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  1. You are the one watching guys show up to open track - lol it's what you do ... watch i came here to see Lambo cars version of the Sian - for that I am thankful. No others are posting about buying spec etc on a Sian - thought I could share without your foul child posts. Unotaz - I appreciate all the help with Sian! Not sure if you put the connection together doesn't matter other than you belong here and I do not.
  2. wow - you waited in the bushes that long and this was all you got. You reference two greats who not only rose to the top but stayed on top but they aged out - what's your excuse
  3. I have not received my SVJ - it will be a roadster with tires that can be used year round. Fast car is a fast car everywhere - when you want to take 10th's into account post a video and we can see where it is faster than another. I have raced in CCR etc had a 360 Challenge car because anything else was to hard to service where I live. Living in the midwest doesn't allow a lot of track race times like you or whomever lives near a track. Apologies for my typing - we go back a long way in fact I helped you with your 918 purchase! I don't know or care if Lamborghini will roll out another AV - you don't know either we exchanged pm's over the Sian and now you attack me as if I am a stranger. You were going to order an SVJ - you pulled back for whatever reason after you stated it was going to be the best drivers car. You get pissy every time I put down the 918 or your private fb 918 club add computers etc. Unlike you I did not attack you simply share or learn about Lamborghini - headed to the factory to spec Sian 63 roadster and look at their new V12 track car and their series. Now if you and Porter would like to take cheap shots at my writing skills go ahead could care less. As far as my driving skills - after having cancer few years ago they have digressed and took a few steps back from danger.
  4. Ok so your 918 came with an F1 team and a stack of computers on the passenger seat (you knew that was next) as did i about tires but I feel more comfortable defending SV SVJ over 918 with a stack of computers an F1 team days of practice and cars to run I mean (cough) prototypes that were running even you can not defend prototypes and me being a Viper owner they cleaned the 918s clock. Full circle was that the tires too with a low budget team. You spend time on other forums and are in the industry - I am not in the industry nor have I found a forum with real driver experiences but assure you I can drive a car at 8/10th's and be laughed at by a pro driver at 10/10th's it's a whole different world of balls that I do not own at best maybe I can get 9/10ths in a race car which is still 10% less than a pro. Many times you have said you have not found the SV SVJ to go as fast as the factory - owning the SV with race exhaust and a Viper that ran similar times at the Ring are dead close on track with my skills. Good or bad I just don't believe people that state the SV or SVJ isn't fast with a non pro driver. 9/10th's driver willl get lapped by a 10/10th's driver so unless you have a pro on track the argument isn't valid. Porsche has way more track drivers than Lambo and they know how to tweak their cars - Lambo track drivers aren't going out in an AV it's the Huracan and they are killing it. Which is my next series / goal to race with.
  5. With how much gas Believe it or not - the only way i learn is by guys like you posting real numbers. All the 918 owners started their own FB page so us on the outside don't know good or bad a thing about the 918 after their Ring runs. As far as the SJV - do you know it doesn't? I said that it's doubtful but was there scales when you or whoever raced one another (cough) bs I mean tracked really hard at 8/10ths Maybe he was a shit driver - can we see the video por fa vor. I don't have a ton of track time but enough to know a race car car is set up to run each and every time for that track. Some cars are better some are worse depending on a lot of conditions. Look - you don't reduce time by 15 seconds of which you called the SV times fake with tires - that is just ridiculous to think it's worth more than 4-5 seconds. Curious have you ever raced? Not tracked in a pedestrian car but raced wheel to wheel bumping diving corners blocking. If you have I would be willing to buy an SVJ coupe and race you for pinks kidding or maybe not against your 918. As for me - the last guy to drink Kool Aid - ask anyone who knows me if I push my cars or race with my own skin in the game - could care less what a factory states it's all talk until you go racing. Going on a track in a passenger car is bs - never have I seen a pro driver push a pedestrian car that costs over 100k let alone 6 - 1m. Bottom line - they are all just numbers until you line them up. I like 1/4 mile runs but love real footage. Again - please post the videos.
  6. Sounds like battery with new hybrid in Lambo's for next gen. Tesla S does 0 - 60 2.4 hope the Sian is better plus under 10 in the 1/4. Be great to see a serious run at a famous track. Hybrids to date haven't shown any improvement outside a straight line which means the added weight is too much for tires brakes etc.
  7. Go for it - received this with seat belts and fabrics. So many choices!
  8. Pzero corsa - not sure how they are different from SV Ring tire but let's deduct 3-4 seconds. People always talk about SV being heavy - I disagree and think it's the single clutch feel. Have a 16M and Speciale and the weight is minimal guessing 100 lb.s but the dual clutch makes the car feel light but the reality is - it's not. SVJ front wheels can iterally can be lifted off the ground at take off - the car is a beast.
  9. SVJ - lift off engine bay exhaust ALA and other items must have done something - SV 7min to SVJ 6:45 at the Ring. Shaving 15 seconds same frame chasis small bump in hp rws - agree 300 pounds is a lot but whatever it was did the job and others who went hyper did not.
  10. These aren't race cars - they all have their own criteria before print. Speedtail isn't even road legal and look at it's weight over Senna - are these cars really getting better with hybrid IMO the only one is the Sian.
  11. SF90 - 3460 30 pounds lighter than ThethetheFerrari and the SF90 track version sheds 66 pounds don't recall it's name. McLaren P1 - 3411 Speedtail 3150 the new GT 3375 Porsche 918 - 3790 GT3RS 3240 Jesko - 3171 SVJ - 3500 Huracan V10 next V8TT will compete in the category of proper - a word IMO Lamborghini buyers especially V12 guys do not want to hear.
  12. Yes - looks like this spec has matching roof and rear matte with gloss paint. Purple spec chocolate interior is fantastic.
  13. Graphene Carbon Nano - do you work with these products ... Guessing Terzo premise is based on or similar. Sian ALA LSMS - the Lamborghini brand is taking strides no one saw coming. There is no need for more hp - need less weight with technology inserted into the car not an added component to the car.
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