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  1. Been meaning to ask you, how did you clean our hubs - they always look super clean in your vids?
  2. Any specific driving style that contributed to this?
  3. Can anyone say exactly what the spec needs to be to mimic the Lambo switches, e.g. normally closed at 0 psi and opens at 1200psi, or normally open at 0psi and closes at 100psi, etc for the Min and the Max switches? I dont have a clear picture in my head of which switches are needed...
  4. I have a Capristo on my 360 and it is fantastic, with a glorious burble at low speed and spine chilling wail at high rpm.. But conversely, I've heard youtube clips of Capristos on LP640s and it doesnt give it the high pitched scream. You dont get full justice with a youtube video but it gives you an idea. I'm not surprised to hear the OP comments. From my experience and what I've seen and heard, a Fabspeed system in conjunction with sport cats, or decat, gives you the best sound for your buck.
  5. Aha, so my engine could be starting to droop. Could one of you please take a measurement of the clearance above the cross-members please? Measuring units in multiples of cable-ties as it's pretty difficult to get anything through the gap...
  6. I've done the RWD mod and also made my own gbox mount. The question is how hard to load it up and lift the gbox up. Stimpy, I can see what you're saying about the torque tube levering up the gbox. So I could jack the gbox up and shim the mount up. The point then is that the front and rear mounts are taking a lot or most of the weight and the main mounts are doing the rotational stabilisation. The questions are what clearance I need on the cross-members and whether the main mounts have sagged at all. I'm guessing the mounts don't sag as I've seen no posts about changing them?
  7. On a pre-LP does anyone know if the engine mounts are replaceable without removing the engine? Also, what should the clearance be between the engine & gbox and the cross-members? The second question is leading me to the first.... I'm guessing that the shims on the diff mount to the chassis adjust the tilt of the engine & gbox with the engine mounts as the pivot?
  8. Best solution for me would be cats with a bypass valve...
  9. I use Mer auto polish. It has a cleansing action as well as waxing.
  10. If you release the bleed-nipple to lower the mechanism, be vary careful as this will be at much higher pressure than normally intended (1500 vs 250 psi from what I remember, might be wrong...). Anyway, I'd recommend using one hand to push and keep the drain hose on the nipple, while you slowly crack the nipple open with the other.
  11. No just the passenger one. I seem to recall it goes out after the car starts moving - need to double-check when I drive the car again....
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