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  1. One of them is certainly this. Miura is turning 55 years old this year. The first Countach prototype was presented in 1971, 50 years ago. Diablo had a 30th anniversary last year. Murcielago is 20 years old this year. Aventador itself is 10 years old this year. So place your bets.
  2. Despite the pandemic, Lamborghini had quite a recordbreaking year. Especially when compared to the competition.
  3. Lamborghini isn't getting sold off, like the rumors reported. https://www.motor1.com/news/460287/lamborghini-ducati-no-sale-bentley/
  4. APB

    Huracán STO

    It's pattened by Lamborghini, other brands would need to pay for the use of it. It's similar with Forged Composites/Forged carbon fiber that Lamborghini pioneered, you don't see McLaren or Ferrari brag about it, since Lamborghini has also pattened it. However, in McLaren's and Aston Martin's case they still use it. ALA isn't purely a marketing gimmick. Hydraulics actually add weight when compared to the minimalistic ALA system. It does the job just as well as those say active wings and flaps. BUT those hydraulic wings and etc. also work better at lower speeds when compared to ALA. You ne
  5. In terms of looks I agree, but in terms of performance and driving feel, the SC is a whole level ahead of the STS. It's more raw, stiffer suspension and feels faster. It is essentially a perfected STS for track use. Outside of STS and SQs, the Valentino Balboni editions have had a better market value compared to every other model and edition of Gallardo, especially the manual ones. I hope the same as you regarding no more Aventador special editions, but there is a high possibility for the Aventador's parts bin being emptied lol, essentially under Winkelmann .
  6. Just a correction, but the last edition of Gallardo was the Squadra Corse, which was a track special. I'm still sticking to that particular prototype being a customer one-off or a test mule for the next V12, until of course proven otherwise. It doesn't make much sense for Lamborghini to do more special editions of the V12 considering that not all of the SVJs, both coupe and roadster are built. From what I heard what has been stated in the press is that the Xago edition will be a part of those 800 cars. They have still over half a year worth of work just there. 1 or 2 S
  7. I mean this isn't news as it has been confirmed at least 50 times now by multiple people at Lamborghini. Aventador's replacement will be aimed at SF90 Stradale, there is no doubt in that considering that the Aventador SVJ almost costs the same speced up. They will try to top that car and make the Aventador's replacement more desirable than it with that N/A V12. But the replacement being out next year? No way that happens. It's a 2022 model or even later. They are however far ahead with it, so we should see some test mules in 2021.
  8. I told you so way, way back. Now here is the official news.
  9. APB

    Huracán STO

    That looks amazing, really like the grey/green and black/orange combos.
  10. You don't want a good carpet cleaner?
  11. APB

    Huracán STO

    There you have it, looks very interesting. It could have been at least 670hp to differentiate it from the Evo and Performante though.
  12. APB

    Huracán STO

    It is essentially a homolegated Huracan Super Trofeo Evo racecar for the road. It will sound indescribable epic, because race derived exhaust that was supposed to be offered for Performantes.
  13. APB

    Huracán STO

    Disclaimer: That picture isn't mine.
  14. APB

    Huracán STO

    No ALA and add this:
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