I've weighed on this scale are accurate to manufacturer's spec, and those are not lightweight "track" cars where there are some bragging rights to having less weight, so I have no reason to disbelieve the accuracy of the scale. Hence my ongoing annoyance that the door handles don't pop out automatically, what can that possibly weigh, 5-10lbs absolute maximum?
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    The Performante encounter...

  6. The Lamba Genie

    McLaren Senna

    I watched the three videos released yesterday, and shmee's was the best for design coverage, but he's so eager I have to mute him... Catchpole's vid was more relaxed, and the JMW one was good because of the different setting, and the talk with Andy Palmer. That color is much better than the orange, looking at the hi-res pix online I realized that it's a sparkly metallic, it may be stunning in person. Hopefully they will have all the paint samples at the upcoming spec sessions here in the US, as well as a scale model. After looking at the car now for weeks, all the info, brochures, option books etc, I'm starting to get the design, and it's much better than first impressions. I think it's because it's so unashamedly an aero engineer's car, a technical exercise, that it leaves cold many supercar owners, who are buying cars as objects of beauty. A race team wouldn't really care as long as it's fast, but someone buying it as an extension of ego doesn't have much to grab on to.
  7. The Lamba Genie

    View New Posts Broken

    Thanks. and grrreeaat. I thought that most modern forum software would at least have an easy indicator in the Main list of a new post in a particular sub-forum: a checkmark, redstar, etc.
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    View New Posts Broken

    While this "View New Posts" issue is happening, what method do people use to find New posts? I'm having to look at each forum in the Main list to see when the last post was, and then do mental gymnastics.
  9. The Lamba Genie

    Cool or abomination?

    I meant legal right, not moral or ethical.
  10. The Lamba Genie

    LDS for Performante - yes or no?

    Yes, I have solid experience, and you want it. I had a 580 without it for a year, heard it sucked previous gen. I put ~5K miles on the 580 road and track, and I've put ~2500 miles on the Perf since Oct, again road and track. There aren't any cons, it's seamless, and you want it.
  11. The Lamba Genie

    Cool or abomination?

    Is the statute of limitations for trademark infringement over? If it were a real Miura they've got the right to butcher it as they wish, but creating the fake Miura in the first place is a no-no.
  12. The Lamba Genie

    My Bugatti Chiron has arrived

    I'll be curious to hear what you think of the BUGATTI generations after you've had time to learn them all.
  13. The Lamba Genie

    The Performante encounter...

    Yes, every one of the 57,600 ounces it weighs. I love my Performante but really, it's 3600lbs. It's not going to matter what seat you get, there's no racing DNA with that much weight. On a side note, I'm extremely disappointed that they deleted the pop-open door handles, such a cool feature. If the car truly weighed 2800lbs and the motors saved 20lbs then sure, but at 3600lbs and probably 2lbs maximum saved, there was no point in deleting such a great WOW Factor element.
  14. The Lamba Genie

    The Performante encounter...

    I feel the same. Spot on. The steering is much better than the prior incarnation,and much better than the setup without it. I had a Huracan 580 without it for a year, fwiw.
  15. The Lamba Genie

    1st used Performante ive seen listed!

    No, full tank. I weigh every car I get, in the same manner. No people, as delivered with all installed accessories (fire ext, spare tire etc), and a full tank of gas.