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  1. Here is the full look, 640 hp, RWD and so on. https://www.motor1.com/news/579307/lamborghini-huracan-tecnica-reveal-official/
  2. More news! Apperantly Stephan Winkelmann wasn't too satisfied with the Countach cash-grab. He wants to focus on futuristic one-offs. He also confirms Huracan Sterrato officially. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/lamborghini-prioritise-unexpected-specials-over-retro-cars Now the interesting news, Apperantly the 4th model, the 2+2 EV will be a high riding vehicle. Not SUV like, but think Espada/Urraco height.(rumored for 2028) AND the Urus replacement will be fully EV. https://www.motor1.com/news/563150/lamborghini-first-electric-vehicle-2028/
  3. Nothing on the new guy, but Reggiani was perfect for that position. Litteraly one of the greats at Lamborghini.
  4. Interesting read: https://www.carmagazine.co.uk/electric/lamborghini/
  5. Front: Debuts next August at Quail?
  6. Since some say it has a Sian inspired front with Centenario inspired rear. To me it sounds like a Third Millennium concept in Sian type body. Although I would prefer something more elegant and beautiful, like the SC20 with a few changes and a roof. More evolutionary revolutionary design than a complete brutal makeover in the front. We can certainly say that this engine cover belongs to the replacement: And possibly this active spoiler:
  7. Aventador was limited run too, "4000 units" they said in 2011. Was it last year that Lamborghini produced the 10 000th Aventador? What Lambo dealers likely saw were renderings, clay models and sketches from Mitja. Lamborghini's hybrid era will last at least until the 2030s, since it is rumored that the new V12 will comply with the Euro 7 regulations. And it's not close to production, not until we see prototypes rolling around with production bodystyle. SW layed out the timeline for the new products here: https://www.motor1.com/news/508012/lamborghini-electrification-plan-revealed/ 2023: Aventador replacement / Urus hybrid 2024: Huracan replacement 2025-2029: 4th model, EV Grand Tourer Its fun to speculate on the Aventador replacement's name. There are still two trademarks from 2012-2013 that are still unused by Lamborghini (but still renewed and trademarked). Those are "Encaste" and "Deimos".
  8. Nice to see the first test mule for the replacement. Remember that Aventador started out as this: and within a year went to this: And then this:
  9. That's the same. A taste: https://www.instagram.com/p/CScn6MRh6Zb/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  10. Yes, and they should have stuck with it being a concept, like the Miura from years ago... But no resurrecting Countach name for a limited production car that only shares design elements with the original. Key specs that I know of: Sian based, hybrid. LPI designated. (yes, they are now doing cars from already limited edition cars.) 800 hp combined AWD Price is north of $3 million. Ps: There is also a cool Countach cruise organized from August 10th to 14th or 15th by Lamborghini in California. Apperantly the cruise is limited to 30 cars, but there will be some other Lamborghini models following those 30 Countaches.
  11. APB

    Next Week News

    They did it right with the Gallardo at least, Squadra Corse was a parts bin special, yet it was the most extreme Gallardo you could buy. This parts bin special is an afterthought, nothing about it is special. Won't be surprised if it ends up like the McLaren Elva, where production numbers have to be cut. I see them hardly selling those 600 cars to anyone.
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