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  1. I want to see a Roadster in that spec now. That's how I would have speced mine. Verde Hydra is hot.
  2. That's indeed the previous version of the Super Trofeo racecar. Must be insane to drive it on the road and even more insane on the Ring. You can tell apart STO and Super Trofeo race car from the exhaust system. STO will be based off Super Trofeo Evo, but it will have a similar exhaust setup to the Performante and SVJ. Also STO will have a fixed/integrated roof scoop, thus it won't be an option like it is on McLarens. It comes standard.
  3. You will be surprised by how popular the RWD Spyder was. It was the 2nd or 3rd best selling model of the Huracan range right after the LP610-4 Coupe, matching the LP610-4 Spyder. After they screwed up with pricing for the Huracan Evo AWD, I wouldn't be surprised if the Huracan Evo RWD Spyder became their best selling model of the range.
  4. That one is still most likely half a decade out, if not more. Most likely will be fully electric too. Lambo is going to complete an existing model range. Which would mean Huracan range as it lacks the Evo RWD Spyder. Aventador's range is complete and the SVR is an SQ project. So that doesn't count into the main model range. Can't be Urus range either. Still no test mules of hybrid/hotter Urus.
  5. "Good news!" As James May would say. And Huracan EVO RWD Spyder is my "guess" for May 7th. "we will present a new car in order to complete our model range."
  6. What if it is the Huracan Evo RWD Spyder?
  7. Eh, that's sucks. Online events for the Huracan STO and Bugatti's kit car?
  8. If Qail happens we will see it there. If the car week goes under we might see it debut online.
  9. I really like this rendering Lambocars made: http://lambocars.com/images/lambonews/2020_huracan_sto.jpg But in reality it will look like this, except with a bit different spoiler and flatter front and rear bumper: https://squadracorse.lamborghini.com/sites/lamborghinisc/files/dam/car/super%20trofeo/Huracan-ST-evo_header.jpg
  10. Anyone know if the factory has shutdown yet due to the pandemic?
  11. I would compare the front as a mix between the EVO RWD and an Aventador SVJ. R. I. P 765LT (not in a straight line of course as it has around 670 ps) Can't wait for August to see it without any camo.
  12. True, what's the difference on the Aventador's speedo though? I know for Huracan it is around 10 mph between the speedometer and the GPS reading.
  13. Maranello's marketing board can be summed up in one word = Ooof.
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