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  1. toecutter

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I want to like it but I am not that impressed. The SV was perfectly balanced IMO for looks and performance. The SVJ is nice but seems unbalanced. I agree with rhyno. Those of us with SV's don't have a lot of reasons to upgrade. Keeping my SV and bought a Performonte. Best of both worlds.
  2. toecutter

    Doors up!

    Photo Credit to Jordan Shiraki
  3. toecutter

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I also wonder about the ALA. Maybe up the middle section? I can't figure out how they are directing the air as it is very apparent on the Perf but very difficult to see on the spy shots of this car.
  4. toecutter

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Maybe I'm trying to talk myself out of an upgrade, but that wing is terrible. The SV rear is sculpted and the wing comes out of the foundation of the car. This wing looks like a cheap aftermarket part. Hope it is better looking once the camo is gone.
  5. I have delivered all my Lamborghinis but one through Tom at Lambo Las Vegas and have had nothing but a great experience. They have bent over backwards on deals and to resolve the couple of minor issues I had. I can't say anything but good things about Tom and Sorina. Sorry the deal went the way it did but sounds like it is resolved.
  6. toecutter

    SV center lock wheel removal and re-torquing tool

    You need the following. I carry the breaker bar in the boot with 3/4" extensions when traveling. The center lock tool (included in the tool bag with car) depresses the center lock. Two people are needed for safe removal. No paste.
  7. toecutter

    Cayman GT4

    I think the GT4 is the lambo owner's preferred Porsche ride!
  8. toecutter

    Nero Aldebaran SV

    Great quote. 6 hours in the car yesterday. I still am happy. They are more rigid and there is less room to allow your legs different positions than the comfort seat. I prefer the drving position and I feel I am lower in the car.. I like my seat up and not reclined so position is perfect. These seats WILL NOT work for everybody. Most will probably want the comforts. Do not mistake my endorsement as a blanket endorsement for all.
  9. toecutter

    Aventador (SV) Super Veloce Pictures

    Very Nice Bryan. Mine got new shoes yesterday:
  10. toecutter

    Nero Aldebaran SV

    I really like my sport seats. I went back to back with Comfort seats at the dealer the other day and for me they work. Starting a 1000 mile journey to Monterey tomorrow. That will be the real test.
  11. From the time I wanted a lambo until I got a Lambo was 27 years. Wake up early, work hard all day at whatever you do. Everything else comes first. When that is taken care of - only buy when you can pay cash. It is a toy, nothing else.
  12. toecutter

    Very quick review

    I have been going back and forth with the race seats. They are very much race seats and are stiff, high and difficult to get in and out of. It still makes the car for me. Will be driving several hundred miles next week to Monterey and back so will be able to complain more when I spend hours in them. FEVIPER: Tell me what you think about the exhaust? It seemed underwhelming to me unless you drove the car very aggressively in Manual mode ,but I have been driving in Sport and Corsa Auto and find that it wakes up with burbles, crackles and lots of noise.
  13. toecutter

    So who ordered an SV?

    Not sure what a Diablo or a GT-R have to do with the SV. If you are looking for either experience then stay with those cars. When I want old school Lamborghini, I get in my Countach for the smell of gas and 50/50 chance of making it back. The SV is a very very good Aventador. Exhaust baffles do open on Sport and Corsa. Not as dramatic a change as the Anime button on the Huracan but clearly the car wakes up. I dislike DCTs and will not miss my Huracan at all, I found that transmission dull. I really like the SV shift and the emotion in the shift. The remapping felt different to me but I will leave a full comparison to a current standard Aventador owner. There is a lot going in the cabin. Lack of insulation and dampening makes it more noisy in the cabin and the interior rawness and forward TFT adds to the drama. This is what I wanted out of Lamborghini and I am very happy. This car is not for everyone and there are few comforts. It is much less of a Rolls Royce than a standard Aventador but they will never make the Diablo era cars again so that experience will remain unique in those cars. Think 08 SL compared to a standard 08 Gallardo.
  14. toecutter

    So who ordered an SV?

    Drove and shot a pic at one of Lamborghini's most famous spots on earth!
  15. toecutter

    So who ordered an SV?

    Just back from a run. The car is spectacular!!! Everyyhing is so raw and on edge. This car is what Lamborghini is. Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!!