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  1. I just want issue an apology to things said in private to Captn. It should be pretty obvious that if I respect and admire a certain group, and they respect and admire him, I should too. So, sorry Captn. I said some things in private that I do regret, was wrong for saying, and he doesn't deserve. I will gladly buy you a drink or three one day.
  2. You might have, but the guys on the board with their shit together that I text daily, actually all agree with me. These are the guys that have been here for a while and are actually valuable members. Lol okay I am sure your grandparents never learned English, and demanded their town was run like the motherland, and begged for handouts instead of working their asses off. I highly doubt your grandparents are as weak as you are.
  3. BTW what shit are you smoking to think it would make sense to use a goddamn rappers opinion to try and persuade the opinion of anyone with any modicum of intelligence? What was the last multi billion dollar empire GFK ran? Sanders? As far as I know the only thing Bernie could run is an international gangbang on his wife, for fucks sake.
  4. Lol, you're kidding right? You do realize WU tang would sell an album to Bin Laden for a buck, right? GTFO with that Sanders bullshit. Dude's worth 17M and he hasn't given away his wealth, aka he's a fcuking fraudulent socialist. Get the fcuk out of here with that bullshit, and he may have been "richer" than me for most of my life, but that is absolutely not true right now lmfao. GTFO and take the refugees that don't want to assimilate with you. -Signed, a grand kid of a couple italians who got their shit kicked in when they got off the boat, assimilated, and lived a fcuking awesome life as a result.
  5. Guys who vote for Hillary literally are pathetic beta males with no testosterone. I'd almost bet my house he's the type of guy that would love to show his tolerance by letting a few refugees run train on his wife. What trigender losers. I'm ecstatic the United States of America is becoming Alpha again. This country is meant to be run by high energy males that love fcuking hot women, who love money, and who thoroughly enjoy bringing destruction to the losers of the world. I cannot wait to watch Trump eviscerate Hillary, the terrorists, and anyone else in the way. Bonus preview of the Trump v Hillary debate. GRAB A COAT AND GET ON BOARD THE TRAIN FOLKS!
  6. In all seriousness it shouldn't surprise anyone. The Aventador is an awesome machine and some guys are buying 2-3 of them, Lambo knocked it out of the park and it has no competitor in the marketplace.
  7. I love the FF, always have, congrats and enjoy it, it's really fantastic. Great color
  8. Amazing what a good lease will do lol.
  9. "Welcome to Europe, Syrian refugee, here is shelter, food, education.." .... http://gfycat.com/BrilliantAridCygnet This should make everyone with kids really happy. One day he will be trying to kill your sons and daughters.
  10. "Hang out with five millionaires, you'll be the sixth, hang out with 5 morons, you'll be the sixth"
  11. Good. Come here, we are making america great again. fcuk everyone else. Trump pretty much said this shit was going to happen in January and the NYT mocked him for it.
  12. What a surprise, Brussels is a shit hole now. Amsterdamn is probably next, then Germany.
  13. Six of those cars have been for sale for over a year. Your favorite is my favorite. I get my information from FoNE, Algar, Miller. A few might trade hands that high, but in the past six months most have traded hands for significantly less. I'd gladly have the market go up on 16Ms. More often than not, at least for the past month or so, that red 470 car has bids but never sells.
  14. The rarer the car, the easier it is to wash the title. It's very easy to do it when a car is "in for repair" using a mechanics lien, for example. If you ever have a doubt about a car titled in Texas, stay away, it's the easiest state to title wash. He branded himself as the 959 guru for some reason, even though he had zero assistance in importing and legalization of them. Really rich guys don't go public with this shit, for the most part it's just another day for them. Bruce almost always settles out of court. There are probably a few public cases.
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