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  1. Old Timers sold one in Australia a few months back. There have been 2 or 3 go through Oz in the last few years. Might be worth reaching out to Mark to flag interest https://www.facebook.com/oldtimeraustralia/posts/3893129710796004
  2. This may have been what was being referred to above, but I had a look at the other themes and when I went to the "Matter" theme I couldn't find the button to change back to the other themes. Lucky I still had a tab open with the 2.0 theme on so reselected it. Using Chrome if that helps.
  3. Click the blue circle or star, takes you to the first unread comment.
  4. Also, not sure if mobile is being considered given I've seen the popup for Tapatalk, but on mobile (s8) the view is all mess up and you can't see who the poster was..
  5. Use the blue circle or star on next to the topic title. Takes you to the spot you last read.
  6. I've got a couple from Common Fibers if you're looking for a small, light wallet, also made of carbon fibre if you're into that
  7. jim501

    New Posts??

    You may need to update the filter to show since last visit, and then save it as a stream. You can then make it your favourite but ticking the green tick thing.
  8. The blue newspaper at the top is unread content. Does default to unread in the last year but you can change it.
  9. And you can change what the filter is on that as well. Just change the filter, save it, and then tick it when you use it to be your "favourite"
  10. I know of at least 7 have been through the Brisbane dealer, so would have be well over the 20 mark by now
  11. If they can fit it, they would be stupid not to put out a v10 or v12 engined one. They'd sell everyone they could make.
  12. No idea why, but both Ferrari and Fiat are also partial to putting the Tricolore on their cars.
  13. I didn't realise it was a keepsake. Figured you would have had to return it. That's impressive.
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