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  1. Beautiful cars. Is that your Koenigsegg, too?
  2. Its really kind of sad. I probably checked this forum daily for over 10 years.
  3. Looks good other than the funky exhaust tips.
  4. MasterShake


    Congrats! Beautiful car.
  5. I have a couple plates from Armored Republic- AR 500 Armor. They seem to perform well in all the tests I've seen. ar500armor.com.
  6. I think that car is/was owned by b14? I think there is a video of Schmee driving it.
  7. Probably the worst spec I've seen.
  8. Really feeling this mix. Especially at the 18 min mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0z7I6M01ys
  9. Love the purple on that performante. beautiful.
  10. Where are the other cars? Or is that the full stable now?
  11. Looks like the dreaded nose diaper. Septoplasty?
  12. Not to mention that the one lady was more concerned with damage to her car then any of the passengers.
  13. New wallpaper! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Can anyone make sense of all the recent North Korea headlines? Some would suggest that he's turned a new leaf, but his media strategy has always been bait and switch.
  15. This wasn't Rhyno, correct? I though the had a similar SV and lived in Canada.
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