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  1. kane00

    Lamborghini's new-Gallardo reveal for Paris

    Really???? Are you fcuking kidding me?? They think they bullshit the customer base even more???????? Embarrassing. More dumb "special editions" with more stupid names!!! WOW! An old turd is an old turd. Or as in this case, a face lifted turd. Oh and hey, by the way sorry for all schleps who forked out for that other joke...cough...cough the Trefeo stradale whatever the hell it was called. Now we just screwed your pooch by make this new one!!!! The new development chief Durheimer has promised sweeping changes. They can't come soon enough.
  2. kane00

    RIP Steve Sabol

    The big problem is there is no real successor. He and his dad were it.
  3. kane00

    LP550-2 vs 458 Italia

    Such little time. The 458 is the better car on all levels. Shut the fcuk up on everything else.
  4. kane00

    So where the fuck....

    Our idiot level has peaked. I love the responses....."ohhh Kane you're soooo full of hate!!!!""" Hey douchebags, relax. I've owned more Lambos's than dirty pussy you've fucked and forgotten about. And any of you ass lickers with less than 1000 posts who haven't been around here for all that long who think you're all moral and high and mighty, go suck a donkey cock. And what the fcuk do you expect from me?? Nice talk? Or like you other brown nose assholess...."ohhhhya dude!!! You rule!!! fcuk ferarri!!! Your the the king dude.....ahhhhh dude......." Like I said, Dave is a great guy. Love the SV. Leave it alone. And Ferrari still builds a better car. Sorry Captain, I've had 3 martini's and I can't take the idiots..
  5. kane00

    So where the fuck....

    Yeah, wish the best of luck on something that is useless and foolish. You really think there is a need for 1200hp and rear wheel drive???? Can't wait to see your Schumacher ass drive that really fast at speed. And don't give us some pussy ass video of a straight line blast for 4 seconds. I want to see you actually have to drive this thing fast on real roads. Don't think you can. And I'd bet a slightly SP modded GTR would run your ass on any given road or track. You can't put traction to the ground, your chassis is eons old, and you have a V-12 sitting over weight and behind you. Please tell me your advantage???????? So the reason Dave, you have fucked up a perfectly good SV is.........................????????????????????????????????????????? This message is brought to you by the sponsors of Captain Chaos and Bombay Sapphire restraint guard. "We keep Kane in check"!!!!!!!!
  6. kane00

    Lamborghini gets a new facility

  7. kane00

    To 25th....

    You are as cheap as they get. That don't work in Countach land. You either step up for a car that is sorted or buy a project that's gonna cost you lots. I know a Chinaman who will be very, very unhapyy if a shit box Countach shows up at his door. The parts for Countachs are rare and not cheap. The body's are all messed up and most have work to be done. "Step up" and buy a finished product. I don't need to hear you whine for years on end.
  8. kane00

    So where the fuck....

    Captain, this is a good idea!
  9. kane00

    To 25th....

    I know what you're thinking. It's not the best color interior. It's 25th. HHMMMM...mot sure. Tough call. 25th does have some advantages.
  10. kane00

    So where the fuck....

    I'm sober so I cannot comment. I shall return in a few hours with that remedied!
  11. kane00

    So where the fuck....

    OK fcuk faces, Wiggs, who the fcuk cares if it's been done . Sorry, but tt Murcie already done. Why fcuk up a perfectly good and beautiful SV? When was the last time your as actually drove more than 200 miles? You think you're a big dude? Come out on the Kulinary Mille in three weeks and play with the big boys. We have 7 million in cars going and we are driving on serious roads. No bullshit, no pretenders, real roads and real cars. All this 'Step up"bullshit is crap. Bunch of insecure assholes who have small dicks who have to have constant stupid ass attention. I expect more from our guys who are quality. fcuk you you fcuking fucks. Now I'm going back to my gin.
  12. kane00

    So where the fuck....

    I think Dave is a really good guy. I've given him shit on this car cause I think butchering a car like an SV is foolish. Go buy a normal Murcie and do that. Couple things, some of us who have gone through the mod the shit of something phase, realize that it's never worth what you put into it and rarely is it even drivable afterwards. So the hp war turns into a look how big my dick is cause lets be honest, you can't use it. Once you get to 750hp, it's more than enough for 98% of the roads. The other thing, is that we have seen those who have "Stepped Up" and posted "look at me!!!!!!" I have $$$$$$$, this that and the other, usually ends up with a poor reaction and ending. Dave, you have some great cars, go drive them and enjoy them. If you want to go really fast, go buy a race car and take it to the track.
  13. kane00

    Happy 4th of July!!

    Captain, I'm deeply sorry for kicking your red coat asses back to your little island!!! But I thank you very much for the glorious substance called Bombay Sapphire! And I will be indulging in that in mass quantities this afternoon while cooking some lights out American food!
  14. kane00

    My Garage...Triple Trouble!!!!

    Thanks Captain!! As long as I can see the big blue bottle I'm happy!!
  15. kane00

    My Garage...Triple Trouble!!!!

    My bad eyes!! 308 it is!