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  1. Congrats from Edmonton on the Urus! Hope to see it out and about when I'm in K-town this summer house hunting.
  2. The Glory days of LamboPower are over unfortunately. This was the greatest place to get advice on Lambo's, travel, new cities, etc. Miss those old days.
  3. jackhorner


    Congrats on the car TopCarbon.! Enjoy in good health....and drive the shit out of it!
  4. jackhorner


    What happened to this site? Before it went down for months it was active and awesome for lots of topics more than Lambo. Miss the old days on here
  5. After seeing the Lambo FEEL GOOD thread maybe someone State side can do me a favor.... Want to order some special cards from Hallmark.com however they don't ship to Canada. Looking for someone in the States I can ship the cards to and then you pop them in the mail up to Canada. I'll email transfer you funds for postage to Canada prior. Just slap the postage on it and my address. That's it. Thanks for your consideration.
  6. Just me and the girlfriend. She's never been to Miami so want to show her the current hot spots. Pricepoint: hoping to keep it under $500-600 per night. Don't see the value beyond that really.
  7. Looking for a Top 40 Club I guess and the fun place to see and been seen. Thx for the info on the keys. Thinking you're right, two days won't be enough time.
  8. Need a couple Miami Travel Recommendations... 1. Saturday Night in Miami/South Beach...Where to stay, eat, drink, party? 2. After a week long cruise we are back in Miami for Sunday & Monday - What's not to miss while in the area? Thought about renting a car and driving the FL keys. Sidenote: Where did the travel forum go?
  9. Ok I admit I learnt some things. Smash Boy Thanks for posting
  10. Average speed of 234kph is utter ridiculous. I've been over to drive the track on two occasions and I was more than happy to drive low nine minutes. Go drive the track to get a sense of how fast low five minutes is. It's almost not comprehensible.
  11. Anyone know where we can stream it? Showtime locks out Canada as well
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