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  1. September 9th is the official unveil. Will be displayed at Frankfurt from 12th to 22nd of September.
  2. APB

    SVJ63 roadster?

    At least next month we get to see a car from Lamborghini that is actually new.
  3. APB

    SVJ63 roadster?

    I already like this livery more than the one on the coupe. It's a bit of an "eh" that the snorkel for the ALA system isn't in carbon fiber like on the coupe. Only the very rear seems to be in carbon fiber judging from that picture.
  4. APB

    600LT Versus others....?

    600LT isn't that much special than a 570S with a tune. It has three things that make it or break it. The exhaust placement (which has a huge risk for fire). The MSO roof scoop, which let's be honest makes the looks of the car and is a rare ridiculously expensive option. Same with those Senna seats. Driving wise you would get a similar experience with a 570S (which has some insane deals atm) with an aftermarket spoiler and exhaust. The only competitor to the 600LT I see is the Performante which in truth is the better car overall. It has a more advanced aero system, it handles better, it is faster, it sounds way better and looks in my opinion a lot better than the 600LT. The only thing that comes to mind that 600LT has over the Performante is practicality. These are my thoughts, from the short experience with both cars. And yes, beware of that McLaren depreciation.
  5. Congratulations! Correct it is happening despite not debuting at Geneva. That and LB48H in some way shape and form will be at Monterey (not publicly most likely). Full hybrid theme at Frankfurt though.
  6. Judging from the front bumper it looks like the LP580 refresh. Could be also a one-off.
  7. Checked her channel, she is still active and apparently getting a Roadster.
  8. APB


    First testdrive is up from TG. And I have to say I'm surprised by it. https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/lamborghini/2dr-auto/first-drive?fbclid=IwAR2SZYjp3ivF2VRZAprzFakgmKHrlJ8oIInNZHOY5hXJ8E0dAh0aOkfHTVc
  9. APB


    He probably drove one of the prototypes. Heard they have a prototype for a Spyder as well. Also didn't VW Group test out the grounds for this sort of car with this? Anyone know if this was ever produced?
  10. APB


    No wonder I never heard about it. Seems like it doesn't physically exist yet. (not saying they don't have prototypes for it. Lamborghini has many weird prototypes.)
  11. https://www.motoring.com.au/first-hybrid-lamborghini-just-months-away-117022/ Pretty sure there is nothing for tomorrow, unless there is something I don't know about?.
  12. Nice! Very informative video Brooks.
  13. Those are "Veneno wheels" minus the carbon surround. You can even see the bolts where the surrounding CF piece is usually fitted. A while ago a customer got them for his LP700:
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