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  1. I don't read Jalopnik - I do read financials and when you take production of the Veyron vs costs it lost that much - not a discussion it's a fact with a twist at the end. The twist - Winkelman made a more expensive car and found customers willing to spend 5-10m turning things around. Bugatti SUV and it seems close to arrival just like Ferrari Rolls etc it's the car they all didn't want but need. VAG is now asking it's partners to help with diesel gate - Bugatti being one add the tariffs slow down of other countries car sales electric VAG is concerned how long they have and were contemplating splitting selling etc. URUS - engine suspension electronics body it's sales reflect it's individual build. Own a V12 Bentayga and will buy a URUS when the next special version comes out with a little more heritage. I really hate opinions of stuff vs driving owning enthusiasts sharing uplifting events etc. Why this forum is dead set on tearing Lamborghini down on every model is beyond me - next I assure it's not true the brand is loved but it is my opinion of which was made from reading this forum Where are all the owners posting pictures drives etc???????
  2. Lambo doubled the factory and URUS doubled sales - public company can not hide cost and sales. Disagree URUS is parts bin - Porsche 991 same car 7 generations later and makes 20 of 991 variations those are parts bin cars price goes from 100 - 400k for the same platform from the same company. VAG at the heart are bean counters - board of directors shareholder company. Bugatti lost 6.25M on every Veyron - that's a deep well.
  3. https://www.thenewsmarket.com/global/lamborghini/automobili-lamborghini-honors-ferdinand-k.-pi-ch-with-lamborghini-si-n-fkp-37-unveiled-at-iaa-2019-i/s/1d116395-12e1-45f0-b8bd-f2947f8e043d Stafano says 2.5M - fwiw
  4. 2.65 US but that may be a moving target was written awhile back - the debut CEO said 2.5m may be it's based on Euro? SVJ 63 Rdstr - 700+ was just published
  5. Agree after requesting a number with a response 1 di 63 - my guess is FKP37 was hiding under the tricolore. So much term oil over diesel gate etc add FKP's departure prior- Sian FKP 37 dedication may be marketing like Senna but given the loss and timing it's far more significant. LSMS https://www.lamborghini.com/en-en/models/few-off/sian
  6. Electrochromic is the glass panel in the roof - the moving surfaces are the four inlets between the engine and active rear wing that open when the engine reaches hot temps and closes with no mechanical assist. It was in one of the videos - where they talk about that ventilation system added no weight. The lane assist looks very close to what's in the Bentley.
  7. Agree looks like lane departure - thanks plus it went from dry to wet carbon. Does Lamborghini ever number their one offs cars or just put 1 of 63
  8. Very much impressed with the association of FKP who recently passed. Seeing his name on the Sian represents a whole new level. We all know VW just introduced and sold out it's all electric car but given the protests and trade wars etc, it's been a bit rough. Glad to see Lamborghini get the honor of FKP
  9. Makes one wonder about two extra slots - maybe one for the rear window in a roadster. 00 - 63 guess this one doesn't count if it's in the museum.
  10. Glow is more yellow / green think safety color that glows brighter towards yellow. Launch color I believe is going to the museum and no one can duplicate but who knows maybe if you change some carbon bits they allow it. Shmee has the best video that really shows the car details - satin matte at the end is stunning
  11. The only glow in the dark in Monterey was yellowish green, Pressed my iPhone light against the art formed plastic model and it would glow dimming down after 10 seconds. So many new selections it's a bit overwhelming - wish they would have raised the wing to get the full effect.
  12. Showing an SVJ-R in brown & Sian in green agree looks better than renderings. They have new carbon colors and paints how this was chosen is ... interesting.
  13. 48 hours til - some say low 2s 0 -60 and below 10s 1/4mile. Drove the SV yesterday - factory race exhaust is second only IMO to the Carerra GT. While I will beg for a Roadster it may lose some Sian character and less usable just in case they say no R. Lambocars - thank you an excellent renderings might want to add some more depth to areas like the hood top lines.
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