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    Ferrari 328 GTS Widebody Build for SEMA 2018

    LOVE this thing. It's a shame that air ride cant be appreciated. I get its not for everyone but someone put a lot of time and effort into making it what THEY wanted. Much love!
  2. This stunning, white Lamborghini Huracan came into our shop with a VF Supercharger and Vorsteiner Bodykit already installed and was looking for a custom exhaust to work with this build. We took the challenge head on and got to work designing a valved system, utilizing Helical Technology High Performance Valves, the best valves in the industry capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. We installed the system and it fit perfectly. When this beauty roared to life for the first time, we couldn't wait to hear it at top speed. We wasted no time getting it on the Dyno and treating our ears while we ran some tests on the new system. Check out the rest of the pictures and let us know your thoughts below!
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    Still the same Valvetronic system
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    Underground Racing Twin Turbo Huracan headed home...

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    Miami Hotel Recommendations?

    The Clevelander Hotel
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    Carbon Fiber Air Box Covers

    High performance cover lid works with factory airbox to increase cold air flow to improve power Features: Fits all Lamborghini Gallardo vehicles (2004-2008) Adds 12 horsepower for increased throttle response Includes Red Silicone Hoses Streamlined CAD shaped for maximum airflow to the engine Direct replacement for factory OEM air box Bolt-on DIY installation in under 15 minutes All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Limited Warranty Note: Do not over tighten the factory mounting screws when installing Fabspeed's Carbon Fiber Cover IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP! EMAIL ME DIRECTLY FOR LAMBOPOWER PRICING! [email protected]
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    Race Exhaust System X pipe?

    I can get you set up with one of our quad-resonated non-valved systems for not a ton more than the ebay one you're looking at. The exhaust you posted is going to be REALLY loud, and almost definitely drone. Rolf Boldrewood poems
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    Group Buy - Huracan Performante Exhaust

    Hi all, with our Performante exhaust suite being out now for about 3 months, and the reaction (orders) to it beyond what I ever expected, I wanted to put something together for anyone on the fence, as well as share additional information and some pictures/video. When our first HP arrived from a very good client in Boston, we got right to work scanning and designing what we thought would be the best options for the car, and a variety that would leave every owner with a box to check; from the guy who wants it "on" all the time, to the owners who like the versatility of a valve that they can manually operate, and change the tone from aggressive with no drone and a musical note ( ), to flat out ear splitting, race car sounding, insanity. I was thinking that if we can get a couple orders locked in, I can do 15% and maybe free domestic shipping. I'm happy to listen to suggestions though if you all had any suggestions on what you wanted to see. how to upload image online how to upload image online Valvetronic Supersport X-Pipe exhaust: this system picked up 12hp and saved nearly 25lb over the stock system. Non Valved Lightweight Supersport H-Pipe Exhaust: This system picked up 16hp, and saved nearly 30lb over stock
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    Huracan Aero Kit

    Peter of 1016 Industries is a long time friend of mine, I am happy to post that we are now a distributor for 1016 Industries aero upgrades.. the product line covers McLaren 570s, Ferrari F12, Huracan, Aventador, and they are about to release their Composite line for the Huracan Performante! If anyone is interested in any of their offerings, please don't hesitate to call or message me for forum member pricing! Huracan system is made up of a front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser, hood, and rear wing... You can do the entire kit or piece it together The Aventador system is made up of front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and a rear wing The 570 system is made up of front and front/side aero blades, side skirts, and a pitch adjustable rear wing
  10. Fresh off the truck from Boston... Our good friend Safi, owner of AVI Boston (check them out... they do INSANE car audio and performance installs: www.aviboston.com) was kind enough to ship us the car for R&D. We are finishing development and will have performance #'s, video, etc. shortly! The stock system weighs 44lb, so we will be saving owners quite a bit of weight, and are discussing a few different exhaust options. We also have a suite of forged carbon pieces I posted about in a different thread, and a harness bar on the way with sub mount for a 5 and 6 point harnesses; For now, a few pictures! how to upload image online how to upload image online how to upload image online how to upload image online *** Update *** The HP development is done the R&D car is back to Safi/AVI Autosport in Boston, I LOVED the sound... but more importantly, HE loved the sound. After sending the videos to a couple Performante owners I've sold 3 systems, which is crazy considering it went live on our website 3 days ago . in Corsa it pops and burbles with that awesome runoff sound everyone loves, in Strada and Sport it's still noticeable louder than stock with no drone, but the burbling/runoff is significantly reduced to the point you can enjoy the stereo, make a phone call, leave the house early morning or come home late at night without driving your neighbors crazy. Below you'll find pictures, video, and other pertinent info, if you or a friend are interested in adding the system, I am doing an introductory pricing deal for lambo forum members! After we have the first designs finalized, we fabricate a few different prototypes to use for testing. We install and Dyno test each possible design option, making tweaks to each prototype and retesting until we get the exact product that we are looking for. By constantly dyno testing our products throughout the development process, we are able to confidently say we are providing the best possible exhaust options for each vehicle. We finished the process on the Performante with two amazing exhausts systems - one with valves and one without. I didn't expect the cars to pick up a ton of horsepower, as the stock system with valves open is about as unrestricted as you can get.. My hopes/goal was to improve and refine the sound rather than just have the car loud for the sake of being loud, and to drop a good chunk of weight. We achieved both goals with huge success. Below are the two system we ended up going with: Valvetronic Supersport X-Pipe exhaust: this system picked up 12hp and saved nearly 25lb over the stock system. Non Valved Lightweight Supersport H-Pipe Exhaust: This system picked up 16hp, and saved nearly 30lb over stock "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350" /> https://www.fabspeed.com/lamborghini/huracan-performante/ I hope you enjoyed, and please feel free to shoot me a PM for more information or for the introductory forum pricing
  11. these still need to be clear coated, but I wanted to give a sneak peek at the replacement pieces we are wrapping up with our friends at 1016 industries. they will replace all of the plastic on the car that surrounds the amazing forged composite! An additional hood and fender set with vents is also available!
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    Performante options/mods for track day use

    does anyone know the OEM part # for the harness bar? I have two perf. clients that want to add harnesses and VF cant confirm fitment... Is any one else aware of a mounting solution where you don't need to butcher the interior?
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    She finally arrived (2018 HP)

