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  1. V12noise

    Starter problem?

    The .55V at the red wire is too low. If you didnt make any errors in attachment, this points to the activation via the ignition key etc being at fault. You could try. like you did by accident, to bridge the gap between the silver bolt and the terminal where the red wire goes. Be prepared for being startled if the starter engages!
  2. V12noise

    Starter problem?

    Ideally you need to sample the voltage at all 3 points. The red covered wire is the signal to the solenoid, the thick unpainted is the feed to the starter solenoid and the painted black is the other side of the solenoid, i.e. with no voltage on the black one (after key turn) means the solenoid is not closing correctly. As Stimpy says, the voltage seen will drop when the heavy starter-motor load is placed on the battery - down to around 9 volts. Voltage not dropping is not a good thing because it also indicates the solenoid is not transferring the power to the motor.
  3. V12noise

    Starter problem?

    I never said or implied they had the same common point - I clearly said 30 is from the battery and 50 is via the switch. Thank you for clarifying.
  4. V12noise

    Starter problem?

    Best way to eliminate the presence or integrity of this fuse is to check for 12V at the thick cable on the starter (point 30 on the electrical diagram above) - this is the supply to the solenoid, which gets transferred to the starter motor when the solenoid closes. The thin wire (point 50) activates (closes) the solenoid when you twist the ign key.
  5. V12noise

    Condensation in headlight

    Good job! Did you heat up the whole thing first before cutting in with the spudger, or did you go in at room temp?
  6. Hi All, does anybody have instruction manual in pdf or link for installing springs on an LP Gallardo?