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  1. APB

    Geneva Motor Show 2019

    Pretty sure Urus is still faster in the real world like from 0-60 and etc. As proven in some magazine tests, reaching 189-191 mph ain't an issue for it either. Claims are claims, 1 mph doesn't makes a big difference, especially when you compare a Bentayga to Urus.
  2. APB

    Geneva Motor Show 2019

    The biggest surprise of Geneva 2019.
  3. APB

    Geneva Motor Show 2019

    One of them will be there. It's too soon for a performance version of the Urus. Evo Spyder coming a tad bit later.
  4. APB

    Urus Ibrido up next?

    Looks pretty nice.
  5. It is a facelift/evolution of the LP610.
  6. Car #11 won, 2nd year in a row for Lamborghini. Amazing pics btw.
  7. 2018 was an outstanding year for Lamborghini thanks to a huge growth in terms of new models&customers and a best-in-class Super SUV. Read the full overview below:
  8. APB

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I was talking about the worldwide allocations, not region or U.S specifically.
  9. Configurator is up: http://configurator.lamborghini.com/configurator/presets/hvc?lang=eng&country=us
  10. APB

    Lambo Marketing do it right

    Honestly they started doing marketing right after 2014 (ask how many enjoyed that cringe Huracan teaser campaign ). Glad to see people enjoying it.
  11. APB

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    The number of coupes (900+63 with the special carbon/paint edition) was namely created by market demand. Haven't heard anything about Lamborghini Spa cutting down the SVJ numbers, but "sold-out" status definitely hasn't been reached on the coupes yet. If Lamborghini was driven by limited production in front of "market demand" they would have made less SVJs than the SVs in the first place.
  12. Ohhhh, I thought the lower rear part would be black (it looks horrid with it painted, like a Mustang GT lol). Full Apple Car Play support on launch is nice as well that ducktail design.
  13. APB

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Correct, at the moment at Lamborghini: Market demand → Limited production. The whole Murcielago SV case is why they started numbering their cars 1 of X amount, instead of car number x of X amount. It makes it harder to track how many cars are actually produced compared to the amount that was promised. (looking up and counting VIN numbers of limited models individually is essentially the only way). The amount of both the Aventador and Huracan lines are produced in order to satisfy the market demand, even the limited models like the SVs and Performantes.
  14. APB

    Happy new year

    Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to even more discussions about Lamborghini in 2019 with all of you!