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  1. No just the passenger one. I seem to recall it goes out after the car starts moving - need to double-check when I drive the car again....
  2. My passenger air-bag light is on and enabling or disabling the airbag via the key has no effect. Subscribed!
  3. Good job! What is the reference for that 3M film? I can only find the ones that are meant to be put on permanently...
  4. Please let us know what the name of this product is. The link is blocked in Europe....
  5. Looks interesting. Does it discolour or stain the glass?
  6. I guess that there is a practical reason for this in that the engine builder will have no concept of the orientation within the target vehicle. All he sees is the engine and the flywheel is a pretty good unique reference....
  7. :Hand-motion where you bring the fingers and thumb together to a point, palm turned upwards, and shake the hand backwards and forwards....
  8. It says LH is 1-6 but it is shown as RH??
  9. Please could someone with a LHD car please check or take a picture of the Hella part # on their low-high beam reflector. You need to take off the wheel-arch liiner and remove the HID connector, and cover. Mine is RHD and reads 9DR 151 333-02. I'm hoping to change to LHD spec all I need to do is change the projector/reflector.
  10. What's a good test for checking the vacuum works - pulling the line to the exhaust valve solenoid and seeing there's vacuum after the engine is switched off? How long does the vacuum last for?
  11. 380mm discs with Brembo GT calipers - I posted the pictures on the other forum a few months back.
  12. Thanks Digibeam. Just one question, where exactly is this one way valve - behind the ABS unit or in the rear of the car?
  13. Hmmm..... they are LP640 wheels that were needed to fit over the larger brakes. Std tyre sizes though....
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