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  1. How did they do at the event?
  2. I just bought a set of Bosch Icon 26 for my 08 Gallardo. They are not identical but very close. $26 vs $125.
  3. OK, I'm an idiot. It finally arrived. Took 3 hours this time.
  4. Just lost $577 in Etherium attempting to transfer to Binance. Only a small fraction arrived. Anyone else?
  5. That does make sense in regards to manufacturing the large panels. I'll likely enjoy this one for a while and see where it all is in the future. I did prewire the room for a projector as well so that will be an option for me when the time comes to change it up. I'm still missing trimwork and such so I've got to get the room finished first. It's been a time consuming project that killed a year of weekends but now that it is near complete it seems all worth it.
  6. Sorry, missed this. The room is not real big and again I'm fairly new to all of this. I had never seen a nice projection system in the beginning but I knew I liked the vivid colors of" the big 4k TV's. 4K projectors were almost $10k when I bought the TV for $7k, an 85" Samsung. Now the TV is more like $5k. I've only got room for a maximum of 105" screen so I'm hoping that the 100" TV's become affordable in the future.
  7. The speakers on the stage are covered behind acoustically transparent cloth frames so you can't see them. The reason for four subs is really just my not really knowing what I was doing. For home theater you really want the boom of the bigger ported subs vs the sealed that you see in the first pic. I'm currently just running the PC 13 cylinders on their own. It's hard to bland ported and sealed subs.
  8. Can't upload a second pic to save my life. Weird.
  9. Probably not exactly what the OP is thinking but i built my AV room last winter using Klipsch Reference series in an 11 channel Dolby Atmos surround system. There are a pair of SVS SB2000 12" subs and a pair of SVS PC13 Ultra's. I'm using a Marantz SR-7010 receiver and 3 external amps. Sounds pretty good.
  10. Scary to think how much money was lost in this debacle. Not to mention 3 years of depreciation on the car.
  11. LOL....this is exactly where I'm at with my 430. It's a great car, but it's no Lambo.
  12. How did the OB/ Heffner guys do? Did they run their Huracan?
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