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  1. This is indeed Aventador J 2.0 This time with a bigger wing, Veneno style wheels and being created by Squadra Corse.
  2. https://www.motor1.com/news/446603/lamborghini-bugatti-future-november-decision/ There are uncertain and surprising times ahead.
  3. I can see Winkelmann coming back, if Bugatti gets sold. Stefano was great as a CEO and good luck to him in his next venture. Look on the bright side, Lamborghini is in safe hands and financially well, compared to say Aston Martin and McLaren. At the moment, Lamborghini is also outselling Ferrari (Ferrari sales have fallen hard since the whole Corona thing started and they aren't picking up any time soon.).
  4. Comparably, that's more than twice the number of Murcielagos. Impressive feat and definitely an established icon now.
  5. APB

    New Aventador?

    If it looked something like the SC18 Alston then I would consider it the very final limited run model. This is doubtfully it. Speaking or weird test mules. I wonder what they were testing back in the day with this mule. Note the Veyron rims on this LP700 back in 2011/2012.
  6. APB

    New Aventador?

    I will stick to what was said in this article: https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/lamborghini-ceo-taps-brakes-record-sales-rise How about your plans for the one-offs? "We have two clients for bespoke Aventadors. These models will have one-off exteriors and interiors, but will remain street legal. They should be delivered by the end of next year." Two more bespoke projects in the vein of SC18 Alston. This could be one of them.
  7. APB

    New Aventador?

    In an interview last year a Lamborghini representative said there would be more one-off versions of the Aventador before it was replaced. It seems this is one of them? I'm very interested why the engine cover sits higher? It could be a very early test mule for the AV replacement with a battery.
  8. Modern GT1 racecar. It is just so much more of a racecar than the Sesto Elemento. It's also a cool thing that Lamborghini is less strict with it's customers compared to Ferrari with their FXX program. Heard you can also bring it home with you. I find it great that you can monitor it 24/7 on the owner's app if it is stored on the factory grounds too.
  9. Is this the new Urus Performante we have been hearing about?
  10. Feels like being at Ad Personam. I wonder when Lamborghini will take note from you or outright hire you.
  11. From what I gather they have progressed on it far, but not far enough to spawn prototypes or final design. It's been in development for at least 4-5 years now. (You can date back some interviews about Aventador's replacement going hybrid to 2015/16.) Which raises the question: Is it stuck in development hell with the DCT/V12/Hybrid system? Or will we see prototypes of it by the end of this year, or maybe next year? Since they aren't doing big motor shows anymore they can drop it off at any event, any time. Everything is unpredictable after the pandemic. And Lamborghini is as secretive as it was years ago about the flagships. Once we start seeing Aventador prototypes with weird stuff on them, then we will know that it is getting closer to an official debut. Example: The very first proper Aventador LP 700-4 Prototype from 2010. https://cdn.motor1.com/images/mgl/3Q8gK/s1/2010-211004-lamborghini-jota-superleggera-prototype-at-nurburgring-spy-photo-21-09-20101.jpg
  12. Looks stunning. Would have this one over the Coupe.
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