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  1. www.bayphoto.com I use them all the time and have always been satisfied.
  2. I was up there a few weeks ago. It's quite a spectacular space. Details and quality is top shelf
  3. Where did you have the wheels rebuilt?
  4. Pico wheel and tire in the valley. Ask for Gary. The used to be in Sherman way. Just moved out to chatsworth (118 n topanga) They do all the repairs in house, fair prices, u just bring them the wheel and in 24 hrs he's usually done
  5. A few pics from the santa monica airport
  6. A friend needs to rent one of the following in Vegas today for an awards show: Rolls Drophead 430 spyder or Murcie Roadster The car needs to be available TODAY at 2pm. It is needed for approximately three hours. Will pay full daily rate. Any leads would be appreciated on such short notice. Anthony 310-902-2525
  7. I've got one. I'm in LA as well. Will take a look tomorrow am and will give u a call Anhony
  8. Just curious but what would have been a more suitable loaner? Most luxury service depts don't even offer loaners
  9. I saw the 7 series hybrid yesterday at a job site. Should be cool
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