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  1. Matchbox 20

    Does this make any sense to anybody?

    you are correct, fiat owns ferrari who owned maserati, and then fiat bought maserati, i remember reading the reasoning behind it but all i can remember is it had something to do with the business structure within the corporation (maybe someone with more business expertise can actualy explain it?)
  2. Matchbox 20

    What do you make of this Dyno?

    insane :supz:
  3. Matchbox 20

    What is this car?

    thanks gman for reposting the pic, don't know what happened to the first one, there was a pic there thanks Tommy for identifying it
  4. Matchbox 20

    What is this car?

    Could some one tell me what kind of car this is?
  5. no, the GTs weren't legal in the US, personally i think it looks better with the GT diffuser, and maybe you could get away with calling that a bumper?
  6. Matchbox 20

    Misc Pics of Cool cars

    :supz: very nice :supz:
  7. Matchbox 20

    Skyline R-34

    Awesome! :supz: :supz:
  8. Matchbox 20

    My Esprit should arrive today at SP!!!

    :twisted: sounds awesome
  9. Matchbox 20

    Pics of other cars at Geneva Auto Show

    In one of the pics of the Lambo Concept S I saw the sign for Pagani so I know they were there, just a matter of finding pics
  10. Matchbox 20

    B7 RS4

    that article said that the Q7 SUV which will be introduced next fall made a quick appearence, does anyone have pics of it from that night? i really like the Pikes Peak concept that they're baseing it off of
  11. Matchbox 20

    audi AVUS

    The Avus was awesome! unfortunately it was only a concept and never produced, even in small numbers, it had extremely good aerodynamics A few stats: Weight - 2756 lb Enigne - W12 HP - 509 0-60 - 3.0 sec Top Speed - 211 mph a few pics: got the pics from
  12. Matchbox 20

    FORD=Goofy ass company!!

    pretty good photoshop
  13. Matchbox 20


    want to show us the video?!?!
  14. Matchbox 20


    The spyker's styling doesn't seem quite right to me, but i'd still love to have one On the other hand, i absolutely love the Koenigsegg, i really like the flow of the styling, the CCR is one of my favorite cars, right up there with the Murc