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  1. I bought the identical looking hose from eBay for around $10! Some goes for the front brake cooling hoses. Black Neoprene hose with the yellow spiral. On the subject of the cooling duct, bear in mind that the cooling will only work when the car is moving and considering the length and diameter of the hose, I bet no significant mass of air is flowing below around 80-100mph. I'd guess the alternator only needs cooling at night at full chat with the headlights on and the fuel injectors delivering their full duty cycle.
  2. V12noise

    RHD to LHD headlamp conversion

    Here is what I mean ab out beam pattern: All I'm saying is I was sceptical that the conversion between LHD and RHD could be done by the up-down and right-left adjustments.
  3. V12noise

    RHD to LHD headlamp conversion

    For the low beam, the pattern needs to be asymmetrical, i.e. that there is portion of the beam blanked off, so that the oncoming cars dont have the light shone at them. If you adjust the aiming, the whole pattern is shifted. However on cars like the Ferrari 360, there is a lever to choose between LHD and RHD settings on the projector. I was hoping the Lambo had something similar...
  4. V12noise

    Removing Factory Exhaust Heat Shield

    I have a Larini Clubsport on my 2011 LP550-2, with no heatshield and no problems.
  5. V12noise

    RHD to LHD headlamp conversion

    Good job on the headlight cleaning and many thanks for publishing it - on my job list, and when I get in there I'll see what the projectors do. Pistonheads supercar forum is about self-inflated people going on incessantly about the values of their cars, so I don't hold out much hope for a technical discussion there...
  6. Is there any way to change between RHD and LHD beams without buying complete light units, i.e. any way the projectors can be altered?
  7. Pre-LP. How do you get the kick plates off?
  8. As the title says? Is it just a case of undoing the bolts underneath? Are there also bolts under the kick plates in the door openings? How do you remove those? Is the fueltank in the way? Any help would be appreciated...
  9. V12noise

    Front tire wear compared to rear tire wear

    Or hard braking - fronts take the majority of the braking load....
  10. V12noise

    Any removed rear hub carriers on their Murci?

    I tried heating the hub carrier to around 8o°C but didnt help much. Was wondering if there is a reason for the interference fit? Usually the clamping force is sufficient...
  11. Aint no amount of spit going to g et my bad boy in there....
  12. Removed the rear hub carriers on my 03 Murci and the bolts going through to the suspension arms were really hard to extract - needed a hammer and a punch. Thought it was corrosion, but couldnt see any in the end. Coming to replace them now and they wont go in past the threads. Is there any special technique involved?
  13. V12noise

    Starter problem?

    The .55V at the red wire is too low. If you didnt make any errors in attachment, this points to the activation via the ignition key etc being at fault. You could try. like you did by accident, to bridge the gap between the silver bolt and the terminal where the red wire goes. Be prepared for being startled if the starter engages!
  14. V12noise

    Starter problem?

    Ideally you need to sample the voltage at all 3 points. The red covered wire is the signal to the solenoid, the thick unpainted is the feed to the starter solenoid and the painted black is the other side of the solenoid, i.e. with no voltage on the black one (after key turn) means the solenoid is not closing correctly. As Stimpy says, the voltage seen will drop when the heavy starter-motor load is placed on the battery - down to around 9 volts. Voltage not dropping is not a good thing because it also indicates the solenoid is not transferring the power to the motor.
  15. V12noise

    Starter problem?

    I never said or implied they had the same common point - I clearly said 30 is from the battery and 50 is via the switch. Thank you for clarifying.