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  1. Nothing on the new guy, but Reggiani was perfect for that position. Litteraly one of the greats at Lamborghini.
  2. That's the same. A taste: https://www.instagram.com/p/CScn6MRh6Zb/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. Yes, and they should have stuck with it being a concept, like the Miura from years ago... But no resurrecting Countach name for a limited production car that only shares design elements with the original. Key specs that I know of: Sian based, hybrid. LPI designated. (yes, they are now doing cars from already limited edition cars.) 800 hp combined AWD Price is north of $3 million. Ps: There is also a cool Countach cruise organized from August 10th to 14th or 15th by Lamborghini in California. Apperantly the cruise is limited to 30 cars, but there will be some other Lamborghini models following those 30 Countaches.
  4. They did it right with the Gallardo at least, Squadra Corse was a parts bin special, yet it was the most extreme Gallardo you could buy. This parts bin special is an afterthought, nothing about it is special. Won't be surprised if it ends up like the McLaren Elva, where production numbers have to be cut. I see them hardly selling those 600 cars to anyone.
  5. Bugatti will either succeed or go bankrupt, like it has before. We will see once the Chiron production is finished.
  6. And we now know the date.
  7. No update on the GT3? It will be interesting if the next Huracan version will take inspiration from this...
  8. What happened to the cool engine cover from the green prototype? Or was that the base for the Countach Homage?
  9. Check the STO thread. It's a full lap record attempt incoming, but it will only be published if they beat the Black Series, by a good margin.
  10. This will be interesting.
  11. More or less a Super GT similar to 812SF.
  12. Countach Homage and Aventador Evo. Release/production for both of them is 2021 and 2022 respectively. Hybridized Aventador replacement is coming in 2023. Aventador will be joining Countach as one of the longest produced Lamborghini V12 flagship.
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