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  1. LB48 clay for owners - full size Frankfurt. Assume J63 rdstr others possible.
  2. Yes in a RL thread 8 months ago - didn't accept offers. Sold 3RS and SV is for sale.
  3. 63 Roadster - just a guess as they left that open by only introducing a coupe. Along the lines of Ferrari's Monza street legal would be a nice ending.
  4. Two years for the current 1700 J's and 63 of the LB doesn't fill up production. Not so sure one can tether the LB to the AV for it's last hoorah - LB is the begining of Lambo's next gen. One more version is my guess. Are we to jump to the successor [after the SVJ Roadster]? I think at the moment, we don’t foresee another [non-hybrid] version of the Lamborghini V-12. Porsche just pushed back their next all battery hyper car for many years I wouldn't expect any different from Lamborghini.
  5. 003 is street legal version of the Valkyrie - 004 is a prototype so who knows. The 003 is a special build and we may see a Roadster but IMO Aston builds beautiful coupes- tough wrapping my head around an Aston built V6 at 1M. If this was a detuned V12 Cosworth would be an easy decision.
  6. True but it's easy to build the same thru Ad Personam especially with a roadster. AV stays around for 2 years - guessing there is another above the J https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/f...an-lamborghini
  7. Two roadsters - assumed there would be a limited 63LE roadster JOTA. Guess they realized one could get very close thru AD Personam to the 63LE coupe
  8. 1 of 1 Bugatti is a lot less then you and others in the media are stating . Additional post was an overview of the market and the choices based on my opinion . JOTA is a continuation of the AV is impressive good looking but for those with an SV not sure it's worth the move vs what else is out there. Nice video of the CGT - thinking about putting mine for sale after seeing :)
  9. Actually has 1178 miles - had to check. Own 10 weekend cars - take the 600 miles on avg per year with long winters that's a lot of driving. Agree - which is why I am leaning towards skipping the JOTA and keeping the SV.
  10. 12.5M Bugatti 1600 hp 1 of 1 is extremely rare add if ever sold could sell for multiples of cost. To sell my SV 600k best offer is 500 which is a 100k hit on an 800 mile car 1 of 500. JOTA more expensive 1 of 800 - one could see a bigger loss than SV but it is one heck of a car. If we knew this is the last V12 NA perhaps it does better than SV. Disappointed no limited 63 J Roadster and 800 units - seeing Aston 003 004 the 1000 hp next gen is a whole new world of performance.
  11. It is bad. Ingrid from Ferrari looks fine with Borrani wheels not for a modern Lamborghini.
  12. Aston is expected to show 003 in Germany
  13. Tax advantage plays a part in SUV success. URUS Cayenne Bentayga lots of common parts like Panamera and Bentley GT but Bentley V12 sets them apart from it's like sisters which is now only available in the Speed. RR V12 performs on a whole new level - one thing I will give URUS are ceramics why RR doesn't install them on any of their cars makes no sense. The Cullinan takes some getting used to - transmission stalk is odd the doors almost require using the electric closers and putting people in the backseat isn't simple as they fumble for the door closer or grunt attempting to close by hand it's a far reach. At first it didn't receive the attention but now friends family strangers all want to know about the Phantom SUV and dealers are still charging over MSRP. The idea of a Phantom SUV that is 98% as good blows any other SUV out of the park. Rolls Royce house in Monterey was beyond insane - they shuttle customers around in a RR and offer rides the next day. I have not test driven a car before a purchase since I was 16 and denied their offer kicking myself all weekend. In Monterey was the first time I had even been in a Rolls and it was like Disney for adults. Fast forward a few months my dealer posted a Cullinan Demo in the morning and that afternoon found myself begging they sell me the car - it took some wiggling but taking it home was the best reward I have ever had. There is something about a Rolls that can not be explained. These kind of cars are rewards and being a car guy who loves cars - the Cullinan is beyond what I ever thought would be reality.
  14. My V12 listed for 260k got 30k off msrp Bentayga V8 low spec 175k msrp add Akrapovic it's a great deal vs the competition. Difference is Bentley is losing money on almost every car they are producing - the Bentayga is of higher bespoke quality. It's a lot like a Ferrari V12 vs V8 - the V12 line is much more high end than the V8.
  15. URUS is faster but if Bentley wanted or were allowed to make their V8 or V12 faster they certainly could - it's branding and VW has chosen Lambo URUS to get the faster V8. Ceramic brakes stiffer suspension faster transmission new exhaust - own a V12 Bentayga it's too soft will upgrade to the Speed for all the other reasons not the 1 mph. Bentley will only offer the V12 in the Speed here on out and added hybrid. Point was Porsche and Lamborghini like to one up each other at the Ring followed by a ton of marketing wouldn't be surprised URUS responding to the Bentley Speed.
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