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  1. What was the mechanical failure if you don’t mind me asking ?
  2. 07pearl


    I’m a little worried after seeing that skinny guy driving it in the pics ... he looks crammed , like his knees are hitting the steering wheel and dash or something .
  3. watched the new video today with the TT huracan. Mclaren should pay you for all this advertising , seriously . I would never have been interested in that car without your videos . But like I said now I’m going to the dealer in Vancouver and testing the demo car and most likely putting a deposit down and ordering a car on the spot. Amazing machine.
  4. Will there be a video of this race? I’m going to the dealer to order a new 720s all because of your videos lol.
  5. Awesome video, To funny I’m sitting here watching it with my 3 year old daughter and when the GTR race comes in the middle of it she says “look dad that car is going backwards “ I died laughing . Congrats again
  6. And he’s found.... Ellen show
  7. Quick google shows that’s fake news . Nothing on any real news sites .
  8. Are you selling already ? Or August in Ktown just has the same colour for sale ?
  9. Yea in the picture he posted that's the Tune to air module . It plugs into the same spot as the iPhone cable and then gives you Bluetooth for music . Works perfect
  10. I have this in my Aventador . Works perfect and my phone auto connects to it every time I get in the car.
  11. I tried this on my own . Passenger side was decently easy but drivers side I couldn't get one screw out and ended up having to take it to the dealer . It's just very very tight on the drivers side and a lot has to come out to get the lid off the box. Paying 1hr labour while you wait is easier lol.
  12. I don't have either of those systems .. but I do have the capristo test pipes and factory race exhaust . And it's the loudest car I have ever heard and still sounds very refined . Amazing combo , I also dynoed 40 extra AWHP
  13. I agree . I have a 2015 with 15,000k on it and just took it on a 2500k trip and it has never skipped a beat. And I drive it like I stole it every day lol.
  14. Agreed with above 2 I did the supercharger on my 2013 lp560. Now I know that's not a huracan but still even my stock Aventador walked away from it after the supercharger . Supercharger is 800hp CRANK Ugr bolt on stage 1 is 800hp at the WHEELS Massive difference . Price is about 10k more for UGR all in . That being said I did love my supercharger kit , was very reliable , drove like stock and the install was fast and it's true bolt on and off back to stock if needed .
  15. I also got a new 2015 autobiography LWB back in 2015 for my wife . Has 30k on it now and it's been amazing . Beautiful SUV and drives amazing. It's our second Range Rover and probably the only thing we will replace it with is the next gen full size lwb You will love it
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