    Balloon white isn't really matte white... I think Xpel Stealth would make it truly matte white.
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    New Product Offering

    that's strange.. It worked when I posted it. How about this? &"> &" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350" />
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    New Product Offering

    I wanted to take a minute to introduce a new product we just finished that I think you guys will really enjoy; the recently released Fabspeed Supersport Raceline exhaust. Its a no frills, muffler replacement available with a couple different tip options (chrome, black chrome, and carbon fiber). This, like all Fabspeed products is made from 14-16ga T304L stainless, This system saves nearly 25lb's over stock, and picks up over 20whp. It's fully compatible with our (or anyone else's) high flow cat or cat bypass pipes, and fits all 430 cars from 2005-2009 with no cutting or welding needed for installation. I'm confident this is the closest you'll get to your car sounding like an actual F1 car, short of buying an actual F1 car; it SCREAMS. Wide open throttle is terrifying (in a good way), and there really isn't any noticeable drone when cruising on the highway. If you'd like a quote, or have any questions on this or any other product we offer, please don't hesitate to call, email, or message me on here! Introductory pricing is available, as well as the standing F-Chat member discount. Turn your volume up and enjoy!
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    Titanium X Pipe vs OEM exhaust

    the video looks like the cats are still there
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    991 GT3/GT3RS/911R Long Tube Race Headers - 38whp

    OK Guys, here's a video. I also have a 991.2 GT3 in now getting the same system. It really sounds insane/perfect. I totally agree with Chad, a high end merge collector really does make a huge difference. Stock vs. our Competition headers (I apologize it's so hard to read, it's easier on the webpage). 24whp/29wtq at 4400rpm || 21whp/14wtq at 8000 Stock vs. the Competition headers and tune (again... sorry it's so hard to read)... 24whp/28wtq at 4500 || 38whp/26wtq at 7650rpm peak HP reached 474whp/331wtq I have been offering a discount to forum members and existing clients, for anyone interested Installed pictures with various tip options, fits both the 991.1 GT3 and GR3RS as well as the 991.2 Carbon Fiber over stainless tips to work with OEM center muffler (this is a 991.2 GT3): Or single wall brushed stainless, also on stock muffler (this is on a 991.1 GT3rs)
  18. I know, I know... It's a Lambo forum. But I was too excited about this to not post it here, plus I know some of you guys (and Carol) are really into Porsche. Since the original 991 GT3 we had a race header made within months of the first car landing in North America; they worked well, sounded good, and sales were good. We kept getting approached by more hardcore track guys to build something "better" (for what they use their cars for). Enter our Long Tube Competition Race Header. A local gentleman, and long time client of Fabspeed who happens to own an UV 991 GT3RS came by, said "this is what I want", and we got to work. The results spoke for themselves. We teamed up with some of the premier names in exhaust components to ensure this was the ultimate header kit for these cars. Burns stainless out of Costa Mesa California supplies the high velocity merge collectors (if you don't know who Burns Stainless is, well... it doesn't get any better when it comes to merge collectors.) These collectors help broaden the torque curve, and the slip fit design not only makes installation a breeze, it allows for expansion and contraction as the engine shifts under load, keeping everything in place without putting undue stress on welds and other components. We finished the manifolds with a set of side muffler bypass pipes utilizing Helical valves. Helical valves are used by many OEM suppliers such as Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, etc. The valve body itself is reinforced cast stainless steel with 625 Inconel bearings on either side of the butterfly. Benefits: - 40lb weight saving - 24whp/30ft/lb tq without a tune || 40whp with our tune - Fits all 991 GT3/GT3RS/911R cars - Throttle response GREATLY improved - Easy Install - Sounds incredible - CAD and Dyno Developed As always, shoot me a PM, call, text, email, carrier pigeon, etc. for forum pricing or with questions.
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    991 GT3/GT3RS/911R Long Tube Race Headers - 38whp

    I'm here! Sorry guys. Stand by I'll post video in a minute
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    We are offering discounts on select components just in time for spring cruising. We have several parts on sale right now for the Gallardo, have a look. Please let me know if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out via email or PM's.
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    How to raise rear wing on 2013 Aventador

    I know this is a little delayed, but you can use the Ross tech VAGCOM to cycle the spoiler up and down . If you want to keep it up just unplug it as it cycles up
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    Diablo 6.0 Fuel Filters?

    Here you go. http://www.fabspeed.com/diablo-bmc-f1-repl...ent-air-filter/ Fits all Lamborghini Diablo vehicles (1990-2001) Lifetime filter is washable and re-oilable Original equipment for the Ferrari Formula 1 Team and Ferrari GT race team, as well as Porsche Motorsports, Mercedes Benz F1 and GT race teams, and the AUDI Motorsports Team Sold as a pair
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    New Owner! My 2008 LP640

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    18' 610-4 Spyder